WFTO Wednesday #45: The Torture Chamber


The Torture Chamber


Hey folks,

Today we’re unveiling one of the most anticipated rooms in WFTO…


Room Spotlight: The Torture Chamber

Death is almost certainly the best of fates that can befall a hapless hero, for those that survive often end up atop one of the sadistic devices within the Torture Chamber. These agonizing instruments are happily cared for by the Succubus – for she delights in the acrid smell of burning hair and salivates at the sickly sweet scent of flame-bathed flesh.


The devices within the Torture Chamber can be utilized by a skilled Underlord in two unique ways:

The first is a mystic flame that burns past the skin into the very fibre of a creature’s being. While this assault causes no bodily harm, even the most stalwart individual cannot endure this form of torture for long. Once the corruption has spread throughout their being these warped creatures will happily succumb to the will of their new master.



The second form of torture ignites a blazing inferno beneath the doomed soul, the rising flames will quickly engulf the victim and render their tortured Spirit from its mortal shell.

We’ll be going into more detail on the Spirit in a future update.


That’s it for this week!


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. This is a bloody brilliant upgrade of the dungeon keeper torture chamber. two functions for the price of one! Genius! Keep up the great work guys. This is gonna be the most kick ass god game of all time.

  2. Amazingly good job! Love the ideas and the reskin when they go evil is a really neat addition! 😀

  3. need some mistresses or equel:P

  4. love the reskin idea, and the tortured spirit sounds intriguing, maybe it will be like DK1 where you get ghosts in your dungeon

  5. Yes, yes , YES! So sweet!:D

  6. Well torture chamber wasn’t my “most anticipated” room. I am waiting for SANCTUARY and THREE “EVOLUTIONS” OF THE CUTLITST (Reaper, Archont nad Etheral).

  7. Yet, keep it going on. Every DK fans is anticipating for this game. I am waitying, too.

  8. I cant seem to update the game on steam and I’ve got it on auto update as i haven’t got the new room (torture chamber)or the dyrant.How do you get the dyrant in the game anyway just to double check.

    • This is just an anouncement of what is comming soon. I guess it will be on steam in the comming update, maybe next week.

  9. Hot damn, you guys actually implemented the altered texture idea 😀

  10. Actually in the original DK and I think DK2 There were 6 functions to prison/torture chamber in the prison if they died they would become a skeleton and in the torture chamber if they died they would become a ghost. Also if you gave a disease to a prisoner and let them free they would head back to their base and infect the rest of their allies. If they lived they would join your cause and reveal secrets about your enemy by torturing out plans which reveals the location of the enemy and other parts of the map. By placing a minion all other minions (the same race) would make them work faster.

  11. Keep up the great work gents ! It just keeps getting better !

  12. It has come a long way since I first played the beta in August. I’m really liking the idea of XP building into ‘sins’ by which you buy upgrades/new rooms ready to build. I cannot wait to play the game when it’s completely finished. Will be roping in all my friends to play too. Thank you for being awesome WFTO Team!

  13. I’m liking the idea of corrupting heroes instead of converting them. Hopefully this means we don’t have to put up with the “A creature in your dungeon is unhappy because it is in the company of creatures it hates” spam.

    Also, what Melissa said. Awesome job coming this far guys! Keep it up!

  14. this one of best comnat game ,I well love this who ready to share this dimont all the best all 🙂

  15. how do u download the next beta

  16. Does everyone forget that the torture chamber had a dual function? ‘Map information has been divulged from a victim in the torture chamber’.

  17. love the new concept, but the torture device is kinda lacking