WFTO Wednesday #54: The Sanctuary


The Sanctuary

Hey folks,

Low voices murmur a dark hymn to an ancient Evil as shadows dance across stones drenched thick with infidelic blood. It is within the walls of the Sanctuary that the Cultist performs his eldritch arcana.

The Rituals that are channeled here are black spells filled with vile potency, bought from the Aether through sacrifice, gleaming coin and magic offering. With the power of these unholy sacraments you may wither the will of your enemies, sunder your mana for mountains of gold, or enfirm the rocky walls of your once-vulnerable Dungeon.


Room Spotlight: Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is the place where your Cultists go to chill, hang out, plunge their souls into the gaping maw of Evil, and shuffle about like the batty old men they are. As well as replacing your Cultists’ need to eat or sleep, the Sanctuary is where Rituals are prepared; big, powerful spells that express the true nature of each Vein of Evil.



Ritual Spotlight: Wither, Avarice and Fortify

For Wrath, Wither is the forbidden magic of choice – which completely drains the mana pools of your enemies and prevents them from recovering for a short period, letting you and your minions have their way with their Dungeon as they frantically attempt to hold your invasion without the help of dark incantations once familiar to them.


Greed has the formidable Avarice, which sucks your own mana reserves dry in exchange for glimmering mounds of gold that pop into existence within the already burgeoning coffers of your Treasury – ready for grim investment.


Let us not forget Sloth, while ‘tis the slowest of the three Veins it did show up for this particular party, fashionably late, to garner attention with its own ritual – Fortify. While its own effect is certainly not as flashy as the previous two, it will allow you to repair and fortify all walls adjacent to your claimed tiles, infuriating even the most patient of would-be besiegers in addition to those cumbersome Chunders who are constantly searching for worms within the loamy walls of an unrefined dungeon.


With these new tools, and your own inimitably evil genius, you’ll have more ways than ever to melt your enemies down to their bones – or prevent the aforementioned from happening to the creatures who willingly fall under your own banner.


Feedback Request: UI

We’re about to start working on the next (and hopefully final) iteration of our UI and are looking for any feedback and ideas that you may have! Head on over to this thread on our forums or this thread on the Steam forums for more details on what we are after. And before you ask, yes, there is going to be a unit panel!


That’s all for this week folks!


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team

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  1. Love the sanctuary, think the altars look awesome

  2. good job i like it!

  3. I hope that through “sacrifice” we (as underlords) will gain some new units like e.g. demons.

  4. Sounds great :)! One thing though: The adjective for “infidel” isn’t “infidelic” but just “infidel”.

  5. Not to sound egocentric, but is this design in any way based on my designs concept for my suggested room the “Demonology Lab” on the suggestion forums? The CEO actually commented he liked my designs in one of my other threads.

    Don’t worry, I’m only asking out of curiosity and because it’d be kinda flattering if it is…

  6. Nice updates and so on, but… are you already working on the single player campaign??

  7. this will be great for multiplayer, cant for for it 🙂

  8. So cool, making your minions feel more complex and alive and giving them more personality is the right way to go! All that is lacking now is a disco kk