WFTO Wednesday #23: The Beast Pen


Hey folks,

Today we have several beastial things to talk about: The Beast Pen, the Bafu, and the Oculus. Let’s jump right in!


The Beast Pen

Beast Pen

This fetid room will open a gateway to the deeper parts of the Underworld where the vicious Skarg and Oculus roam — allowing them to enter your dungeon and sleep within the cozy walls of the Beast Pen. Bent to your will, these minions will leave your halls to sink their teeth and claws into the exposed flesh of your enemies.



Unit Spotlight: The Bafu

The wicked Bafu is a creature of unimaginable horror the hails from a dark and evil place. Within the unlit depths that it calls home it has learned to hunt without eyes, and uses sound to pinpoint its victim’s location before impaling them with a vicious spines launched from its tail. While under your command the Bafu will gladly drag unconscious enemies to your own Prison, ready for you to do with them as you will.



  • Jailer (Active): The Bafu grabs unconscious units or enemy workers and returns them to your jail.
  • Screech (Active): The Bafu lets out a deafening screech, slowing all enemy units in a wide cone.
  • Volley (Active): Fires a volley of barbs in a cone


Oculus Visual Update

A few months ago (thought it feels much longer) many of you expressed concern over the design of the Oculus — so we took it a few steps back and looked it over, redesigning and rearranging several eyes and appendages. Let us know what you think of the new design!



Tea and Biscuits

On a slightly-less-bestial note, the wonderfully cynical Totalbiscuit recently covered the Bedrock Beta in a brand new video!

That’s it for this week folks, be sure to join us next Wednesday for a sneak peek at the next Bedrock Beta update!


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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