WFTO Wednesday #46: A Roomier Dungeon


A Roomier Dungeon


Hey folks,

We’re gearing up for another big feature push to the Bedrock Beta in the coming weeks! Check out a sneak peek below, as well as the details on an upcoming livestream.


Coming Soon: Barracks & Prison

Please note that the images below are works-in-progress and are lacking any lighting.

No longer do you have to pit your minions against living, breathing enemies now that the Barracks can be built! The various contraptions inside have been tailored to suit your minions every violent desire — allowing your creatures to experiment with their abilities and gain experience as they flog, burn, and beat the hardy clockwork inventions.



When you do head out into the depths to vanquish foes you will soon be able to choose between using their rotting corpses in the Crypt or placing them in your Prison — where they will feed off of the disease-ridden rats that scamper between their malnourished feet… until you decide to get them a new home in the Torture Chamber.



Updated FAQ

We’ve updated our long-neglected FAQ to more accurately represent current information about WFTO and the Bedrock Beta — check it out here.


Livestream Next Wednesday! (November 27 @ 7:00PM UTC)

Next week we’ll be hosting a livestream that will tease, hint, or perhaps straight up show you some new features coming soon to the WFTO Bedrock Beta. Be sure to tune in to our Twitch channel during the event for a live demonstration of the patch as well as an extended Q&A session.


That’s it for this week folks, see you twice next week for the livestream!


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. Great the prison is here (soon) but what about the torture chamber?

  2. they featured the torture chamber last week!

    • I know it’s just when will it be added, that’s all ?

  3. Well prison should “invite”/make some sort of creature when heroes are put there, like skeletons or “Big Rats” maybe?The same to barracks, in DK1 and 2 training room (equivalent to barrack) brought either salamanders or whelp daemons.

  4. Awesome, can’t wait. Can we get Skeletons from prisoners who’ve died?

  5. Anonymous means when the torture chamber is implemented in the game

    • Precisely (if I’d seen this I wouldn’t have posted)

  6. The two rooms I have been hoping for the most, the Barracks (or training room) and the Prison. Like those above me posted, I hope the prison will allow for the creation of skeletons.

  7. Yeah I also hope there will be skeletons or other cool creature from the corpses of heroes in prison otherwise having this room is pointless

    Also I hope creatures will get bigger when they have more level, now with lvl 1 they are barely visible how small they are, which is alright as far as they can get little bit bigger or more noticable

  8. There won’t be any skeletons from the prison. There will be Ghouls which come from the Crypt.

  9. Going by the concept art, i thought the Prison was going to have a deeper pit with arches leading to a deeper prison area. Or maybe I remember it wrong. I also vaguely remember there being water in the pit.

  10. I was a bit sceptical about the monster design at the beggining but what I’ve seen so far is amazing. Game is shaping up to be great and worthy successor to DK legacy (even if you don’t want it to be like this :P).

  11. Will there be a new map soon? The ones that exist are quite… um.. boring now that i have played them 100 times over 😉