WFTO Wednesday #14


Hey folks,

Today we’re going to reveal a decidedly incendiary way for offensive players to use their mana via the Ember Demon and a particularly vile “hero” that will attempt to route you from the Overworld. Grab a fire extinguisher and continue bravely to experience this week’s WFTO Wednesday.


Unit Spotlight: The Ember Demon

Recently a few of your more ingenious Augres and Cultists were able to create a portal to another realm, what came through was a fiery fiend that they lovingly call the Ember Demon. Each of these Ember Rifts seems capable of tethering a single Ember Demon to this realm, however these portals require a small, constant tithe of mana to be sustained.

This beast seems to be a physical manifestation of the torrid heat of whatever realm it came from, but, thankfully it seems to owe you some allegiance… either that or it simply wants to watch the (Under)world burn and finds that the heroes who oppose you tend to be more flammable than your own followers.


Whatever the case, the Ember Demon will engage your enemies in battle and leave them all crisped husks inside molten suits of armour. When extinguished, it seems that the Ember Demon will reignite itself from Ember Rift where it was created, and will continue doing so until the Rift is destroyed. Due to this unique trait, they seem quite content at bombing headfirst into hordes of enemy units with little regard for their own safety. Flame on, Underlord.

  • Consuming Flame (Passive): Ember Demons are beings of pure flame, and as such, instead of taking damage from fire attacks and lava they are healed for 50% of the amount of damage a normal unit would receive.
  • Ember Spirit (Passive): Upon death, the Ember Demon violently explodes, damaging all nearby enemy units. After about a minute, the Ember Demon will revive at its Ember Rift. If the Ember Rift is destroyed at any time, the Ember Demon will instantly die.
  • Flare (Active): The Ember Demon launches himself at an enemy unit, damaging them and all nearby enemy units upon landing.
  • Firecracker (Active): The Ember Demon lets out a quick burst of flame, stunning all nearby enemy units for a very short period of time.


Unit Spotlight: The Inquisitor

Ah, the Inquisitor, a “goodly hero” after our own blackened heart. These heroes have no qualms about torturing those they believe to harbor sympathies for our side. Protected by righteous law the Inquisitor has wreaked havoc across the Overworld as they burn heretic and believer alike in their quest for purity.


In battle the Inquisitor will often choose a single target for judgement, a wise Underlord will either take them out swiftly or avoid them entirely until their weaker opponents have been neutralized.


  • Retribution (Passive): If the Inquisitor is struck with a magical ability, the source is silenced for a short period of time.
  • Consecrate (Passive): The Inquisitor removes enemy Area of Influence in a small radius.
  • Inquisition (Active): Chains an enemy unit to the floor for a few seconds, immobilizing them and causing them to take additional damage from all sources.
  • Purge (Active): Removes all buffs from a single enemy unit and removes all debuffs from the Inquisitor.
  • Judgement (Active): Scorns an enemy unit, causing all damage the unit deals out to also be dealt to itself.


Responding to Concerns Regarding Steam, DRM and DLC

We heard your concerns over last week’s announcement regarding the Bedrock Beta & the usage of Steam loud and clear, and took some time to post a response and start a dialogue regarding these topics over on our forums.

We hope we didn’t cause too serious a burn or lashing in this week’s news, if we did our minions suggest a salve of equal parts Elf blood and Dwarf brain to soothe your wounds.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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