WFTO Wednesday #55: The Underminer

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Hey folks,

We’ve got some incendiary news for you today as we spotlight one of our more explosive ideas – grab your bomb suit and boldly charge toward the knowledge bomb that’s about to be dropped.


Defence Spotlight: The Underminer

Teething gears bite at one another as the roiling molten metal within spits hot chunks of scathing fury past the ill-fitting lid of the Underminer. Your workers stand fearfully back as the sinuous, serpentine fuse sputters and spasms its winding course toward the igniting charge of the device.

underminer no bg

With the shriek of a gored animal the studded metal casing detonates downwards, sending a thunderous shockwave through the ground as it discharges lances of fiery shrapnel into the surrounding area. Before the thunderous echo of the blast has died your workers rush forward in angry throngs to destroy the weakened outer wall of your enemy, while behind them waits a living wall of tooth and claw, eager to spill into the foreign halls of your doomed foe.

The Underminer is a ‘defence’ unlocked within the Vein of Wrath that can be placed within and without your territory, when activated by you it will destroy the surrounding walls – including those fortified by your enemies. Be sure to protect the contraption as its 10 second fuse burns, for if it takes sufficient damage you’ll find thwarted your attempts at sabotage.

Update Regarding OS X

We’ve finally nailed down the issue preventing us from creating a stable OS X build, but unfortunately it’s a Unity-related problem that we are unable to solve on our own. We’ve let the fine folks at Unity know and hope to have a response (and fix) in the near future. We’ll be sure to let you know in a news post if there is any progress.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. nice touch : )

  2. The Underminer sounds like it could be really overpowered, but I really like a power that destroys walls ^_^

  3. Will we be able to zoom out a bit further? I’d like to see more of my dungeon, that would help a huge deal. 🙂

  4. Hey guys i am curious will there be any advice/ spell or anything else to “rebuild” destroyed walls or earth?

    • Yes, they have confirmed that there will be a trap that functions as a rebuilt wall 🙂

  5. Cool stuff! Will it hurt eny creature or worker that gets to near?

    • We could easily add a bit of knockback/stun to it for flavour, but it won’t be damaging units.

  6. i must say this will be nice for multiplayer great work as allways! 🙂