WFTO Wednesday #15


Hey folks,

Where there’s Chunder — there’s lightning. At least, that’s what the Cultists keep telling us. Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell if there’s lightning when there’s thousands of tons of dirt and rock between you and the sky but our best Minionologist suspects that the Chunder will be active throughout Wednesday and dissipate by around the witching hour Thursday morning.

Unit Spotlight: The Chunder

This grotesque bag of gas will Chunder into any dungeon well stocked with delicious bacon, though it is just as happy to eat from the troughs in the Slaughterpen. Truthfully, not much is known about the Chunder, but your enemies will soon learn to run, noses pinched shut, from its various vile gases once this minion enters the battlefield.


The Chunder works willingly in the Foundry as its head is equally well suited as both weapon and tool. It seems impervious to concussion and will fight on the front lines, head (and hammer) held high to protect your weaker minions from harm.

  • Headbutt (Passive): The Chunder’s basic attacks stun the target for a short period.
  • Chunderbomb (Active): The Chunder launches himself at an enemy unit with the some powerful flatulence, stunning and damaging them on impact.
  • Chunder Thunder (Active): The Chunder lets out a vile belch, dealing poison damage and reducing the damage output of nearby enemies.
  • Chunderlings (Active): The Chunder spits out two small Chunderlings, which will distract nearby enemy units until they are killed, at which point they explode in a shower of venomous bile, dealing poison damage and slowing the movement speed affected enemies.
  • Chunderstorm (Active): The Chunder flatulates with tempestuous force, covering a large area in a toxic mist which deals poison damage and intermittently silences and blinds enemy units as they try to hold on to their lunch.

Design Updates

As we progress through development some things will be changed, updated and renamed. Every few weeks we will include a ‘Design Updates’ section in WFTO Wednseday, detailing some of these changes. The first group focuses around moving away from ‘Blood’ as the primary theme for all underlords, allowing us to give each Underlord their own unique flavour (but don’t worry, there will still be a Blood-focused Underlord!).

  • Dungeon Heart is now the Nexus: We are renaming the Dungeon Heart to the Nexus. The one main reason for this is because when we were designing Underlords, we came to the conclusion that we didn’t want to be constrained to the heart/blood theme, and instead wanted to create far more varied and interested characters. As such, the official/technical name for the Dungeon Heart is now the Nexus, but some Nexus’ will still be Hearts. Mechanically they will remain exactly the same.
  • Blood is now Mana (again): To go with the above change, Blood is now Mana, as it is a more all-encompassing term that we can use for more varied characters. Mechanically it will remain exactly the same and should make tooltips far clearer as you mix & match themes within the campaign & multiplayer.
  • Blood Mage is no more: The previously mentioned Blood Mage has been scrapped, sacrificed to the dark Gods in order to create something darker and more powerful than you could possibly imagine. We will have more details on the replacement soon, but it’s safe to say that this is definitely a trade up.
  • Bloodlings are now neutral units: The Bloodling has been moved into being a Neutral Unit instead of an Underlord unit. This was done as the passive it had (providing mana when tortured) did not fit with where the Bloodling sat in the Underlord’s arsenal. Instead of redesigning it completely we made a few minor tweaks and repurposed him as a Neutral unit. This new role allows him to be strategically placed on maps by map designers where they feel the unique mechanic the Bloodling has will improve gameplay on that specific map.

Death Inc. Is Alive! (but still all about death)

We talked about wonderfully morbid Death Inc. during their Kickstarter and they recently released an alpha version of their game on their website with a brand new crowdfunding campaign!

For only $10 you can get get your your very own copy of the game where your primary goal is to kill peasants and goodly folk with the Bubonic Plague. You owe it to yourself to check out the alpha over on their website! (They were also Greenlit as we were writing this post!)

Livestream Recap

Two weeks ago we did a livestream, but we forgot to include the recap last week so here’s a link to the transcript and vod.

Hopefully you found this week’s news as Chunderful as we did, we’ll see you back next week. If you’re topside make sure not to stand in any open fields.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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