WFTO Wednesday #22: The Bard


Hey folks,

It’s been a spell (and some rituals) since we had a good old fashioned unit spotlight, so today we’ll be revealing the Bard and sharing some visual updates for both the Augre and Chunder.


Unit Spotlight: The Bard

The Bard wanders from tavern to town hall, regaling equally the true histories of the realm, and the fantastic stories that are so often taken as fact to raise the spirits of those around them, while filling the Bard’s own purse with gold.

When they aren’t busy guzzling free wine the Bard travels across the land, but as any lone traveler knows the roads between cities are full of vagrants and thieves… fortunately the Bard is a master of Lute-fu, and will use the cunningly concealed blade attached to his Lute to dissuade any would-be thief from hindering his passage.


In battle the Bard is a stoic ally who will empower those nearby with rousing songs of conflict and war. Treat him carefully and silence his song for good, or you may find that the next song he sings will be of your own demise.


  • Entertainer (Passive): The Bard is able to fulfill the entertainment need of any unit, regardless of their tastes, allowing them to continue working without distraction.
  • A Song of Ice (Passive): The Bard is constantly playing an inspiring melody, increasing the damage dealt by nearby friendly units.
  • A Song of Fire (Active): When the Bard plays this inspiring epic nearby units will enjoy increased movement speed for a period of time.
  • Lute-Fu (Active, Special): The Bard enters a state of intense concentration that allows him to dodge all physical attacks whilst wielding his Lute as a weapon, dealing significantly increased damage.


Chunder & Augre Visual Updates

Thanks to your wonderful feedback we’ve taken a second pass at both the Chunder & Augre to make them feel (and look) more at home in your Dungeon. Let us know what you think of their updated visuals!




Livestream Recap

If you missed our livestream last week, you can watch a recording of it here or read the transcript compiled by the terrible Noontide here!

If you’ve missed out on any of our previous livestreams, you can find a full archive of the recording and transcripts in Noontide’s appropriately named thread The Archive on our forums.


An unrelated, semi-musical note

One of the more loudmouthed bards suggested we play a song for you. Unfortunately for him we had already sent his Lute to the Foundry and, shortly thereafter silenced him for good. However a Cultist did manage to steal from him a book that contained a series of songs and he suggested we share it with you Underlords

The current local favourite is a song detailing the events before your current reign, perhaps there was once an Underlord who rivaled (or even exceeded) your own power.

Kira the Pure
Came to our land so long ago
an ancient travesty
A creature neither flesh nor bone
but wicked as can be

He filled the ground beneath our homes
With horrors none should see
Then sent them up from his ‘combs
Conquered, we would be

Yet in the dark and endless night
When all our hopes had waned
A light came, both pure and bright
T’was Kira, pure and true

That’s it for this week, we’ll see you all next Wednesday!


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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