WFTO Wednesday #49: The Shadow


WFTO Wednesday #49: The Shadow

Hey folks,

This week we’ll look at the Shadow, tease you with a few pictures of our patch and talk briefly about how you can get in on an early multiplayer test!


Unit Spotlight: Shadow

Enticed by the furtive fruits of your upgraded Beast Den, the Shadow will employ its artful craft of treacherous terror upon any foe foolhardy enough to venture near your dungeon.

Born from the lightless depths deep beneath Kairos, the Shadow enjoys the preternatural ability of a perfect hunter and is peerless at the swift slaughter of whatever hapless being it deems is its prey.


Transparent background version available here

The Shadow slinks through the unlit corridors of the Underworld and bends any nearby light around its body in order to fell foes before they are even aware of its presence – even the most horrifying nightmares fail to hold a candle to the peerless terror that the Shadow inspires.

Even Underlords pray to whatever dark Gods still favor them that the Shadow does not lurk outside their dungeon, for if it does their lairs will soon be left empty, wreathed in the flickering shadows left by sputtering, untended torches and empty bedrolls.


  • The Shadows (Passive): The Shadow is invisible until it attacks, and will return to being invisible if he kills a unit or has not dealt or taken damage for 5 seconds.
  • Nightmare (Active): Stuns target enemy unit for a short period of time.
  • Death Mark (Active, Special): Marks a target for death, causing it take 300% increased damage for 3 seconds.


Bedrock Beta v0.3.0 Sneak Peek





Multiplayer Testing!

At some point in the next few days we’re going to be opening up multiplayer to anyone who wants to test it through a special beta branch on Steam. Keep an eye on our Bedrock Beta forums for details!

That’s it for this week folks, we’ll see you back here again next week for another wonderful WFTO Wednesday.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. Nice, I like this creature 😉

    What I miss at the moment: a vampire, a creature like the horny (strong but with a difficult temperament), maybe some sort of minotaur with a great axe

  2. Agreed on the chunder reskin, still not a fan of the current one : it looks too odd, unbalanced and ugly to be in this game, unlike the Shadow, wich is one of the best concepts you did so far, if not the best !

  3. When designing the Chunder, the thoughts of puke, rancid, and even intestinal failure came to mind. In light of that, we needed to make sure the dungeon had a truly disgusting creature. Many instantly think of the old school Bile Demon from DK. We could see why because that’s what everyone is familiar with. This time around, however, I went completely weird and nasty. Games sometimes need the wierd and nasty. The Chunder isn’t pretty and its meant to be an ugly annoyance.

  4. There is no Dungeon Beauty Contest (and only the succubus has a bikini figure^^). Yes, the Chunder is ugly and ironic. If you don’t like him, kick him out of your dungeon 😉

  5. Looks nice to me.
    But are we giving shadow’s shadow a name, instead of shadow himself?? :O

  6. The unit designs are just getting better and better
    This is great and most of the latest designs are.

    Please just change the Augre design so he doesnt look like a sylvester stallone/incredible hulk mix and just…. remove the .. chunder. totally

    And the unit roster will be great!

    • regarding Chunder – couldn’t agree more. however it is clear that what we want isn’t going to happen so start mentally accepting him for what he is or it is always going to be an issue.

  7. This looks amazing! This is by far the coolest looking unit in the game so far, in my opinion!

    I agree with Shimmy though, the chunder could use a proper, sturdy removal from the game.

  8. While the Shadow is cool and all, I’d really like to see a few more traditional fantasy creatures in the game, otherwise people might feel a bit alienated.

    • Necromancers, goblins, the whole cast of heroes, imps, and undead aren’t enough for you? I prefer the new, less humanoid critters over the cast of DK2. It gives a more sinister feeling to the dungeon rather than making it feel like a getaway resort from the Underrealms.

  9. Will horny reaper make an appearance or it is a copyright problem?

    • The Horned Reaper is IP of EA and thus will not appear in the game, just as the Dark Mistress.

      Also, everytime someone asks for the Horned Reaper in WftO, god kills a kitten.

      • True.. What would the world be like without kittens? 😮

    • This has been asked hundreds of times and the answer is still no, sorry.

  10. I like the Chunder’s gameplay mechanics and role but totally hate the design.
    Reaper belongs to EA sadly…

    • Maybe the rev team could implement a reskin that appeals to people whip don’t like the Chandler. I personally really like him.

  11. Chunder is a disgrace to dungeonkind!

  12. I agree the chunder could use a reskin however I really really love the designs of this unit please make more non humanoid creatures I want to feel like an evil underlord in command of hellish fiends rather than a dungeonmaster in DnD :p

    • That wasn’t what I meant!!! I meant for an optional DLC reskin! Don’t get me wrong, I also love the Chandler.

      • I mean Chunder! (Damn auto-correct)

  13. WFTO game team – Please consider including structural integrity of rooms for oversized rooms. I hate when people dig giant rooms with no doors or seperations. It makes for a loss of immersion and its very powerful synergy’s with adjacencies. It also doesn’t make sese with cave-ins being a big problem (Think Dwarf Fortress)

    • The clear answer here is that ceiling tiles are magically reinforced when your workers claim the tiles beneath them!