WFTO Wednesday #40: The Ballad of Eurogamer (Image Heavy!)


The Ballad of Eurogamer

Hey folks,

Most of the team have now returned home to their Dungeons and are back to work, but we managed to take a bunch of photos whilst everyone was here! Let us regale you with The Ballad of Eurogamer, a cautionary tale.

A few of us headed to Earl’s Court the day before Eurogamer to check out the booth, drop off the rewards for Stumpy’s Quest, install WFTO onto the PCs and double-check everything was working.

1 - Booth

We didn’t plan ahead for the lack of phone signal inside the expo, so many of our fans had to step outside in order to complete some of Stumpy’s challenges, but they were rewarded for their efforts with a snazzy WFTO lanyard! The truly dedicated fans who did what #StumpySays were sent home with an exclusive t-shirt.

2 - Swag

Being in the same room during a livestream was a blast, we ordered the finest pizza available in all of England (Dominos) and feasted before we went live. It was awesome to get our first bit of feedback on The Rise of Rhaskos, but even your awesome enthusiasm didn’t prepare us for the next day.

3 - Livestrean

The first day of Eurogamer finally came, we all stood nervously around the booth as a voice announced that the expo was now open. Fortunately, we were in one of the areas furthest from the entrance so we weren’t instantly overrun by the mobs of people who (we all know) came to Eurogamer just to play WFTO. To kill some time we took turns murdering Rhaskos.

4 - Setup

At some point it seems like some kind of switch was flipped and we were swarmed with soon-to-be fans! We all took turns answering questions and giving hints to people who had never played a Dungeon Management Game before.

5 - BusyBooth

One of our players discovered a new bug, so we sent the programmers inside our booth where they held a makeshift meeting as they planned out bug fixes for the next day (they never stop working).

6 - Programmer Meeting

Nano managed to integrate Oculus Rift support into the possession spell over the course of one evening, we all took some turns checking it out inside the booth (more on this in the coming weeks!).

7 - Oculus

Richard Ridings even showed up to hang out with us!

8 - Richard

Naturally, we couldn’t let him leave without at least one team photo.

9 - Team

Thanks to Dan, we also won our first award at Eurogamer.

10 - Beard

When we finally retired back to the castle of Simburgur there was a little surprise from Alistair waiting for us.

11 - Cake

There’s too many images to include in the news post, so we’ve put an extended gallery up here.

That’s it for this week folks! In the coming weeks we’ll be back to our regular updates… as well as another big surprise before the month is out.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. Seriously back off admo. These guys have put a lot of time and effort into this game and done alot of things for the fans. Instead of episode 3 bs your in it on the ground floor. You should be thanking them not bashing them.

    keep up the great work guys

  2. I am really looking forward to the finished game everyone. It looks amazing so far. It would be lovely if we could have some trolls, skeletons, and goblins though to lend to the dungeon feel. I can’t wait to see more as things progress 🙂

  3. Gratz on the award that beard earned it.

  4. GReat stuff

  5. It was great to try the game and get to talk to a few of you at the expo. I can’t wait for the finished game – I have had to stop myself playing the early access so not to spoil it for myself when the game launches.

  6. Fun read! awesome stuff

  7. WAS there and talked with some1 of your booth, was worh paying for the trip form Poland :), hope you guys will make a greate game, ill buy it one it comes out ;), keep up the greate work and good luck.

    A new FAN 🙂

  8. Great work guys
    keep it up
    really looking forward to wfto release with many others 🙂

  9. Huge Dk fan, at last something great like this to look forward to! Got the Beta from steam, sadly got no paypal–

    Keep up the awesome work, waiting patiently— 🙂

  10. I have a feeling that was me who found the bug. Was it the one that crashed the game when I placed Slaughterhouses?

  11. Kinda starting to look like every other RTS…

    Dungeonkeeper was awesome because it was a dungeon *sim*. It had lots of fun possibilities because it stuck closely to its theme of playing the role of an evil entity, not hoarding cloned monsters RTS style and carving out cookie-cutter 5×5 rooms. Also I’ve noticed that a lot of effort is going into some diablo like keeper spell progression with lots of variety- you should try to put more of that variety into the non-spell, creature actions/behaviors/personalities. For another matter, where the women at? Do they not exist underground? I know you can’t use the mistress due to copyright stuff, but it’s not like they can bust you for making a dominatrix lady. On that same note you guys need to put in wayyyy more throwbacks to the originals. Bullfrog cant really claim they invented skeletons, ghosts, giant insects or even goblins/trolls, so why do you have all these stupid, goofy looking hammerhead/hammer arm/hammer brain monsters? Give me some god damn goblins, trolls, etc. Lastly, I know there can’t be a horned reaper either, but aren’t you guys going to at least give *him* a spiritual successor too? Seems more and more like the people making this game couldn’t give a shit about staying true to the originals, (which were a winning formula).
    Once again: It should be a dungeon *sim*, not RTS. RTS’s (overall), suck. Dungeon simulators rock.

    Think my post got deleted or something before for having .a.$.$ in it. real edgy guys… :/

    • Nice troll @ADMO.. evidently no research done into the game or its development, wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve never played either Dungeon Keeper, or WFTO judging by your post.

      Great looking game thus far, really looking forward to future updates.

    • @ADMO: you did a double post, so you just not got the page updated in time i guess. And how can you say such things to an unfinished game? These things are coming step by step. But developing individuality costs time, so first more features should be in before digging fine grained into each personality, they already have different needs so far. Also Womens are in and planned, eg. priestess is in and more women creatures are in development like succubus is comming soon.

    • Double post has been removed.

    • Be patient, jeez, at least a company has seen what EA does to classic games, and has taken it on to try and keep the spirit alive.

      They’re still in beta, half the creatures/heroes have yet to be introduced, and all the animatics and fine detail is obviously not the top of their priority list right now, to say that they don’t give a shit is just bit OTT, I can’t even think what you’re basing that on.

      Just have a little trust in these guys, they know what they’re doing.

  12. I wanna meet Richard Ridings TOO! 🙁