WFTO Wednesday #89: Purple Haze

WFTOWednesdayCroppedLightPurple Haze

Hey folks,

Welcome to the shortest WFTO Wednesday ever.


What on Earth Could This Be?


You’ll find out if you join us for our Livestream next Monday at 9pm UTC and in next week’s WFTO Wednesday.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. That..looks like some sort of winged humanoid.That or he has some giant shoulderplates.The weapon looks either like a rifle,flamethrower,or somehting like a halberd or Naginata.

  2. I call it’s the Arcane Fortress Theme you mentioned in the press release about the Physical Release!

  3. This must be Werewolf, i think 🙂

  4. You guys don’t know how to embed secrets well.. comes right up on my rss feed.

  5. The guy is probably an Imperial Unit, possibly a story centric character in the campaign, since I suspect he may just be a unique type of Juggernaut.

  6. The corrupt version of a Empire unit (Juggernaut). You know, after a visit in the Torture chamber.

    • He isn’t that, we already have a corrupt juggernaut model in the game 😉

  7. Hehehe, purple haze, you silly rascals! 😛

  8. Nobody sees the scythe? Now what could that be… 😉

    • YESSSSS 😉

      • Well its not! lol
        Because that game called “Companies Titles Total War”

  9. No i dont think its horned reaper…as much as that would make the game a thousand times better