WFTO Wednesday #70: We Can Rebuild Him

WFTOWednesdayCroppedLightWe Can Rebuild Him

Hey folks,

Thanks for the feedback and bug reports you’ve already submitted for our Uberlord patch – there’s plenty more yet to come!

Today we will detail some permanent changes to to the Preview Branch, preview a unit redesign, and discuss the upcoming 0.4.1 update.


Unit Redesign: Augre

When we initially set about designing the Augre we anticipated having his armour and armaments upgrade over time as he leveled up – however we’ve since scrapped the marketplace and, as such, had to redesign the unit without the in-game progression that was initially planned.

Since this redesign of systems left our in-game Augre fairly bland we decided to send the entire clan to the Workshop with the task of re-outfitting themselves for war.

After a few weeks of incessant hammering and dozens of requests for scrap metal they re-appeared from behind closed doors and stomped into our dungeon, well-prepared to take on anything that might threaten them or the Underlord they serve.



Patch Testing: Bedrock Beta v0.4.1 “Performance Enhancing Bugs”

After the extremely positive reception we had to the preview builds for v0.4.0, we’ve decided that we’re going to be using the patch testing branch to test builds before they go live on a permanent basis.

And on that note, we’ve just pushed v0.4.1 to the patch testing branch. Check out this post for more details and instructions on accessing the patch testing branch.

This update mostly hosts a series of bug fixes but it also includes Cultists’ research on the Veins of Evil – they’ve added the much-asked for tooltips for most of the Aspects currently available in the game.


Oh and before you go, you should totally check out The Universim’s Kickstarer page. We think you’ll like it.

That’ll be it for this week, we’ll see you in another seven days with your regularly scheduled WFTO Wednesday.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. Augre looks awesome APART from that horrible arm, why change it from the old design? Is it a stick? I can’t work it out.

    Would have been better if his arm slwoly turned into the hammer.

    • +1

    • This

    • +1

      Should be normal to begin with, then transform to metal when level grows up.

    • +1

    • Yep, that “weapon” arm looks supremely bad, go slap the person responsible.

      Also, deal with the Chunder – no one likes him.

      • I like the chunder

        • Ur not the majority mate…

          • But you don’t stand alone either! I like the chunder as well 🙂

    • We hear you guys, we’re going to take another look at the arm! 🙂

      Community Manager

  2. Great redesign, except the metal piece of the arm looks disproportionately large.

    Now its just to remove/completely redesign+rename the “Chunder” and the unit roster will be pretty much spot on!

    • We’re going to take another look at the Augre’s arm. This is an interesting case where everyone in the Dev team was quite fond of the new design (including the arm) but where community feedback has been almost unanimously against it. In these circumstances we like to take a step back and re-evaluate the design.

      The Chunder on the other hand is a love it or hate it character, community feedback has been heavily split on the Chunder, there are as many people out there who love it as they do hate it. Just the other day I watched a streamer get awfully excited over the Chunder… scarily excited about it…

      In cases like this we can’t justify the expense of re-designing a unit that fits it’s intended purpose, unlike the Augre which due to the removal of certain mechanics, no longer fit. Though we could possible rename the Chunder to Marmite. 🙂

      Kind Regards,


  3. the chunder really has no place in my heart either.. it’s a bullshit charecther!!! sooo incredibly laaaaaame!!!

    please replace lols…

    • +1

      I just google for it and i couldnt agree more
      WTF is that in the first place?! A minion?!!?

      PLEASE… dont do wha blizzard did to WOW making pandas and stupid creatures please!!! check DK fans and respect the line of creatures!!!

      Keep up the good work we all love!! But be carefull with desining new minions!

      DK1 DK2 and a DK fan!! =)
      and heres is my DK3!

    • +1 The chunder has to be a placeholder right? Why not have crafty craftsmen?? Instead of this silly farting thing with a hammer on its head??

  4. AHH i almost forgot to ask this stuff to DEVs!!!

    I am dying of curiosity to know this!

    Is it possible to play has human (heros) in multiplayer??????

    It would be dam awesome!!!

    • This would be an awesome addition to a new game, but that would take a whole lot of more work, I think. Still; it might work, a cathedral/headquarters instead of dungeon heart and a portal/stairs/lift to the surface instead of a normal portal.

    • Hi SenSer,

      We have plans to introduce an Empire Dungeon Theme which will replace the standard Underlord Dungeon Theme’s you used to, including walls, floors, door toppers, dungeon core, workers etc.

      In addition we’re looking at the possibility of having Empire Gateways in multiplayer that when captured attract empire units. This will allow for some asymmetric gameplay in specially designed maps.

      Kind regards,


      • Thanks for the reply i am watching your new developments at a daily basis, because i really loved DK, didn’t we all?!

        So let me see if i understood your message:

        “Empire Dungeon Theme” ?
        So basically in order to play the major enemy of all dungeon masters it will be “theme based”?

        Well i kind of understand the “under lord theme” and so on and so forth but… in this game there are 2 sides… Dungeon Masters and The Heroes and that’s it!

        In my personal point of view i don’t agree in making it a theme based i would agree more like a “race” option in multiplayer games playing them as dungeon masters or heroes AND THEN you could have different themes for the heroes as well and as the dungeon masters (which you already have) you can double the profits like so.

        It’s just an idea i hope you will consider it at least 🙂

        Thanks for listening to fans and community!
        Thats the way to go!

        • To clarify,

          The Empire Dungeon Theme will allow you to use the appearance of the Empire in any non-campaign mode.

          While you are correct in that there are technically two unique factions in WFTO there is a significant difference between them.

          Only one, the Underlord, has been designed from the ground up to be played while the Empire has been designed specifically as an enemy. The Underlord has access to significantly more units, which are more well rounded and versatile than the Empire units.

          Furthermore, the way they operate functionally is identical, there are no differences between them at this time other than the units they have access to. Both build the same rooms. Thus there is no need to differentiate further than a theme. Simply put the Empire doesn’t have the right toolkit to stand on it’s own.

          I agree that the Empire could be fleshed out as a playable faction in the future, we’d love to look at expanding the tools available to the Empire and introduce an Empire-specific campaign. Whether when this stage comes we flesh out differences between the two is a question of what direction we take them in. Either way that’s something for post-release. 🙂

          For now having an Empire Theme permits you to play “as the empire” in Multiplayer.

  5. What you guys should do when you redesign old creatures and design new ones is let people have a vote on a couple of concept drawings, that way you won’t have to redesign so much. It would also be fun if fans could send in their own design ideas for established units.

  6. Looking good, but i’m hoping to see how they are going to make the Vampires look soon.

    • As am I. Though I’m slightly apprehensive with how hit and miss some of the designs have been like the original necromancer. Though these redesigns prove that they’re willing to review things if the community really thinks they missed the mark.

  7. So nice you keep giving updates every week! Keep it up! 🙂

  8. +1

    Much better than the last version, that one was too cartoonish for my taste

    But get rid of the loin cloth! make it an iron girdle instead :p

  9. Mh I like the new Augre 🙂

  10. …I notice some earlier poster describe this version of the Augre has… less cartoonish ? how so, I have to ask ? That huge mecanical arm look like he should be falling over everytime her tries to lift his arm. And it’s genraly top heavy.

    Anyway. bleh. Sorry but liked the old version better.

    I don’t undersand the big hate with the Chunder, when all said and done he’s basicaly a slightly bile demon with a small legs and a hammer instead of a those horn morning star. *shrug* Not the most original design the dev team has came up with IMO but it’s really not that bad.

    “In cases like this we can’t justify the expense of re-designing a unit that fits it’s intended purpose, unlike the Augre which due to the removal of certain mechanics, no longer fit.”

    Ah. it’s sometime easy to forget this game is done by a pretty small team (that is meant as a compliment).

    That said, if the dev team ever find the time during devellopement, some slight model alteration for every unit as they gain experience would be nice. (Not necessary by far but y’know the kind of little ‘extra miles’ details)

  11. Im not sure why but i hate the new design i like him the way he is now, green and big. Why not leave him like he is currently and leave this for a future expansion where you can add the marketplace and somesuch stuff ?

  12. About the chunder i´ve actually grown to like him a lot! Still im not sure i like his farting attack… It´s just it blattantly copies the D Keeper bile demon for no real gain. I think a Burp cone attack would be much better placed, specially since it has such a massive mouth.

    • burt and fart? lol…

      What will fairies do? Throw flowers and call names? :\

      I like blood sword hammer fight farts and burps nahhh i didnt even like bile demon so much…

      come on…!!!

  13. I’m still excited for the reveal of “The Beast Trainer”…
    I’m with most people on the Chunder I’m afraid, I much preferred the Bile Demon on previous games… He was my main deploy unit. Although if the Chunder was able to “chunder” everywhere that might make me like him… give him a bit more weight also.