WFTO Wednesday #25: The Tavern


Hey folks,

You awake in a warm, moist room. It is pitch black except for a small sliver of light to your left. Confused you began crawling toward the light when you hear a piercing squeal echo through the hallway followed by a wet thud…

A massive, wet belch knocks the door in front of you open, spraying you with acrid smelling saliva. Blinking your vision clear you see a monstrous creature with what seems to be a rock on its head carrying a bloody Micro-Piglet by its hind legs down a corridor. After a few moments the smell of sizzling meat seems to wrap its hand around your stomach and lead you into…


The Tavern

Your Intelligent minions are just that, for they recognize that one can not have bacon without fire. Naturally, most of them will eschew the raw form when the cooked product is infinitely tastier. Any good Underlord will create a Tavern to please their Intelligent minions and keep their bellies full of succulent, cooked meat.


Thankfully your Gnarlings have spent so much time cooking the various unsavoury things that they find in the depths that they can turn even the most unappetizing meal into a delicious feast with various harvested mushrooms and lichen. When tasked with cooking Micro-Piglets they are sure to create a meal that your creatures will wage wars to protect.


A particularly eloquent Chunder once said, “Fight good for working appetite.” The same Chunder also pioneered an entirely new meat-delivery system… he calls it the Spit-Roast which, however lacking in poetry, certainly makes meals more interesting when it misfires and knocks an unsuspecting Bafu unconscious.



A few of us (and some of our Underworld Council) headed over to Rezzed this past weekend. We hear that all in all it was a wonderful experience meeting Simburgur’s cat (no thoughts were offered when asked how meeting Simburgur was).


As you may have noticed there are some spiffy threads in that picture, we had them printed up for the team to wear at a particular expo that happens in September and found that we have a few extra…


T-Shirt Contest

Underlord Sammy is holding a contest to win one of these wonderful T-Shirts seen above. Head on over to this thread for more details!


That’s all for this week, we look forward to seeing all of your contest entries!


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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