WFTO Wednesday #81: The Warden

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Hey folks,

A stumpy new danger waddles down the dank corridors of your dungeon. He’s heavy. He’s well-armed. In another time and place, he’d be a huge MC Hammer fan. This week, we’ll be taking a look at:


Unit Spotlight: The Warden

Dwarves have always been fearsome, stocky little blighters, far too enthusiastic about violence and yeasty beverages. Strap on a heaving suit of armour and really work at that Napoleon complex, and you’ve got a recipe for an indomitable Dwarven warmaster.

Wardens are the first-line tanks of the Dwarven military; sturdy, experienced, and loaded with an unnecessary number of weapons, they’re able to stand firm in the face of many a foe. Wardens are trained to be a wall of meat and metal that none may pass, and those that do will have to live with an enduring limp. It’s well-known that Dwarves have this … thing about kneecaps. It’s quite neurotic, really.

Wardens have a particular knack for bone-breaking and brain damage. Let’s go over some of their techniques.


  • Shield Bash (Active): The Warden slams an enemy with his shield, knocking it back and dealing a moderate chunk of damage.
  • Pulverize (Active): The Warden crushes an enemy unit between his hammer and shield, temporarily turning them into a vegetable and stunning them for a brief period.
  • Flense (Active, Special): The Warden spins in a circle, slicing up the groins and guts of all nearby enemies, and slowing them down for several seconds.

Thanks for checking in on us this week! We’ll see you when we’re another 7 days closer to release.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. First awesome as always

  2. I like it but I think he needs to be stockier. Stocky to the point of ridiculousness. But that’s only my opinion. But then again the extreme stockiness of dwarves is kinda overused.

  3. Great model, great animaton. Nice!

  4. Fine model and concept for the warden, but then again if the Chunder is the bar here everything is more or less fine.

    tl;dr: remake Chunder.

  5. Looks good! Maybe a little more “tanky” 🙂

  6. Ah I was hoping there would be more Dwarfs. Good stuff.

  7. Wonderful work. It’s so nostalgic playing WFTO. I’m so grateful for all your work! Dwarf looks great! Perhaps a bit more muscle to them. They are renown for hard manual labour, mining and smithing to name a few.

  8. The two posts before Alaitoc Xull look like advertisement bots. Oh dear….. truly this must be the work of an especially vile Underlord.

  9. Is anyone having issues seeing in their dark dungeons?..I feel like I have to have the lights turned off….

    I miss the warm layer glow of DK2