WFTO Wednesday #67: The Matriarch, the Sentinel and the Video

WFTOWednesdayCroppedLightThe Matriarch, the Sentinel and the Video


Hey folks,

The fires of war spread across the empire as they prepare for your invasion, we sent a few Oculi in to determine what new forces our enemy has in store for us…


Unit Spotlight: The Matriarch

While many pray to Kira for guidance, support, and power there are a chosen few who are born blessed by her divine power — the lucky souls who are anointed by the Goddess’ holy hand are able to act in her stead in times of great need.

These chosen women are born with the knowledge of the past, of the horrors that have come and gone and the endless struggle against the heralds of darkness. They wield the divine power to control the Light and, as long as they are alive, will do everything in their power to preserve the balance of life and death upon the realm that they are tasked with defending.


The Matriarch will use her holy powers to turn the tide of battle against those who blaspheme against the Goddess’ word and act as a balancing force when armies of undead threaten to overpower the living. She will preserve the souls of those who fall in battle and use their untapped potential to conjure up an army of defenders known as Sentinels.


  • Kira’s Presence (Passive): Increases morale of all nearby friendly units as well as granting them resistance to unholy attacks.
  • Unity (Passive): The Matriarch heals her Sentinels every time she uses her basic attack, and each Sentinel she commands increases the damage dealt by her basic attack. Additionally, the Matriarch can run on Mac and Linux.
  • Crusade (Active): The Matriarch marks a target for her Sentinels to attack.
  • Holy Fervor (Active): The Matriarch buffs one of her Sentinels, granting it significantly increased damage for a short period.
  • Army of the Dead (Active, Special): The Matriarch summons a temporary army of Sentinels to fight for her, but they will be released to the Aether after a short period.


Unit Spotlight: The Sentinel

By tapping into the energies released by a recently departed soul the Matriarch summons a guardian whose only desire is to prevent the forces of evil from causing another’s death.


They will fight tirelessly and without fear against any enemy — their noble efforts well-rewarded once a battle is won and their tethered spirits are released to enter the silent void of the Aether.


  • Ethereal (Passive): Sentinels are completely immune to physical attacks and cannot be picked up by the player.


Bedrock Beta v0.4.0 Preview 3

Here’s a 4 minutes of 0.4.0 gameplay (including the unit panel!), please note that the UI is very much a work in progress.

The update is almost ready… and it’s absolutely massive (20 new aspects in the Veins of Evil!). Thanks so much for bearing with us, it won’t be too much longer.

We’ll see you all next week, hopefully with some patch notes!


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. First!

  2. Will there be a more animated conversion with blood money spell?
    like turning them into a golden statue?

    • Yup, they will be freezing and turning to actual gold in future. Many of the features in the video still need extra visual polish.

  3. *throws money at screen*

  4. Huge improvement, I’m sure you’re aware but I feel like the units spawn too quickly and randomly. Also the portal animation needs implementing.

    • We definitely agree on this front, the main issue is that we have yet to run through a full balance pass. Once we do this we’ll be tweaking everything and you’ll likely see the spawn rate decrease significantly, right now you simply build a few rooms and it feels like your Dungeon is up and running in no time, that’s no fun!

      We’ve also got a bunch of portal animations ready but we’ve yet to hit around implementing them, that’ll come in time 🙂

  5. that sentinel looks so good, cant wait to go total aragon 🙂 good job guys.

  6. While the mini map does bring back some nostalgia being all pixely and such I hope that it is going to get a graphical up date? I think it should be on par with the big map mode in DK2

    • Hi SprayandPrey11,

      The Mini-map you see in our demonstration is the very first implementation of the mini-map. When we were working on it we focussed entirely on getting a prototype working.

      We’ll be doing another pass on it, hopefully before 0.4.0 launches to increase the resolution of the mini-map (currently locked to 174×174) which should make it significantly less “pixely”


  7. You guys are FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!! Keep up with the great story-telling skill, novelist’s choice of words, and EPIC humour. LOVE IT!!!

  8. The creature tab is finally in. I hope we will be able to tell them apart in a future update, but keep up the good work.

    • We’re hoping to get most of the unit portraits in before 0.4.0 actually hits live 🙂

  9. this patch looks B-E-A-UTIFUL btw, but i do hope you guys start fleshing out the Campain really soon to but that’s just me

    Keep up to great work guys!

    • Hi FiitedDexter,

      We will not be implementing the true Singleplayer Campaign until release, this is something we’d like to keep under wraps, to ensure that it’s a fresh experience for all but a select few testers.

      0.4.0 will be introducing a few new singleplayer levels but these once again are not part of the final campaign 🙂

  10. “Unity (Passive): […] Additionally, the Matriarch can run on Mac and Linux.” <– nice one! 😀

  11. Nice one, I like the new HUD but before I was watching your video, I just saw the old ones of DK 1 and 2 and realize that the style of Wfto is a bit accurate (especially the walls) and the tiles on top of the walls are reflecting like disco lights. Will you edit the style of the walls?

  12. Looks promising. I still wish you’d add a few more traditional creatures, though, like Orcs and Minotaurs.

    Also, people who do that whole “First!” thing are scum.

  13. Would be awesome to have some of the old school annoying witty remarks that the old Dungeon Keepers had, sounds almost like the same guy that does the voice overs?

  14. how close is this to completion? i’ve been waiting over 10 years for a game like this 😀 you guys are awesome for making basically dungeon keeper 3

  15. Just watched the video.. wow.. looks awesome! Can’t wait to play the new update 🙂

    • We can’t wait until you get your hands on it so we can hear your feedback!

  16. Just saw the video, looks absolutely amazing. Great progress has been made all around, it’s definitely looking better with every patch.

  17. I hope you noticed that you’ve got it spelled schock wave at the moment.

  18. I must admit I’ve seen my fare share of early acces scams, but this just makes me smile every week. It’s nice to see you guys care for this game just as much as all the fans of the old Dungeon Keeper series and are actualy making it happen. At this point all regrets and worries I might have had for buying an early acces game are gone. Now I regret not beeing there for the kickstarter so I could have maybe suported this project more.
    All I have to add now is this: keep up the good work and keep making this amazing game a reality. In a world of scams and bullshit devs who break their promises, you guys are a model of what a true game developer should be and you deserve every penny that this game will bring you and more.

  19. Can’t wait the realese of the game.
    DK2 was a hude hit in my country (Bulgaria) once upon a time 🙂
    I just wanted to ask, do you intened to make the colors a little bit brighter … I know it is the Underworld we’re talking about, but everything looks too dark.
    Maybe you will shed some light in the Dungeon 🙂
    Overall, I love your work so far.

  20. hi guys im just putting my to sense in ive played all the dungeon keepers im only 20 years old but this really is my favourite game of all time and im glad you have took your time to make it a new game aswell as the old but i think you need to add abit more control to the units them selves like selecting them as a group rather than grab 3 of these 5 of those and chuck em in if u get me i think that aspect is cool but if u could select a group and command only those units you selected to go where u wanted and how u wanted with a grouping system i know u guys are doing something like that maybe u can clarify ???