WFTO Wednesday #43: Two Spooky Four You


Two Spooky Four You

Hey folks,

We’ve just rolled out a patch that introduces some ghoulish elements to the Underworld, just in time for Halloween.

Bedrock Beta v0.2.4 “Two Spooky Four You”

To read the full patch notes click here.

For those of you unable to play the game right now, scroll down for a quick look at some of the new features.



The unholy Necromancer will reach into the Aether to rip out restless souls, returning them from the endless nightmare of that whirling void. Using his profane magic he will channel the energy from these souls to animate walking monsters that are less alive than even himself.




The Ghoul is a reanimated nightmare of flesh and bone that will mindlessly shred whatever the Necromancer desires to ribbons of flesh. But without the commanding hand of a Necromancer these beasts will wait, aimless but hostile, until they are destroyed or a Necromancer gets close enough to claim them.



The Crypt acts as a small gateway to the Aether, allowing souls that would otherwise escape to be trapped within its ungodly pyres. As more souls become trapped the freezing flames will rise in strength… until a Necromancer decides to raise his undead army.



Stumpy’s Carving Contest Reminder

If you haven’t had time to upload your pictures yet, or if you’re just now carving your pumpkins for Halloween remember to upload your creations in this thread for a chance to win some fabulous prizes.

That’s it for this week, have a safe and memorable Halloween — and remember kids: never let programmers name your patches.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. It’s a pure pleasure to see your progresses! The next levels and the ability to grab our gold are some very nice new which will fill my dark heart with joy! 😀

  2. Hello dear war of the overland production team. I’m a Chinese fan of Dungeon Keeper. My English is not very good. So you see this message may be more difficult. I really like this game Dungeon Keeper simultaneously. So really looking forward to the war of the overland . I am excited to wait until July 30 but the game is not for sale. I fully understand and support you want the game to be the best mood. I want to know about what time the game can offer, and want to support Chinese. After all, China still has a lot of players like this game. Looking forward to your reply.

  3. Wow !!

    Such a well designed character this Necromancer. And the Ghouls will always have my respect, hey they came to life for the second time ^^

    Seriously, as someone says earlier, it’s a pleasure to see your work, and for sure there is a lot of passion in it !

    Keep going !

  4. ohhhh my (dark)gooooood i cant wait for the game! Guys you´re doing a great job! Dont stress and realease the game only when the game is complete ready. And when i must wait another year or two…this game is it worth.
    keep going with the great work you do.
    greetings from germany!

  5. Dear War for the overlord creators,

    I just wanted to know when the final game is finished. I wanned to buy the beta rock edition, but I rather wait for the whole game !! (because the gameplay will be even better then!!)

    So, is late 2013 still the right full-release time or will it be later?

    Greetings from the Netherlands!

    • You’re waiting for the whole game because the gameplay will be even better?
      The beta game is just a developping version of the game. You’ll still get the finished one when it is released…

      Why not get the best of both worlds by buying it now, and helping the developers out, while still getting to play the awesome features it has already? 😛

  6. When can we have another good old unit spotlight? Maybe next week? Pretty please?

  7. Hey guys i got the 0.2.3 version and would like to update it, do i need to buy a new beta version? or is there a link to the update? Thanks!

    • Hey Jp,
      You should be able to open up Steam and it will automatically update your game files to match the latest build!



  8. so are Skeletons being replaced with Ghouls? if so i am sad to see the old sword swinging manic disappear, my forth favourite unit after the Rouge, Black Knight and Dark Angel.

    also whats the closest dungeon analogy for the Rouge in this game? and what “evil” human units are there to control?

  9. I really cant wait too see the final game i bought it for steam to help support the game and i love the game so far

  10. But I think you guys should add the jail and torture chamber again that was the best part about the last games being able to knock out enemy’s and carry them back and convert them to your side