WFTO Wednesday #26: The Succubus


Hey folks,

Having narrowly avoided death by decapitation due to dismemberment by cooked, flying pigs you manage to stumble into a darkened corridor, determined to search for the allies who followed you into this dank, despicable dungeon. Avoiding the flickering light of torchlit passages you venture deeper into the depths, pausing occasionally to detect passing threats. In the distance you make out a faint cry, distinctly human, and find yourself daring to venture toward it.

As you come closer the cries of your comrade come clearly, cutting into you. You cut the corner and find yourself in a curious chamber, yet before you can quickly contemplate the room the stench of stale blood assaults you, the cries of your colleague chill you to the core. Steeling yourself, looking up you see the cold, criminal eyes of…


Unit Spotlight: The Succubus

This demonic minion is as cunning as she is alluring, truly a force for any unsuspecting enemy to fight against. A product not quite of demon or human descent, driven by her unquenchable need to deceive her targets into defenselessness and coerce them to her will before torturing them, much like a cat plays with her food, so too is the Succubus unconcerned with a swift, painless death.


While under your control she will spend much of her time plying her unique talents for both torture and coercion to your benefit. If combat comes your way she will be a remarkable boon to your forces, capable of incapacitating any single target and dealing massive amounts of damage to them while they are under her charms.


  • Beguile (Passive): The Succubus’ basic attacks charm the target, making it unable to deal damage or otherwise negatively affect the Succubus. Only one target can be beguiled at any one time, and a target cannot be beguiled more than once every 10 seconds.
  • Consume (Passive): Beguiling a target will consume 10% of its maximum health and transfer it to the Succubus. If the target dies whilst beguiled, the Succubus is healed for the same amount again.
  • Sunder (Passive): The Succubus’ basic attacks deal more damage with every successive hit on a single target.
  • Soul Fracture (Active, Special): The Succubus strikes the target, dealing 25% of its current health as true damage.


Spell: Rally

The power to call your minions to battle is as simple as casting a spell. With Rally you command the power to send your minions deep into enemy territory, or defend a weakened point within your own dungeon. As your minions enter your service they will naturally be compelled to answer this call, and all able to fight will hastily heed your call to battle.


That’s it for this week folks, we’ll see you all back here on your favourite day of the week as you continue your adventure through the depths of what will, one day, be your dungeon.


Until next time Underlord,

- WFTO Team


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  1. I feel the succubus design could be a little more tasteful. Did I say a little? I meant far, far more tasteful. There’s tasteful, and then there’s that. :|

    • amen.

    • Don’t be such a prude, its a succubus for crying out loud… shes supposed to look this way. its the whole point of these creatures to be seductive, they are demons of lust from old mythology lol.

  2. Personally I feel the design is fine. Its a succubus for crying out loud, its not supposed to be PG.

  3. I know everyone’s a critic, and I am sorry, but… What’s with the antlers? Devil horns I could get, but those?

  4. I think she needs hair . Keep the front horns but she needs a head of long black or red hair. Oh and a tail.

  5. Yeh… don’t change a thing! Its perfect… just needs some demonic nipples to really ft the DK style. Good job.

  6. I love the succubus design, good work :-) I just hope its gonna look as awesome ingame as in the artwork

  7. Indeed, much too crass. Put some clothes on the poor girl. Where’s that dominatrix outfit?

    • lol, im sure some one will add it in with a mod, but i personally like her the way she is. Don’t change a thing guys, if people want something different they should mod it when that becomes available.

  8. I hope the narrator makes a remark when ya have allot of them like in DK2 with 9+ misstresses

  9. You guys really need to give her a nice head of hair and a sultry skimpy outfit.If you want to appeal to your fans you HAVE to give her a more human appearance.A succubus is meant to seduce humans,in order to do that she needs to look more human.You can keep some of the horned body features but less is more,lose the shoulder horns,that’s way too much. It needs to be more half human half demon,instead of full-on demon.

    PS: the underworldy nipples are quite ridiculous

    • I think if anything maybe she should have the ability to turn into a beautiful human, but I think her natural form should look as demonic as possible.

  10. This is what i’m talking about. demonic, monster-like creatures.

    Fxxx the other cliché unoriginal creatures.

    this is not supposed to be a fxxxing PG game. we need more violence!!!

    IF you wanna play PG game go play final fantasy or sims.

    We need more of these ORIGINAL, COOL, BADASS creatures.

    change orge, goblin too. they seriously need some change.

    Especially orge.(I mean he supposed to be badass tanker right? he
    rather looks like a clumsy annoying looking creature like salamander in DK2 please change!)

    Anyways, I love this design. good work guys.

    First time impressed with the dungeon creature design.
    ( Empire units are pretty decent compare to most of the wacky dungeon creatures)

  11. Great design! Just needs a tail or something, other it’s the way a succubus should be. Maybe give her a human form too that she stays in when not training/crafting/fighting.

  12. The succubus in World of Warcraft didn’t have much clothes either. And not to mention The elite from a certain class form a certain sequal that we don’t metnion here had just as many clothes haha.I like the design. Maybe a bit of hair to finish the touch, but good either way!

  13. If you’re going to alter this design, at least don’t make it more human. We really do not need any more games that pander to oglers and objectifiers. It’s a pretty harsh design as it is – if I were to be in charge of changes, I’d make it more androgynous and even less human.

    • I completely agree. I don’t mind that she’s not clothed, it agrees with her character, she’s a succubus! She’s supposed to distract and taunt. But making her more human would DEFINITELY take away from that and would be way more objectifying than how she is now portrayed. I quite like her like this.

      • Thanks for this.
        It took us a long time to find the correct *line* drawn with this character, on the one hand she needed to be quickly understood as a “Succubus” in one glance, on the other we were tired of succubi simply being grossly over-proportioned females with more skin than clothes.

        Fortunately, what turned out was (in my mind — as someone strongly against creating a suggestion of objectification) a powerful “female” character who isn’t the “fap fodder” than many seem to be looking for.

        Who knows if I’m right, just thought I’d chime in with my ¢2 on the topic.


  14. I would not bang that. She doesn’t look like a soul-stealing man seducer. She looks like an over the hill hooker with skin condition.

    • Yeah, but what everybody seems to be forgetting is that Succubi don’t get mates by looking awesome. Anybody ever played Dragon Age: Origins? Remember the Templar who a Succubus convinces through magic, that she’s his wife, the bodies are their kids, and he needs to kill you and your party to protect them? Yeah, that’s how they get people; magic.

      The design is great, it looks like a proper demon, and the feminine silhouette makes it immediately identifiable as to what kind of demon it’s supposed to be.

      PS: Fix the Chunder.

      • agreed!

      • They should fix the veiny ass, the man neck, the princess Beatrice head portal and the spiky arm/leg/shoulder plates are way overdone and unoriginal, not to mention out of place. She should look like she can dish out pain and pleasure, not like an aging gladiator.

  15. omg you guys, why didn’t you cater to my particular fetishes? i demand big anime eyes, cat ears, a french maid outfit, make her ginger and make her boobs bigger.

    it looks fine, i think if it was rendered with more realistic proportions people would be more willing to fap/accept.

    only things i would change would be
    1) the feet, give her some kerrigan bio heels.
    2) getting rid of the harsh boob tats might work better since it doesn’t mesh so well with the rest of her all “natural” look

    (imo anyway)

  16. Only prob. i got is no tail on succubus =( but who rly cares looks badass

  17. I thought this is going to be a “dungeons” game, not xxx game…

    • Let me guess – you take offense because of the nudity? All the while happily torturing captured enemies and leaving those in the prison to die from starvation?

  18. Ok guys sorry for the same posts but the page did not show my posts when I hit “submit comment” so I rewrote them and reposted them, hence this huge mess. How can I delete them? I only want the 1st one and the last one to stay.

  19. Are you serious guys? She looks amazingly perfect and unique. I for one do not want to see the same succubus in everygame and this is so much better looking.

  20. I would still prefer the name mistress rather than succubus i know they are one in the same but i personally like mistress more and i do agree with others she needs hair and a little less demonic looking but i think she looks amazing im looking forward to the finished product

  21. When is the new update comming out?

  22. Nice Work guys, the units are looking great :)

  23. Epic Demon and it is nice to have a new twist on things i dont care if it has hair or not or i do i think it wod be wird to se a dragon with hair but in all i like it as it is or, is ther a law that says that demons must have hair take a look on Samael from Darksiders he has no hair and he is stil badas looking. Epic i just say

  24. Perfect! Don’t change a thing!

  25. Is very nice , but im in love with the Succubus of Dragon Age Origin.
    Mod require here!!! lol

  26. She looks too overdesigned IMO. Simplify her design a little.

  27. …. actually, sorry subterranean for saying this.. but I think this skin looks like crap. It’s okey to keep it if you will add more skins to the succubuss when the game is released. I won’t go on a whine rampage here like most people have done on the other creatures, I just hope that the vampire will look cool and not full of to much stuff, remember, keep it simple and plain, nosferatu keep that in your mind. but to get back to this one… what I would like to see changed..

    A) Wings. Black leathery wings, much like this

    B) blue??? eeeh, okay? I would have perfered if she was either reddish or tanned human skin colored.

    C) what’s up with the eeeh sorry for stating it so blunt, multiple horns? How about give her just I don’t know, 2?.

    D) ”
    6:09 pm on July 7, 2013

    She looks too overdesigned IMO. Simplify her design a little.” <—I Agree… break her down and redo her…

    E) Remeber I don't attack you guys personally I'm just a perfectionist who LOVE the this game concept, I'm just tossing my 2 coins into the bucket, if you guys decide to keep her like this will you offer new "real" skins for us who are very perfectionist but don't know how to make their own skins?

    don't take this personally plz.

  28. Umm, wow not sure where to begin. I’m a guy and this design even offends me. Hell why is she naked, naked does not equal sexy and for that matter are you folks even considering that the design might offend women that are interested in playing the game?

    • Ugh, if you’re offended by this it’s because you choose to be. There’s nothing offensive about this character. She’s a demonic creature, she doesn’t need to be clothed.
      And who are you to dictate what equals sexy? It’s a subjective concept.

  29. I agree with the hair thingie. she should get some hair. apart from that she looks epic(ly hot)

  30. Have to agree with the earlier negative comments: this Succubus reminds me waaay too much of 70′s Dungeon and Dragons “fan art” (I was there, done that). Would prefer something more Goth/Leather/Heavy Metal/Black or Innocent/Taylor Swift/Blond with bloodshot red eyes.

    I’m no prude, but naked is overdone. Skimpy clothes are overdone. However if you put her in a flowing semi-transparent full neck dress that hints at what’s underneath as she moves, us guys will stay glued to the screen. Watch some of the Hammer vampire movies where the female vamps run around in sheer nightgowns and you’ll see what I mean.

    On the bright side, the game sounds good :)

  31. …better yet, a young but deathly white, extreemly thin oriental woman in red eyeliner and lipstick. Wearing a simple black, side cut dress that exposes white legs as she walks.

  32. perhaps I was to harsh,… but, I just wanted to ventilate my thoughs, as I’ve seen like the ogre be redone I am panicing and hoping to see someone step in and save the sububus… :( make reserv skins for us who wanna change the succubuss, and keep this one for those who think it’s “kewl”.

    Btw, this makes me all nervous about the Vampire, could you BEFORE you put a hell lot of time into making it.. give us some sketches of HOW you intend to make him???? I for once liked the skin of DK 2 vampire, nosferatu, old classic… etc… PLEASE DONT OVER DO HIM like the succubuss….

  33. Have to say i am also sadly disappointed with this design. While taste may vary but shouldn’t the succubus be somewhat attractive ? If a succubus is the direction to be taken at least make her something that a guy could be allured by. At the very least lose the red pointy things and add hair instead.

    Just my opinion

  34. I think this design looks fine. Sure it isn’t the stereotypical design but then again I don’t thing its supposed to. I like it. Besides its a concept maybe wait for the 3d render before you knock it to badly.

  35. She looks amazing! I don’t want you to change anything on her.

  36. Where is the tail for the succubus? :D

  37. I’m confused. Is the Succubus supposed to be attractive? If she is, then the poor thing needs one Hell of a makeover.