WFTO Wednesday #75: The Two Patches

WFTOWednesdayCroppedLightThe Two Patches

Hey folks,

We’re launching updates for both public and opt-in branches today, as well as releasing up-to-date builds for OS X and Linux! For the full scoop and a list of changes flick that mousewheel down and prepare to board the patch notes rollercoaster.


Release: Bedrock Beta v0.4.2 “Unholy Trinity”

Click here to view the patch notes

This update features a sizable number of bug and balance changes that our QA team and community have found over the past few weeks. In addition to these fixes we’ve thrown in a few dozen quality of life improvements in order to make the upcoming Multiplayer update more enjoyable for all.

We are also very happy to announce that both the OS X and Linux version of WFTO are once again up to date!


Patch Testing: Bedrock Beta v0.5.0 “Dungeons for Two”

Click here to view the (currently work-in-progress) patch notes and instructions on accessing the patch testing branch

We’ve relaunched multiplayer after working through the various problems that were shown off in spectacular fashion during our last livestream. Some things to keep in mind:

  • NAT punchthrough is still very much a work in progress and may not work for some users
  • If NAT doesn’t work for you yet you’ll need to portforward in order to host games, see the above link for more info
  • The multiplayer menu screens are still very much a work in progress
  • Multiplayer on OS X and LInux currently isn’t working just yet as we’ve only just managed to get the game working on those platforms yet and haven’t had enough time to integrate multiplayer


Pricing Update

This past weekend we decided to raise the price of the Standard and Underlord editions of WFTO. Though this may not apply to the majority of you who read our weekly updates (since you probably already own the game) we want to explain why we chose to do this for transparency’s sake.

Our initial price point for the two editions of our game (£16.99 / €20.99 / $21.99 & £26.99 / €31.99 / $34.99) were suggested to us by Valve when we were first greenlit for Early Access. At the time we felt these two numbers were fair to both our Kickstarter backers and those who had missed out on our campaign but still wanted to be a part of our beta period.

However, we had several issues with our pricing that we wanted to resolve before launch:

  • The disparity between the Standard and Underlord edition was a bit too high, but for obvious reasons we couldn’t drop the Underlord edition’s cost without being jerks to those who had already bought it.
  • Exchange rates have fluctuated a fair bit in the past year and have created additional disparity between (most notably) the U.S. and European markets.

In addition, now is a good time for us to update the pricing for several reasons:

  • When we compare the state of the game to our initial launch (and early updates) we feel that the current amount of content, polish, and features we have implemented are greatly improved and are quickly approaching a point where the game feels complete.
  • Our upcoming multiplayer patch will add vast amounts of replayability to the game as we head towards the final release of WFTO.
  • Valve will soon be launching support for several new currencies on the Steam store and we wanted to ensure a consistent price across all storefronts when that happened.

With all that said, the new pricing is as follows:

  • Standard: Edition: £18.99, €22.99, $24.99
  • Underlord Edition: £26.99, €31.99, $34.99

Please note that the Euro and GBP prices are higher than the USD prices as sales tax (VAT) is included. This is not the case for USD prices.

Our current price is still discounted compared to our final release price and will increase incrementally over the coming months as we prepare for our “final” release date.

And finally, we forgot to announce that we made the game available for purchase on The Humble Store a few weeks back. We’re hoping to expand the availability of the game over the coming months – please let us know if there’s a specific place you’d like to see it!

We would love to field and questions and hear any feedback you have regarding this change – feel free to drop us a line with your comments.


That’s it for this week, we’ll be back in seven days unless the world is hit with a flood of biblical proportion – in which case we hope your dungeon is hermetically sealed.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. i have the Mac build, so i’m sorry if this bug was already part of the game, but i am having trouble with the game freezing if i delay the missions too long. you know, i’m checking out everything cause i am so far behind with all the awesome stuff in this game, and boom, freezes.

    glad i can finally play though, thanks for the game!

  2. Hi there.
    Massive DK fan/player here…

    My question is: do you guys have a final release date yet?
    I can’t wait to get my hands on this beauty… 😉
    Keep up the good work…

  3. Thanks for the new version (with linux build). You asked for suggestion on storefronts – please put it on when the DRM-free version is available! That’s basically the only place I buy games from now.

  4. This is still awesome work and even though I don’t comment I check every Wednesday. But I did have a question, the final release will have a fully functional campaign right?

    • Yes, the campaign will be in the final release.

      • Oh thank God. I don’t play multiplayer ever 🙁 You either can’t find a balanced opponent or you’re playing against some twat whose spent every waking moment learning the finer points and just get wiped. NOT fun. Campaign all the way!

        • Please dont be so dramatic it doesn’t have to be like that do you have gaming experience?!

          With a decent MatchMaking set of rules can help on that, especially when the community can help with suggestions for those.

          I love this game, but for me it will happen the same thing has diablo 3.. i went all campaing all cool and that and now what?! all over again hard mode? no thanks!

          The multiplayer stage is supposed to be the next step after the campaign is done so that the game don’t die in few months

          • As someone who played alot of multiplayer in DK2 I have to agree with Anonymous. This isn’t the kind of game that’s going to have the massive volume of players needed to do proper matchmaking. And frankly I don’t want to have to wait the 5-10 minutes for matchmaking that the less popular games have (see Dawn of War 2 and Demigods).