WFTO Wednesday #79: Sights & Sounds

WFTOWednesdayCroppedLightSights & Sounds

Hey folks,

As the title of this update suggests —  this week will be a sort of catch-all for sharing various sights and sounds that have been made over the past few weeks.

Battle music

A combat track to inspire bloodlust within you while you peruse our latest creations.

Click play before you scroll any further.


Empire Prison & Underlord Garrison

We’ve reworked the Empire Prison and Underlord Garrison based on community feedback to add some additional contrast between them and their respective counterparts.


A steel cage waits for those that challenge the glory of the Empire


The Augres have been busy improving their Garrison to better fit their master’s needs


Sovereign Theme

Pour your unholy essence into this pristine globe before unleashing your blight upon those who would dare stand against you.


The Sovereign theme will be available to all those who purchased the Underlord Edition of the game (If you backed us at Tier 3 or higher during our crowdfunding campaign you will already have the Underlord edition).

Before you ask — yes we will make upgrades from the Standard version to the Underlord Edition! More details soon, but we can say that this option will be available before launch.


That’s it for this week folks! Our apologies for the false-tease during last week’s WFTO Wednesday but we’ve decided to spend some more time on our next reveal before we unleash it in all of its celestial glory.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. hello, i bought this game yesterday via steam. is it possible to save in this version or do we have to wait for further development to do that?

    • Currently you can’t save in the game, the devs add will add it much later in development. The reason being that the devs are still updating frequently and adding content, so any save feature would have to be rewritten often, leading to needless extra work.

  2. Hey guys,
    that’s a nice piece of music and I hope to hear more triballike music like this one in the final game!

    Will there be some informations about the comming modsupport in the future? It would be great to develop some owen dungeon themes! 😀

    The garnision fits very well to my imagination but I think that the empire prison could be a bit more “dirty”. How about some details inside the cell like bones or filth? We shouldn’t forget that this is WAR and I don’t think, that the prisoners are very clean and earn to life in a cleanlicked room like this. The brighter walls and helmet relief gives imo enought contrast to the underlord-version of the prison.

    However – keep up the good work! 🙂

  3. I love the music! It’s very reminiscent of the music from Diablo 1! Please continue to develop music of this style! The vice is great, and is fitting for the theme.

  4. Battle music is wonderful, I heard the psychopathic gleeful chuckle boiling within my skull as I listened to it. Keep it!

    I want to hear moar!

  5. As always I’m pleased to see these updates. Thanks! Looking forward to the game so much…

  6. Keep it up this game will make EA rue the day they messed with the underlords >=D

  7. Will we be able to pick and mix parts of different themes? Because I like the Sovereign Floor Tiles and Dungeon Heart but the walls are too bright for my liking.