WFTO Wednesday #27: Doctors and Spirits


Hey folks,

The Succubus, having finished toying with you left you on a rack to expire. As your vision blurs you see strange visions of a dark and twisted mire. In the shadows around you eerie figures chant in foreign choir as strange magic whirls in mystic pyre. Their incantation reaches a fever pitch and you awake from the vision upon the selfsame rack where you were moments ago… but not as you once were…

Your spirit has taken form, leaving the broken body of a reckless adventurer to gather flies in this room of torture. As you float cautiously out of the room you come face to face with the creature you saw in the swamp and a twisted look of desire flashes across his eyes — what stands before you is…


Unit Spotlight: The Witch Doctor

For centuries the shamanistic tribes have been ruled by the mysterious Witch Doctor, for he who is chosen by him lives a kind of eternal life. Harnessing the experiences of perished allies and foes the Witch Doctor is capable of channeling them into a new vessel, granting memories, skills, and knowledge between generations. It is rumoured that the first to harness this power still lives on in the current leader of the tribes — if true his knowledge and power are inestimable.


In combat the Witch Doctor will give nearby allies increased experience and heal their wounds. He may also channel his own knowledge into a single ally, granting them greatly increased damage and movement speed in addition to having the power to raise a fallen ally back to life. However, this formidable supporting arsenal comes at a cost of having no offensive capabilities.


  • Foresight (Passive): Friendly units near the Witch Doctor gain experience at an increased rate.
  • Renewing Chant (Active): Heals a friendly unit for a small amount of health. Very short cooldown.
  • Invigorate (Active): Empowers a single friendly unit, greatly increasing its damage and movement speed for a short period of time.
  • Resurgence (Active, Special): Revives a single friendly unit.


Room Spotlight: The Spirit Chamber

In the Spirit Chamber your Witch Doctors are able to enhance their fellow minions, bestowing upon them generations of experience in a few short minutes, quickly increasing their combat level. This process is, however, very costly, and will consume large amounts of gold and mana if used extensively.


There is, however, a way around these costs: When intelligent creatures are tortured to death they release a tortured Spirit that contain the experiences and knowledge of the creature it came from. These spirits can be harnessed by the Witch Doctor to imbue the knowledge and memories of a fallen unit into a new one, speeding up the enchanting process and removing some of the cost involved.


Audio Showcase

Since it’s been quite some time since we’ve shown off any audio, we thought we’d treat you to not one, not two, but four audio showcases. Prepare your ears for awesomeness!




Ember Demon:


And on a final note: The next update is coming very, very soon. See you all next week!


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