WFTO Wednesday #76: Preparing for War

WFTOWednesdayCroppedLightPreparing for War

Hey folks,

While it’s only been a week since we last spoke, the Empire has had almost 60 years to prepare for another war — unfortunately for you and your allies, they’ve had plenty of time to practice the ruthless tactics that were once used against them…


Release: Bedrock Beta v0.4.3 “Calm Before the Storm”

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This update features a revamp to the unit behaviour system and a rather large number of bug fixes. These changes have also been pushed to our v0.5.0 multiplayer test.


Art Spotlight: Empire Retextures

Whispers abound across the realm of Kairos that war is coming, the old tenants have been forgotten as young men and women are drafted into service and trained in battle all across the Overworld. No one knows why such efforts are being made, but the Emperor has his reasons…

The Prison: The vile creatures of the depths that mindlessly follow their unholy warlord have minds filled with information. Until an Inquisitor can be brought to bear they will be left to rot, unfed, within the cold steel bars of the prison. Though they may enjoy the affair a bit more than your average Empire soldier.


High-res images: Empire / Underlord


The Garrison: Many outposts lay entrenched within the underworld, and those that are better defended boast the added defense of the Garrison. Within these mapped walls the greatest strategists of the realm plan and discuss their plans to repel unholy armies.


High-res images: Empire / Underlord


The Lair: They say there’s no rest for the wicked — which is fortunate for the noble armies of the Empire as they do enjoy a good nap after a long evening of fighting toothéd beasts, undead creatures and all the other horrors that an Underlord unleashes.


High-res images: Empire / Underlord


WFTO @ Radius Festival in London This Weekend

Josh (Simburgur) & Lee (Noontide) are heading to the Radius Festival in London this Saturday (the 21st). If you’re in the area be sure drop by — we might have a little something to give away!

Tickets can be picked up here free of charge


We’ve got a bunch of pretty news lined up for next week, so jump in your time machine and set the clock ahead 168 hours to avoid an otherwise grueling wait.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. Awesum

  2. This mean there will be a Hero theme for multiplayer?!?!

  3. Nice!

  4. That’s a shame that the old tenants are being forgotten. The Emperor should remember the old tenet that if landlords look after their tenants, the rent looks after itself…

    • Shite!
      I am forever enbarrassed 😉

  5. I’m right close by, but I won’t be able to make it, am working 🙁

  6. Nice one guys!

  7. I’m truly surprised with this development… you actualy listen to players… that is amazing i cant wait for the final version!

    GJ people!
    Following the players is flowing the people that will pay for the game!! =)

  8. Just bought the beta. Played the tutorial. the tutorial seemed a little darker visually than like the pet dungeon. My main suggestion for the tutorial is that text be provided. If you miss the meaning to the speakers voice, there seems to be know way to view a log, or message system. Also the voice coming out of the dungeon core,,the rocks move on when it is talking, it was so much better in the original to have the monster demon walking around talking. It was a big letdown just to see the rock talking.
    the game is in your hands,,glad to see it moving forward a little. Looking forward to the future. I kept coming back dk2 over the years, very few games have that kind of pull, thx :0) gmw

    • Hey Greg,

      We’ll be introducing a “Toast System” in the future that allows you to look back through all of the audio log subtitles in addition to an Objective tracker elsewhere on the screen, so those main two observations will certainly be solved by release 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback!


  9. Hooray! <3 Looks very nice so far!
    Played a pirate version to see the abouts :P.

    It made me buy the WFTO Underlord Edition, so ill be ready.

    Good to be bad again!. ^^