WFTO Wednesday #53: A Bridge Too Far


A Bridge Too Far

Hey folks,

We’re gearing up to push another patch very soon. Along with fixing Mac, Linux, and 32-bit Windows compatibility and a squashing a host of bugs, we’re introducing several features:


New Room: Stone Bridge

The Stone Bridge will allow your workers and minions to travel across lava without being horribly burnt. For the purposes of this update you will be given the Stone Bridge for free when you unlock the Wooden Bridge.



New Feature: Unit Grouping

As part of our preparations for releasing multiplayer, we’ve added unit grouping to the game.


You can now add your units into several groups and command them individually with the unit grouping panel. This initial release of the feature will only feature a small number of groups and a basic interface, so expect improvements to this feature in the future (and before the update goes live we’re going to be adding numbers to the actual flags).




New Spell: No Man’s Land

You may have noticed that your workers are occasionally a bit too zealous in their quest to claim land outside your dungeon and engage in hopeless combat against your enemies. Now, you can cast No Man’s Land at the borders of your domain to create a magical barrier that will prevent your workers from claiming any further, halting their endless quest for self-harm and humiliation.


That’s it for this week, we’ll have some more news about the upcoming patch soon and see you back here next Wednesday!


Until next time Underlord,

- WFTO Team


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  1. wow this keeps getting better!

  2. where is the update on steam

  3. Keep going guys!

  4. Amazing work guys, i had my doubts about this game but not any longer!

  5. Great update!

  6. That spell is sorely needed

  7. No Man’s Land…. f’ing BRILLIANT.

    Alway’s hated when i was just digging, not ready to explore and fight (just yet), and my minions were constantly going into combat because one of the walls opened because of fog + not paying attention to the digging itself.

    • Always had to go over there pick them up, then go back to dungeon management…then go back and pick the others that started to explore. So tedious!

  8. No man’s land (or something similar) was a feature that definitely should’ve been implemented in the DK games. The countless imps I lost to mindless land claiming… Good stuff!

  9. Hey guys
    Small note: If anyone has a better name for the No Man’s Land spell then go ahead post your ideas, we aren’t completely happy with it at the moment (it was previously known as ‘Imp Repellant’ but that was even worse!).

    • Or maybe even a word-play, imp-pervious instead of impervious.
      Something like that!
      Because perhaps impervious sounds too much like a wall you can not (ever) break.

    • How about curse or spell of “forbidden development” or “forbidden expansion”?

      If you use my idea, I expect to be rewarded with all three super units as royalty payment. when everybody else is paying 1.99, I’ll have the last laugh… Muahahahaa(Richard Ridings voice)

      • Curse of forbidden grounds :) sorry, thought of that right after I posted..

    • Get Off My Lawn

    • Oh I would hate to count the number of my imps that died in DK1 in their futile quest to claim land by stopping claiming land and running 10 tiles deep and battling knights with their trusty pickaxe.

      As far as names, I’m not unfond of “No Man’s Land” it is certainly self explanatory.

      However as you ask, here are some more “magical/curse-sounding” names:

      Wikipedia sites this term dating back to 1320, apparently meaning the same thing

      Terra Nullius (probably my preference, especially if combined with Richard exclaiming the use of the spell)
      Latin meaning “land belonging to no one”

      The Imp Curtain
      If this is a spell only affecting imps (if it affects all units, its probably not suitable) a play on the various X Curtains describing no-mans-land-esque areas. i.e. Iron Curtain

      • might not want to use terra-nullius. its real world use has more to excuse expansion of colonies into land held by natives. quite the opposite of what the spell does

        • Aww, I liked the name and to excuse that meaning – in the end, aren’t we all planning on taking over all the territory… We’re just declaring it Terra Nullius beforehand? Destroying the native overworlders and bothersome underlords?

    • ‘You shall not pass’ (Might be even worse)

    • How about OverLord Power Spell.

    • How about Bile Demon Dung, that’ll stop any imp from crossing that, that’s for sure.

    • “You shall not pass” spell

    • How about “Can’t touch this” and with casting the spell there might be a piece of familiar music theme :)

    • How about ‘Boundary Spell’?

  10. I know it…

    “impervious” <— synonym for repellent..with the word IMP!
    Clever if i say so myself.

  11. Nice!Love that No man lands!

    Many of my friends are wondering when WFTO will be officially released (they apparently don’t like paying to play beta, they think beta should be free. xD)

    • Within a few months, they have no exact date yet.

  12. Nice with the new spell!

  13. Great idea with the No Mans land. One other wish I always had for the DK games was an “imp-only” option for the doors (or an imp only door itself). I wanted a way to keep my creatures in the dungeon but yet allow the imps out for expansion and treasure gathering.

    Great work! Can’t wait to play the game!!!

  14. one of my biggest concerns with dk was the worker constantly dying because they tried to claim land all the time, great idea with the spell should fix the problem, so happy to see that spell great update.

    keep rocking in the free world!

  15. Great news! Can’t wait! Getting more and more amped for this game.

  16. Some name ideas for No Man’s Land rename:

    You Shall Not Pass!
    Forbidden Zone
    No Explore For You

  17. How about IMPpossible? anyway… awesome update

  18. How about
    - Avoid
    - Void
    - Unclaim (Tile instead of spell)
    Could be a tile instead of a banner and anything beyond can’t be claimed utill the tile is sold/ removed. Also this also makes sure that imps won’t claim certain grounds in wide open areas. And maye as an extra option you could give it a direction in wich the imps can’t claim ground.

  19. I really like this no-imp spell, one thing though…

    Does it also block those very annoying explorer type monsters from going in these areas? One thing I really hated was that I’d have (in the original DK) Flies and HellHounds Randomly wandering off and getting attacked/killed since they had the “Explorer” tag on them…

    If this spell also blocks them, I’ll be obscenely happy.

  20. Hmm. Unit groups. I have mixed feelings about having increased control of my minions. Half the fun is watching them mill about without getting bossed around.

  21. thanks guys your doing a good job keep going