WFTO Wednesday #48: The Garrison


The Garrison

Hey folks,

Today we’re going to give you an in-depth look at the Garrison as well as a preview of some of the multiplayer maps that you’ll be seeing in the next update.


Room Spotlight: The Garrison

With proper use of the Garrison your dungeon can become an impregnable fortress — safe from all who dare enter your black-hearted halls.


It will attract the staunch Augre to your cause, as well as revealing fog of war and protecting nearby traps and walls with its Bastion Aura, which will grant them increased damage resistance and health regeneration.

Garrison walls


Multiplayer Maps

We’ve got the first 3 multiplayer maps here and ready to show you, all of which are 2 player. Please keep in mind that minor changes may be made before the patch!

The Grand Chasm: Within the inky blackness lies a secret that your enemy is dying to explore. Choose between the three paths of assault, each of which have their own distinct advantages. The top path contains an additional Gateway, the bottom path contains a mystical unlimited supply of gold, and the central path is extremely easy to access, but cannot be claimed due to the surrounding Sacred Earth.



Ravenscroft: Three Perception shrines lay across the center of this fast and brutal skirmish map. Are you willing to rush towards the lucrative center before your enemy, or will you strike from their flank as they attempt to excavate the gleaming gold at the centre?



Fight Pit: With but one Gateway available to you at the start you will find your mettle tested as you and your enemy battle for a second gateway at the centre of the map.



That’s it for this week folks, we’ll see you next Wednesday for more information about the upcoming update!


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. what is that black in middle of grand chasm ? water?
    and that bright yellow is lava?

    • The black in the middle of the Grand surprisingly, chasm

  2. Maybe I havn’t read properly but I can’t find the multiplayer section in the game? What have I missed?

    • Hello Mathias

      Last week we announced we will be releasing a big update before the end of the year

      Multiplayer will be added
      5 New Rooms: The Barracks; Torture Chamber; Prison; Garrison; Tavern
      New terrain: Sacred Earth; Brimstone; Permafrost; Chasm; Lava
      More things to click on in the Veins of Evil!

  3. Interesting, but is it impossible to break thrue reinforced walls?

  4. I got a question,when do you think you will have ‘finished’ the game, stopping the beta. Like not exactly the date but like between 4 or 6 month ? cause it seems that this game got a lot of content already and i just can’t wait to know when it will be at full capacity!

  5. I don’t think so it has a lot of content , they still have long ways to go. This is the 1st true successor of dungeon keeper that I have been waiting for so long, I hope they don’t rush it,finish it properly and make the game full of surprises.

  6. I’ll certanly buy this game on the new year (in Russia, it’s like a christmas in USA). Love the DK with all my heart, and never forgive myself if not will support Developers )))