WFTO Wednesday #26: The Succubus


Hey folks,

Having narrowly avoided death by decapitation due to dismemberment by cooked, flying pigs you manage to stumble into a darkened corridor, determined to search for the allies who followed you into this dank, despicable dungeon. Avoiding the flickering light of torchlit passages you venture deeper into the depths, pausing occasionally to detect passing threats. In the distance you make out a faint cry, distinctly human, and find yourself daring to venture toward it.

As you come closer the cries of your comrade come clearly, cutting into you. You cut the corner and find yourself in a curious chamber, yet before you can quickly contemplate the room the stench of stale blood assaults you, the cries of your colleague chill you to the core. Steeling yourself, looking up you see the cold, criminal eyes of…


Unit Spotlight: The Succubus

This demonic minion is as cunning as she is alluring, truly a force for any unsuspecting enemy to fight against. A product not quite of demon or human descent, driven by her unquenchable need to deceive her targets into defenselessness and coerce them to her will before torturing them, much like a cat plays with her food, so too is the Succubus unconcerned with a swift, painless death.


While under your control she will spend much of her time plying her unique talents for both torture and coercion to your benefit. If combat comes your way she will be a remarkable boon to your forces, capable of incapacitating any single target and dealing massive amounts of damage to them while they are under her charms.


  • Beguile (Passive): The Succubus’ basic attacks charm the target, making it unable to deal damage or otherwise negatively affect the Succubus. Only one target can be beguiled at any one time, and a target cannot be beguiled more than once every 10 seconds.
  • Consume (Passive): Beguiling a target will consume 10% of its maximum health and transfer it to the Succubus. If the target dies whilst beguiled, the Succubus is healed for the same amount again.
  • Sunder (Passive): The Succubus’ basic attacks deal more damage with every successive hit on a single target.
  • Soul Fracture (Active, Special): The Succubus strikes the target, dealing 25% of its current health as true damage.


Spell: Rally

The power to call your minions to battle is as simple as casting a spell. With Rally you command the power to send your minions deep into enemy territory, or defend a weakened point within your own dungeon. As your minions enter your service they will naturally be compelled to answer this call, and all able to fight will hastily heed your call to battle.


That’s it for this week folks, we’ll see you all back here on your favourite day of the week as you continue your adventure through the depths of what will, one day, be your dungeon.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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