WFTO Wednesday #93: The Future of WFTO Wednesday

WFTOWednesdayCroppedLightThe Future of WFTO Wednesday

Hey folks,

We’ve not got a lot left to cover in our weekly updates, so today we’re going to give you an overview of what we can talk about for the final few months of development and then ask you to vote on what you’d like to see and hear from us.

We’ve also got a few bits of concept art to appease you.


The Future of WFTO Wednesday

For a long time a staple of WFTO Wednesday’s has been the reveal of new units and Aspects, but we’ve reached a point where we’re almost completely tapped out in this regard.

So we’re going to ask you what you’d like to see more of, we’ll outline the options we see and detail them below, then ask you to briefly head over to our Strawpoll and point us in the direction you’d like us to run toward.

You can vote on multiple options and we will likely be doing all of these, we’re mostly interested in seeing what you guys would like to see the most of. If you have an idea that’s not listed here please feel free to post it in this thread!

  • 1: Short looks at new/unseen assets. This could inlude brief looks at concept art, animation, audio, or VFX.
  • 2: Design Discussion. This will mainly focus on balance/systems changes that are happening as we polish up the game.
  • 3: Q & A with specific team members. Post questions for a specific team member on the forums and have them answered in the news.
  • 4: More Livestreams. Regular livestreams were we answer questions live and play multiplayer with the community.

Click here to vote!


Obligatory Art

In our Campaign teaser we revealed some new content, including the Inhibitor and Gold Shrine. We thought you’d enjoy the concept art that we used to create these models.




That’s it for this week, please don’t forget to give us your input on future WFTO Wednesdays by voting on our Strawpoll!


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. I thought those were Dungeon Hearts. 🙁

    • Well the “inhibator” is a dungeon core 🙂 it functions as the hero dungeon core. The gold shrine is just that: a shrine that seerves the same purpose as the gems in DK.

  2. i want non of that 4 options

    i want bug fixes

    u have done nothing since the egx.

    and its no more fun since the egx cause the enemys dont move in prison and dont move after i tortured them in my team (they dont even stand up after torture untill i hit them with my hand))

    and its still slowing down over time so after 1 houre its unplayable

    so work on the game thats what we all want the most

  3. I rather agree with Anonymous. The game is looking wonderful and seems to be really coming together; but after about an hour it crashes. Any news on fixing that?


  4. The Inhibitor is *gorgeous*, even if it does look a bit evil for an Empire structure – but then, I’m not sure if the Empire in this game is meant to have a bit of a sinister vibe or not. That might just be the colour scheme, though – I’d advise a darker, more bluish purple, to look royal rather than decadent.

    The gold shrine is pretty neat, but the blocky, crystalline appearance puts me in mind of fool’s gold (iron pyrite) rather than actual gold.

  5. I am getting really pissed. I have backed Kickstarter and the release was supposed to be 12-2013. Now it’s soon 11-2014 and nothing yet.

  6. My wife is expecting and there won’t be a lot of time for gaming left. So what shall I do with a game that is released over 12 months later than announced.

  7. We should talk more about level design in the campaign, as well as other features on the layout and structure of gameplay.

  8. i’ve been following the development for quite some time. from the beginning all i’ve been annoyed by is how dark the game looks. i mean i hardly can see some textures on the background picture of this page. in gameplays on youtube the monsters just are not visible anymore when they are on a dark background.

    • I have the same problem and reported it some time ago in the forum.

      I don’t know if the devs plan on doing anything about it, but in the meantime a player suggested trying the game on ‘good’ graphics setting.

      It helps a little.

      • Im sorry to hear that.

        Im not exactly sure what causes this. the game is a lot brighter than the screenshot you see on this sites background. people who complained about the game being too dark said it was okay on the EGX PCs.

        as a quote form our community Manager: “Sorry to hear about the issues you’re having. We’ve not really received many reports complaining about the darkness of the game for quite some time, though perhaps you could provide some screenshots of this for us?

        I’d also recommend you check your monitor settings to ensure that they are are the correct levels for the game. I suspect regardless of this though we’ll be introducing an in-game gamma setting once we’re working on our in-game options.”

        feel free to drop by in our forums 🙂

        • Thanks for your reply LoR.

          I don’t know the cause either. Perhaps it’s because I’m using a laptop rather than a PC monitor, or my tired old eyes have dimmed over the years.

          It’s subjective, so I doubt screenshots will help very much.

          As I recall, you could brighten DK through a slider on the options panel.

          This seems the best solution for everyone and avoids mucking about with monitor settings every time you play 🙂

          • There will be an options menu later on (in fact you can see a grayed out button. I cannot say how extensive this will be but im pretty sure that a gamma slider is something you can expect 🙂

  9. Hey guys 🙂 I have been playing the early access game a bit, I love it, it feels like Dungeon Keeper! I think you have done a great job in keeping the heart of it there, and my favourite mob of all time, the Goblin (Gnarlings) is living up to expectations 🙂 Great work 😀

    I just have 2 questions, 1. Am I getting a physical copy of the game? (old fashioned and like having it but not going to cry if I don’t get one haha) and 2. Are we going to get great cut scene videos like we did when we completed levels in DK2? I only ask because it really did motivate me to keep completing levels haha! My all time favourite was ‘all change’ with the Warlocks turning in to a chicken haha 😀

  10. Hey Dale, thanks for your kind words 🙂

    to your questions:

    1. Well that depends, are you a kickstarter backer ? And if so which Tier? All i can say without these informations is that If you bought the game on steam early access then no, you wont automatically get a physical version. (or you buy one afterwards)

    2. CGI Movies cost a lot of money and we want to spend the money rather on the more important things like content, game mechanics and a all-around great campaign.
    while im not exactly sure what is planned regarding your question it will be most likely something that can be more easily afforded for an indie game studio. 🙂

    I hope you will be happy with what we end up with.

  11. More than happy for the money to go elsewhere! 🙂 I cant remember which tier I was but I was a kickstarter backer yes, I shall see come February which tier I was on! 😀

    Keep up the great work chaps! 😀