WFTO Wednesday #18: The Vein of Sloth


Hey folks,

Sorry for the delay this week! We ran into some minor issues getting the forum titles working. Anyway, there’s too much awesome to talk about today, so let’s jump right in.

The Veins of Evil

In your quest for domination it looks like many of you will be napping, or at least moving slowly as Sloth was most requested to be tackled first in the first of our trilogy of updates on the Veins of Evil.

Over the next two weeks we will continue to discuss additional mechanics involved with the Veins of Evil — next week we’ll focus on the destructive Wrath*, followed by the rounding out of our trifecta of malevolence in the final week when we expound upon the wonders of Greed.

*We realize Greed was actually in second place with 1 vote ahead of Wrath, but the nature of the Veins means it makes more sense for us to reveal them in this order.

Basic Veins of Evil Mechanics

  • Sins are used to unlock Aspects within the Veins of Evil, which can come in the form of Rooms, Defenses, Spells, Rituals, Potions or Upgrades. A player will start with three (3) Sins and will passively receive more over time at an ever-decreasing rate. A player can increase their rate of unlocking Sins by having his units research in an Archive.
  • The Veins of Evil have a common entry point: The Roots (detailed below). One of three rooms must be chosen within The Roots before moving on to unlock Aspects within Sloth, Greed, or Wrath.
  • Each Vein has two core rooms. These core rooms can be upgraded as a player progresses through the Vein, providing additional functionality to all instances of that room at no additional gold cost.
  • Rituals are extremely powerful, non-location-specific spells that are accessed by having your Cultists work in a Sanctuary. Rituals will require a significant investment of time, mana, gold, sacrifice(s), and/or other items. You may only have your minions prepare a single Ritual at any one time, and once ready it can be held until you wish to use it. You will be unable to begin work on a new ritual until the previous one has been cast.
  • Potions are a new mechanic that we will discuss in the next update.



Please note that this is not the entire contents of the Vein of Sloth, many Aspects are missing!


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Livestream Next Wednesday (May 15th @ 8:00PM UTC)

We’ll be hosting a livestream next week at to field questions about the Veins of Evil and discuss other various aspects of War for the Overworld. Be sure to tune in to our Twitch channel after WFTO Wednesday next week!


That’s it for this week, we’ll see the more aggressive of you folks back here next week for our foray into the raging tree of Wrath.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. I paid with paypal for the kickstarter so it says
    ‘Your Kickstarter email could not be confirmed.’

  2. Sweeeeet 😀 can’t wait to hear about the others!

  3. If i clich the email link it only says:

    “Subterranean Games – Error
    A server error occurred. Please try again later.”


  4. Start the damm Beta before I piss myself

    • I’d rather let them take all the time they want to make it the best they can before even putting out a beta. Delays have almost always helped a game in quality.

  5. *wipes drool off keyboard*

    This is looking awesome!

  6. Any word when the Steam Early Access version will be available?
    Will this be May or June?

  7. OMg this looks great.. I love how diverse and how many options there are only for the sloth.. and that’s not all can’t believe it great job! Also the descriptions are lovely.. and devious 🙂
    I especially love the option to transform your cultist into powerful Archon, Reaper etc. hope that will stay in the game! Love to have powerful creatures

  8. this is great update, so i can play every mission few times always with different settings…. i mean sins

  9. Not sure the Workshop fits the sin of Sloth, getting off your ass and building stuff seems like the opposite of Sloth. I think it would be more fitting for Greed, though.

    • Sloth is defensive and the workshop will allow Sloth to produce traps and doors, both for defending the dungeon.

    • I entirely agree. If sleeping quarters are in, perhaps it would tie better with sloth.

    • Yeah I kinda thought the same, it looks interesting so far though.

      • I think in a way Workshop works in sloth. While it does make your blacksmith work hard, every other monster can be lazy. Imagine a dungeon fortified with traps to the point in which its Underlord and Minions just dont do anything because nobody can get in anyway.

    • Rather than thinking of the veins as Sins that have had research trees based on them, and they are really just an offensive tree, a defensive tree and a 3rd balanced economy based tree, which were then named after sins. Sloth fit best to the Defensive tree and here we are.

  10. all looks verry cool. i am so happy i could jump 1000 feet !
    i love you guys for making this awesome game.
    i am dungeon keeper fan of 1 and 2 and i must say that i love the make over you give to the creatures. they look more new but stil faithfull. unlike that dungeon keeper mmo.
    i hope ther is stil a king hero like in the end of dk2.

  11. Love it! I love the way you are thinking and how you are forming the game. I especially love the icons! And please make latin voices when clicking on spells, it made the atmosphere in DK 1 livley..and evil!! >)

  12. is this something thats exists or something that coming?