WFTO Wednesday #24: The Templar & The Priestess


Hey folks,

Today we’re going to sneak a peek at the upcoming Bedrock Beta update and discuss two of the most common Empire units: The Templar and The Priestess.


Unit Spotlight: The Templar

The sound of ten thousand feet stomping in unison is the herald the army of the Overworld — at its front one can see rank upon rank of the stalwart Templar.

Any boy at the age of 16 can choose to enlist in the Templar Academy, training is split between two years in drills and weapons followed by another two with a member of the Church, during the latter those gifted with “the light” learn to harness its power. Upon completion of training they are placed within the Empire army and those fortunate enough to be blessed by Kira are given the esteemed position of Templar.


In the campaign the Templar’s shield and tabard will bear the sigil of whichever lord he is aligned with.

While they are not particularly fearsome on their own, their seemingly endless ranks will crash upon their opponents in ceaseless waves — overwhelming the opposing forces in their fierce devotion to both the protection of their loved ones and the Empire.

In combat the Templar will stand against even the most fearsome opponent if commanded to by his captain. Their ability to call upon Kira to strike enemies with bursts of holy light in addition to removing unholy energies from himself make the Templar a powerful fighter in skirmishes and large-scale battles.


  • Stalwart (Passive): When the Templar would be otherwise be knocked out he remains alive and able to fight for a short period of time before falling.
  • Holy Strike (Active): The Templar strikes the target enemy after a short prayer, dealing additional holy damage.
  • Purify (Active): The Templar removes debuffs from himself and regenerates a portion of his total health over a short period of time.
  • Absolution (Active, Special): The Templar charges his weapon with divine energy, dealing a large amount of holy damage to the target enemy.


Unit Spotlight: The Priestess

We revealed the Priestess in a WFTO Wednesday a long time ago. Today we’ll round out what was initially a sketch and some background information with her abilities and finished character model since she’ll be joining the Bedrock Beta soon.



  • Vow of Silence (Passive): The Priestess is immune to silence effects.
  • Blessing (Passive): The Priestess heals all nearby allied units for a small amount every time she uses an active ability.
  • Smite (Active): The Priestess calls down a crushing blow from the heavens, dealing Light damage to target enemy unit.
  • Pacify (Active): The Priestess pacifies a single enemy unit, blinding and silencing them for a short period of time.
  • Intervention (Active, Special): The Priestess revives an allied unit.


Sneak Peek: Bedrock Beta v0.1.2: Fog of War

This upcoming update will be focusing on an overhaul to the existing Fog of War system and many behind-the-scenes changes as we prepare the game for future systems and content. This means that content-wise the update is quite sparse, but it will be paving the way for many exciting things in the coming months.


That’s it for this week, we’ll see you all back here next week for another wonderful WFTO Wednesday.


Until next time Underlord,

- WFTO Team


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p.s. James is under the weather and wishes to excuse his poor management of words this week.

  1. Awesome news.. Hope the updates gets more frequent.. And hope you well James..

  2. In regards to the priestess, is she technically a healer, support or warrior? Her passive healing ability seems to require an active power to function. However its more of an attack and is the third power in, could be restricted until a higher level. That could render her pretty useless until later levels no?

    But I’m sure you have a plan for her.

  3. Please repair the broken pathfinding that probably terribly slows the game after playing for 5 mins like reported on forum… also would be nice to finally add the noises of imps etc if you have fixed the crashing

  4. I don’t think Subterranean Games knows what a Beta is, Bedrock ‘Beta’ is much more of an alpha..

    • They do but keep the name because it’s a fun alliteration. We could rename it, though. How about ‘Arsenous Alpha’ ?.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Calling it the “Bedrock Beta” predated our knowledge of (and acceptance into) Steam Early Access. During our Kickstarter we promised fans access to a “Bedrock Beta” once a “Beta” was available.

      Then, a few months later we had been Greenlit to the top 10 and were asked if we would be interested in selling our game via Steam Early Access.

      Because the vast majority of our fans were all Kickstarter (or PayPal) backers/supporters we simply called our release on Steam Early Access “War for the Overworld / Bedrock Beta”

      In hindsight, it wasn’t the best way to go about things, but changing it now would cause even more confusion.

      For a more detailed explanation please head to the thread below.

      If you have any concerns or questions feel free to drop us a line!


  5. Heh, I like design and feel of “good” units way more than dungeon creatures. Will they be a playable faction?

    • War for the Overworld will not, initially, have a playable Empire faction — the game is designed and will be tuned to be fun to play *against* the Empire faction. Playing *as* them would not be fun.

      That said, we’ve heard a lot of requests for this and will consider it once the base game is complete.



  6. Well I still hope they will be able to be converted to your cause.
    Though in that case it would be neat if they grew darker/more evil over time.

  7. Is it just me or this skills are way too exaggerated for an strategy game? Where’s the fireball, the heal, etc? Keep it simple, please.

  8. The Templar shield position is TERRIBLE! Doesn’t matter, that fantasy. It is necessary to head in a perpendicular position onto a hand. Correct it please!

    European stile:

    Viking stile: