WFTO Wednesday #38: The Rise of Rhaskos


WFTO Wednesday #38: The Rise of Rhaskos

Hey folks,

Extra-Special Pre-Eurogamer Livestream in 1 hour!

Live Steam has finished

Click here to tune in (we have a warmup stream going on right now). There’s a huge host of reveals today, as well as an opportunity to ask questions to a large portion of the team!

Also, Yogscast Hannah had a [Spoilers] small preview [/Spoilers] of what we are revealing and made a wonderful video of it!

If you’re going to Eurogamer, we’ll see you tomorrow! Let us know that you’re a backer, we might have a special something for you…

In the meantime, have a Skarg:



Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team



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  1. Thanks for the Skarg, I’ll wear it to the livestream.

  2. This is great and all, but a time when you posted this would be even better! i have no idea if i missed it.

  3. Has it happened?

  4. For some reason that Skarg looks like the Zerg decided to merge a roach, a drone, and a zergling into one unit.

  5. Great update it was wonderful

  6. lol. I was literally gonna ask where was the voice over in the beta. It was definitely missing. This is awesome. thanks for the update.

  7. I really love it and I know it was ages ago, but I still really like the idea of the Vein of Lust (creature domination) as an opposite for Greed (economic domination

  8. I like this weres nice when The game is not crashed to often.