WFTO Wednesday #56: The Alchemy Lab

WFTOWednesdayCroppedLightThe Alchemy Lab

Hey folks,

Today we’re introducing an alcoholic’s paradise: a room that turns liquid indulgence into sheer, magical power. Your Crackpots have spent their entire lives finicking around with reagents and incantations, but now they have a patron for their alchemical obsessions…


Room Spotlight: Alchemy Lab

Metal grinds against stone, viscous potions overflow their cauldrons, and manic little gremlinoids stir ancient recipes into salves of power and destruction; this is the Alchemy Lab — the place where magicks are trapped into bottles to augment your chaotic arsenal.



For generations of wasteful misery, Crackpots have spelunked the mysteries of alchemy and blown themselves up the process, but who cares? The secrets they’ve unlocked are now yours to command, and the full potential of Alchemy can now be slot into your genius strategies.




That’s it for this week folks. We’ve got some exciting and interesting things in the coming weeks, including an overview of our revamped UI.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. Huaaahhh

  2. Love it!

  3. I’ll drink to that!

  4. blup blup blup blup

  5. Hype hype!

  6. Little gremlinoids? You mean imps will work in alchemy lab or will it allure new creature?

    • Crackpots work in alchemy lab. Are you saying they might be suggesting another? Otherwise, there’s the Crackpot

      • To me it sounds like the Crackpots are gremlinoids.

  7. so what does it do ?? look nice tho good work!

  8. Looks good, but it could do with some traditional workplaces for workers to tinker with chemicals and stuff.

    Like, one of the central room decorations(like those huge circular vats in the image) could be a series of tables covered in chemicals, active experiments, etc… with a worker moving between those tables as they manage the experiments and research compounds, etc… as well as a manual of chemistry they’d be flicking through for reference. Just a little something make the workers look actively busy with something rather than just watching machines run by themselves, as it’d otherwise look too souless and mechanical.

  9. The mobile version of Dungeon Keeper is a scam and not even a good game. You should be ashame of yourself for posting that and encouraging other to buy it.

    As it for now; as long as that add for Dungeon Keeper mobile is on your website I will ask other not to buy WFTO.

  10. Fun fact, All of the 5-star reviews for that game exist because EA gave away free in-game gems if you gave a 5-star review. EA bribed people into giving good reviews.

  11. I must say that the reviews on the latest money making gimmick that EA has spewed out are hilarious. Thanks EA, great laughs.

    PS: The Alchemy Lab ~ WICKED SICK!!!

  12. So something like thins kinda makes me wonder, will the game have a kind of majesty element where your creatures will be able to spend their hard earned wages on potions, scrolls, weapons and armor. I think it would be a neat mechanic and add to the over all sim feel. I do love the shape of things you guys are bring back a game from my child hood that i loved deeply and doing well. Keep up the great work.