WFTO Wednesday #17


Hey folks,

This week the news will be fairly short on the text front (you’ll see why). We’ve got a bunch of eye candy for you and are pleased to announce that we’ve solved the largest of the problems and are just shoring up the walls and activating the Gateway that will let you all dive headlong into the Bedrock Beta.


A Quick Peek

Here’s some teaser images of our current build — which is very close to the build that you’ll all download when the Bedrock Beta goes live. We’re busy fixing the more heinous bugs and various other bits and bobs that need to be in place before we can go live.






The Veins of Evil

Next week we’re going to start our three-week feature on the Veins of Evil where we’ll take an in-depth look at the veins of Sloth, Greed, and Wrath. Tell us which of the three you want us to cover first by voting in this poll on our forums!

That’s it for this week, we’ll see you on the best day of the week, next week, for another sensational WFTO Wednesday.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. Is it going be open beta? Or can support the game n be in the beta I just heard about this dungeon keeper remake of sorts so I’m a bit late sadly

    • War For The Overworld Bedrock Beta will be released on Steam early access and other platforms for everyone to enjoy. You are not too late so don’t worry.

      • Completely identical situation to XSniperFoxXz.

        I have been playing a lot of Dungeon Keeper II to practise and understand how the games work. I really regret not knowing at all about the Kickstarter campaign (until it was too late) and I look forward to the Bedrock Beta. You guys really make my Wednesdays exciting!

  2. Everything… EVERYTHING… is brown. I hope you’ll work on distinguishing tiles from eachother in future updates, because right now everything blends together and makes it hard to distinguish what is what, which is pretty damn important in a real time strategy game (or any game at all really).

    Looking forward to the beta though, will be interesting to see how your spin on the genre folds out.

    • I concur.
      In addition the atmosphere seems wrong – I think it is because of the lighting, everything seems like it’s lit from above with pale neon white so it looks too cold and clean, unlike in DK1 where everything’s warm and dark and has no straight walls in sight.

      • Lighting is broken right now – currently, the mythical Undersun is lighting the world until we add real lighting.

        • Yes, it reminds me of Fallout’s GECK SDK (or Skyrim’s Creation Kit) when you turn off the lighting. It’s certainly interesting to see the game without lighting and I found it helps with editing, but it’s also very monotonous to the eye.

          I hope the next few sets of screenshots can get dynamic lighting fixed, like in the tech demo. The tech demo is gorgeous!

  3. hey could you guys add some option to take advantage of 64bit systems
    with 20bg of ram ect. cause alot of gamers have custom rigs with ram to burn like me! course i could just create a virtual ram disk and stick the game on it too…. decisions decisions….

    im guessing that you have lighting and shaders that will correct the clean look and make the dungeon nice and icky and grimy and blood smeared.

    i also was hoping to see statues crying blood somewhere in the necro pit since the place is home to demons.

    • This game runs on unity and unity supports 64-bit so it would only require 2 extra clicks

  4. also if the lair doesn’t have beds atleast make it stand out more and replace the used tiles with the bed tiles …. and wheres the rug!!!

  5. I dont like the beds very much. I would LOVE to see some special lairtiles for each creature in our dungeons. This was one of the most atmospheric details in DK to me.

    But without this negetive point:
    I’m very impressed how this example dungeon looks! It doesn’t needs much fantasy to see this with corrected lighting and some fogs! :3

    • Functionality for this is in, we just haven’t gotten around to making them yet 🙂

  6. love the look, cant wait for the effects to go in..
    the rooms look a bit to stiff.. maybe the items that will be placed on the tiles can spawn in any 360 angle

  7. I agree the rooms look a too cool and bright not warm and dark. Also too ordered everything is perfect. A dungeon shouldnt be perfect.

    As for my vote Greed is the the unholy trinty i want to know more about

  8. Soooo Happy To See That This Game Is At Last Making It. Sadly Only Found Out 2 Mins Ago Which Was Too Late For The Kick-starter. Are Donations Still Needed ? I Agree With Everyone About The Looks Of The Game (Lighting/Beds/Walls) However Not too bothered as long as game play Remains Close To Originals 😀

  9. Where can I purchase the game?! I still have my old copy of Dungeon Keeper 2, that was just an amazing game.

    • I guess on steam when its released 😉

  10. Ty so much for doing this. DK 2 is so amazing, it would be enough to just upgrade the graphics and add a longer campaign. Cant wait for this to go live, hope as much as possible of the iconic charm of dk2 is crammed in here. Its Good to be Bad.. My plan was to get rich and fund this myself, I can slack now!

  11. Heey,. I really LOVE you guys for doing this,. I played DK1 and 2 over and over! I must say that i liked the gameplay of DK1 better, idk why.. anyways,. the EA studios are fools for letting this game down,. im sure they could make alot of money out of this game,. now you guys well make this moneys 😉 hehe

    PS are you gonna place the infinte money veins in game too? can spent some big time in some lvls and make a beautifull dungeon and drive your creaturs to the max and stuff like that,. I always liked that kinda lvls!

    keep up the good work!

    Greetz Hnz

  12. When will be next update ? its wensday…

    • I dont want to be rude, this game look awesome, but i cannot wait for next update