WFTO Wednesday #41: Stumpy's Pumpkin Carving Extravaganza!


Hey folks,

Today we’re announcing our latest community contest and spotlighting two defences (one new, and one already in the game).


Stumpy’s Pumpkin Carving Extravaganza!

Since spirits are running high this month we figured the best way to celebrate the ghouls and haunts of the Underworld would be to host another community contest. We’re asking you to submit your best WFTO-themed pumpkin carvings to win some prizes!

You have until midday on Tuesday the 22nd of October to submit your entry. We’ll then lock the squeamish Stumpy in a dark room with all of your mangled squashes and ask him to choose the finalists, which will then be posted up the following day for the community to vote on!

Voting will close midday on Tuesday the 29th of October, and the winners will be announced the following day.

The prizes are as follows:

  • 1st: A Wagamama placemat signed by Richard Ridings, a WFTO t-shirt (limited sizes), a WFTO lanyard and some Stumpy’s Quest flyers from Eurogamer.
  • 2nd: A WFTO t-shirt (limited sizes), a WFTO lanyard and some Stumpy’s Quest flyers from Eurogamer.
  • 3rd: A WFTO lanyard and some Stumpy’s Quest flyers from Eurogamer.

Head on over to this thread to enter!


Defence Spotlight: Bone Chiller


The Bone Chiller channels the frigid winds of the coldest winters through a massive shard of mystical ice. It will fill the surrounding tunnels and halls of your dungeon with an icy mist, slowing enemies to a crawl as their muscles freeze in place and their trembling teeth threaten to chatter loose from their frostbitten gums.


Defence Spotlight: Ballista


The first prototype of the Ballista was drawn up by a Chunder who knew there was a way to improve the current meat-delivery systems that were on the market. While it has been refined over time, no Chunder forgets that brave soul who so valiantly stood at the end of a long hallway while a dozen micropiglets were launched at tremendous force through his body. A more practical Augre changed the original pig-slingshot to fire massive bolts tipped with steel into any unsuspecting foe who wanders too close.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. I imagine this is something you have already considered but it would be great if you could upgrade these traps – maybe a level three ballista with explosive arrows? 🙂

    • That’s actually a great idea! Would love to see that implemented in the game. :O

    • Yes I agree!

  2. hey–I don’t know if it’s just me, or do the green lamp thingies on the top of the walls take a bit of the gloominess from rooms like the library and such? Maybe they could be a little softer and less “alien-colony” looking?(A touch more dungeon feeling, bit dirty and not too perfect… Just a suggestion! 🙂 keep up the great work, big fan—

    • Also people at eurogamer said this quite often. These gems will be less bright soon 😉

  3. Draw new maps and optimize the engine. He paid the money?

  4. Also a great idea maybe.

    What I see is that game developer ( also this one ) use the conventional things like ice for slowing down units, fire for damage, poison for little damage over time etc. This is BORING!!!

    Please be a little bit more creative Subterrean Games and invent some new ideas instead of recycling the old ideas.

    Maybe a little suggestion:
    New turret idea: Vapors from the Underworld. Instead of the “classic” slowing down Ice turret this turret injects the minions of the Underworld with the vapors of the underworld encouraging morale and walking/running speed.
    Effect is a fast “speedway” in your dungeon with high moraled fighters due to the corridors and hallways effected by this effect to the enemy.

    Just a suggestion, i hate developers with little own creative ideas that just recycle old ideas from previous games ( like WoW and a lot of other games with turrets and typical spells. ( ice slows, fire damages, poison damage over time, arcane magical damage etc etc etc )come on invent some new ones please.

  5. You should definitely be able to pick up micropiglets and put them in the ballista 😛

  6. Can I just say this game has some of the best customer service and nicest Devs I have ever experienced. thank you Alistair!

  7. This got probatly asked before but i just have to know. will we be able to choose our own color for dungeon theme(for singleplayer)? Pleeease?
    Nothing against Green but i am much more a fan of the classic color red theme or maybe a dark Purple would be really nice.

    • In campaign a theme is connected to a specific underlord and a specific story, so you can’t simply choose but you’ll maybe not always play the same theme. but in multiplayer or non campaign mode you can choose, at least this is the current plan to do it.

  8. release the game!!!!!!!!!!

  9. what u guys really need to fix now is the call to arms flag, i cant see how am i suppose to cancel it?
    which means once the call to arms is initiated at somewhere, all my monsters can not return to their daily life and completely ruins the fun of the game. Wt is the point of building a dungeon that is empty? and all monsters stick around a silly flag even there is no enemy?

    • You need to right click on the spell button and it will be gone 🙂

  10. You know this seems like such a great game. And honestly if had been paying close enough attention I would not have purchased it. The excitement of the moment got the better of me. When is there going to be a release date announced. That what id really like to know.