WFTO Wednesday #8


Hey folks,

We’ve got some housekeeping news this week as we begin to shift from our crowdfunding campaign to a more traditional store format and the release of the Bedrock Beta. We’re extremely excited to begin this shift and hope that you’ll bear with us while we get all of this out of the way. Next week we’ll have our (un)usual, twisted treats for you.


Bedrock Beta

We’ll cut right to the chase: The Bedrock Beta has been pushed back to April. Over the past few weeks we’ve been carefully weighing our options when it comes to releasing on our proposed date or pushing it back a few weeks in order give you a better “first impression” of the game. The good news is that you’ll have a few extra toys to play with when it does go live.

As we progress toward the Beta we’ll start to have more regular live-streams that are focused on specific topics directly related to the Bedrock Beta in addition to the usual Q&A that has been a hit so far.


Kickstarter Survey — Final Warning

Only for users who have backed directly through – If you have not yet filled out the Kickstarter questionnaire please check your email for a message from Kickstarter with the subject line: “Response Needed! — Get your reward for backing War for the Overworld by Subterranean Games” If you do not see that email please contact [email protected] and we’ll get you all sorted out.

If you have not filled out the survey before the end of Friday (March 1st) we can not guarantee on-time delivery of anything but your Steam key.


Naming Your Unit

Plenty of you have been asking about putting your name in the creature pool. We plan to send out a survey once all of the WFTO units have been revealed. In the survey you will choose which unit you want to potentially spawn with your name (or moniker)!


Post-Kickstarter Campaign Ending Soon

In Mid-March we will be ending our Post-Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. What does this mean? Well…

  • The currently available reward tiers will no longer be available
  • The crowdfunding counter on the side of the page will be removed (as we begin to sell on multiple platforms (such as Steam), we cannot accurately track and easily display this information because of this)
  • We will be launching a new store which will allow you to pre-purchase the game, and later on get wonderful WFTO merchandise!
  • The main reason we are doing this is to simplify everything on our end to allow us to move forward with development in order to release the Beta and begin production of the Kickstarter rewards

And, since all of that was fairly droll — here’s a sneak peak of something coming soon:


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. This pig is super creepy!

  2. God damnit! I was really excited about beta so its sad to hear its being postphoned… well hopefully it will not be postphoned anymore, and u re right that first impression matters, especially if TB will be doing a first impression on this… which Im pretty sure he will so

  3. It is okay about postponing bedrock beta and I really respect you guys for admitting you want to hold it back to give it more time to be polished up a bit as a few games like mass effect and world of warcraft have annoyed me to no end by rushing out a project and worse yet fully releasing a sub standard game and am glad to see you guys have such professional pride in your game that you do not want it to suck.

    Keep up the good work WTFO!

  4. NO MARCH BETA? RABBLE RABBLE RABBEL …fine as long it is not get pushed beyond april (dead month) ^^

    • NNNOOOOOOO!!!! not to the postponement but to the fact that people think it shouldnt be pushed back any more, you guys push the game back as far as you need to as this game being 10 years in the anticipation but if its not near perfect then it should be worked on, i say near perfect because i refuse to accept the delusion of pure perfection, you guys do everything that you need to do to make it the best game that it can be for the veterans because if you do then the recruits will come

  5. As long as you will impove bedrock beta I don’t mind waiting a little bit more. I prefer to get something good later, than throwing curses earlier.

  6. I was considering upgrading my Tier level after having had the chance to try out the beta. I guess this will no longer be possible if you remove the Tier Levels from this site before the beta is available? I think you may be missing out on further funding for the current (and future!) stretch goals if this is indeed the case. Assuming a successful beta program I can imagine the excitement building towards release will encourage new pledges and upgrades to existing pledges!!

  7. Like always, release something later to make it better > Good.

    Rush release something because you’re stuck to a certain date and chances are it will be trash > Bad. This is how I see most game developers go at it these days -.-.

  8. so i just saw the simcity commercial for the new ea game and wanted to know what the future plan of commercials will be? I for one am bothered when i see a commercial for a game thats going to come out only to find out that even though i got on the site just as soon as i saw the commercial i missed out on pre-order options because the commercials werent on before the specials were already over, so as far as im off topic on my original statemnt the pre-order tier’s should have something available when the commercials and or beta testing are running

  9. Can we at least get a video on the youtube channel, so we can see some progess? That would help alot when you’re not releasing the beta before April

    • It has been a while since this message so I ask myself if the beta release in april has a special date now or will it be much longer until we can see something new? If this shoud be I would prefer a short gameplayvideo or something similar too. 🙂

  10. keep up the good work!
    will the Forums go online before or after the beta is released?