WFTO Wednesday #84: Patch 0.5 Preview 1: Potions & Spells

WFTOWednesdayCroppedLightPatch 0.5 Preview 1: Potions & Spells


Hey folks,

Over the next few WFTO Wednesdays we’re going to be covering all of the changes, features and improvements that will be included in our upcoming monster patch.

This week we’re starting with the new Potions and Spells being introduced, so feel free to lean back in your not-as-comfortable-as-it-could-be chair and feast your eyes upon the new toys that will soon be available to your dark and twisted inner Underlord.




  • Wrath
  • 3500 Gold
  • This potion will destroy wall tiles in a small area

Stripmine the world with the powers of Alchemy, or just use it as an ad hoc Underminer when you’re knocking on your enemies’ front gate.


Wisdom Juice

  • Neutral
  • 5000 Gold
  • This potion will grant experience to units in a small area

Whoever said you can’t bottle knowledge could have used a few of these — though she probably would have called it snake juice…



  • Neutral
  • 7500 Gold
  • This potion will instantly teleport all units in its radius to your Dungeon Core

When a battle isn’t going to plan you can always reset the action with a flick of your wrist… but beware bringing too many enemies back with you.



  • Wrath
  • 1750 Gold
  • This potion greatly increases the movement speed of all units in a small area, over time their speed will gradually slow down

Light a proverbial fire underneath your minion’s tuchus before you tell them to throw their lives away in a foreign land.


Spirit Workers

  • Neutral
  • 2500 Gold
  • This potion summons several temporary, invulnerable, hyper-efficient workers to your side

Quickly expand your dungeon or recover your fallen allies in battle without risking the lives of your fleshbag workers.


Frost Weaver

  • Sloth
  • 3000 Gold
  • This potion summons a Frost Weaver to temporarily defend your dungeon

These poor creatures are destined to live short, cold, miserable lives — but they will happily turn their short-lived rage upon your foes – more details on the Frost Weaver next week!



Volcanic Bridge

  • Wrath
  • 250 Mana
  • Cast Volcanic Bridge to summon a single, neutral, Volcanic Bridge tile (can only be used in areas you can see, Volcanic Bridge tiles spawn as neutral and can be claimed and sold by any player)

For the Underlord cared not for defence, and rushed her enemies with the help of a little volcanic fury.



  • Wrath
  • 150 Mana
  • Cast Enrage to increase the movement speed and combat prowess of a single unit for a short period of time

This spell will summon a tiny demon who shouts insults into its target’s ear while poking at the tender, exposed wounds left by previous battles with its razor-sharp knife-hands.



  • Wrath
  • 200 Mana
  • Cast Annex to mine out a single block or claim a single tile within your Area of Influence

Annex is guaranteed to help contractor workers meet your impossible deadlines.


That’s it for this Wednesday — next week we’ll cover our revamped combat system and unit abilities in addition to showing off the new minions that will soon roam your dungeon.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. Sounds good keep it up

  2. Great game! One suggestion: Everything looks very straight in the design. It gives a very urban kind of feeling. DK gives that extra dungeon feeling by making everything so completely imperfect. Even the selection box is crooked on most things. Like the whole level was dug out of the ground.

  3. Always glad to see these updates.

  4. Does this mean the frost weaver is no longer summoned by a rift, or is it another way to get one?

    • No longer summoned by a rift. The Ember Demon still is though.

  5. Cool, but what’s the purpose of the volcanic bridge? Is there a bonus/malus? Or anything else?

    • It can be used anywhere you have vision, whereas normal bridges can only be built adjacent to your own territory.

  6. To be honest, I did not play the beta yet, just following the news and waiting for the final release. Therefore, I dont know the mechanic of potions, but since “Wisdom Juice” will affect units in “a small area”, I’m worried that this will end in “picking up all units, drop them as fast as possible at one location and use the potion”.

    And why should I use “Wormhole” if I could simply pick up my units?

    • To answer your wisdom juice concerns, I think a limit on how many creatures could benefit from the potion could be implemented, or perhaps the amount of EXP each units gets could be reduced the more creatures are effected by the potion.

      Regarding the wormhole potion, It is useful because it transports both friendly AND enemy unit to your core. So it’s main use to to send enemy units from “outskirts of my territory” to “where all my death traps are” 🙂