WFTO Wednesday #39: Breaking Bug


Breaking Bug

Hey folks,

Very short update today! The team is recovering from Eurogamer and returning back to their homes/caves/dungeons all over the world. We’ll have a full report on the events of Eurogamer next week, complete with photos and surprises! In the meantime though.


Bedrock Beta v0.2.1 “Breaking Bug”

We’ve just pushed Bedrock beta v0.2.1 “Breaking Bug” to Steam. It contains a number of bug fixes and tweaks to the Tutorial which we implemented whilst at Eurogamer. Unfortunately there are no patch notes as we were a bit all over the place last week, but the game should have less bugs than last week!


Underlord Hannah

The Heinous Hannah (of Yogscast fame) has posted up two new videos today: an interview with James from Eurogamer, and a playthrough of the Tutorial level.


Along Came a Trailer

We also unveiled a new trailer for Eurogamer, check it out below.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. rush to pre-order.
    Release date 28 august 2113

  2. You complete me, only by your name tho, you’ll go mad if I tell you how long triple A games take to make.