WFTO Wednesday #20: The Vein of Wrath


Hey folks,

Two weeks ago we shed some light on Sloth and, in a vein similar to The Empire Strikes Back we’d like to make a sequel to our initial post and venture into the violent vein of Wrath in this week’s WFTO Wednesday.

A quick aside: If you backed us and are having difficulty finding your WFTO Steam key please post in this thread and we’ll get you all sorted.


The Veins of Evil (Part II)

Whilst the laggards of Sloth slowly struggle to finish this sentence, the swift and aggressive Underlords (yourself included) will be halfway to their Dungeon with a pack of vicious beasts to tear their minion’s hearts out.

Please note that this is not the entire contents of the Vein of Wrath, many Aspects are yet to be revealed!



Bedrock Beta v0.1.1 “Parmesan Cheese”

For our next update we’ll be adding the map Parmesan Cheese where you will battle against the dimwit Steve, a particularly unintelligent Underlord. We’ve also redesigned Goodly Conflict from the (under)ground up and improved upon the Sandbox map to make it more sandbox-friendly.

We’ll also add in two new features: you’ll be able to pick up (and drop) units in addition to having the ability to slap them. Alongside these changes and additions we’ve fixed a few of the more irksome bugs and added a few hotkeys, including one to jump back to your Dungeon Core.

We hope to have this update live by the end of next week, but as you know this may slip by a few days!


Livestream Next Wednesday (May 29th @ 8:00PM UTC)

We’ll be hosting another livestream next Wednesday after we reveal the third and final Vein. Make sure to join us on our Twitch channel next week to ask any questions you may have.

Next week we’ll cover the gluttonous vein of Greed, a specialization with is focused upon late game tactics that overwhelm their opponents with powerful (and expensive) units, spells, and rituals.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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