WFTO Wednesday #13


Hey folks,

We’re still cleaning glitter and blood out of our dungeon but we learned three valuable lessons from Monday’s ordeal: bloody glitter is a surefire way to attract an Oculus to your dungeon; glitter is not edible; Gnarlings don’t care that glitter is inedible.

Anyway, we’re all cleaned up (thanks to a particularly hungry [now dead] Gnarling) — let’s get into this week’s good news shall we?


Steam Early Access & Rewards Update

When Steam announced their Early Access program it seemed like it was tailored to be exactly what and how we wanted to move forward with War for the Overworld & our Bedrock Beta. There was only one minor problem: There was a group of backers that pledged for just the game without the beta, but the beta was going to be available on Steam for new buyers. So we’ve decided to make a few changes:

  • Tier 2 backers (who pledged for just the final game) will now be getting access to the beta when it is available to pre-purchase customers on Steam.
  • Tier 3 and above backers (who pledged for the beta) will be getting access to the beta a week before it is available for purchase on Steam, and will also be getting a free upgrade to the Underlord Edition edition of the game (details below).
  • Founders Club backers (Tier 8 and above) will be gaining an additional bonus: A lifetime 15% discount on all DLC for War for the Overworld.


The Underlord Edition & The Sovereign Theme

As mentioned above, today we are announcing the Underlord Edition of the game, which will be a digital special edition of the game available via Steam. It will include, among other to-be-announced goodies, the fantastically awesome Sovereign dungeon theme.

Here’s a teaser from the theme’s concept art:



Also as mentioned above, everyone who has pledged Tier 3 and above will be getting a free upgrade to the Underlord Edition. Tier 2 backers will be able to purchase an upgrade to the Underlord Edition on Steam separately.


Final Pre-Bedrock Beta Livestream Tonight At 10:00PM BST!

We’ll be doing our final Pre-Bedrock Beta livestream tonight, this is your last chance to ask any final questions you may have before we begin our fortnightly Beta streams. We’ll also talk about Steam Early Access and we have one nice little surprise in store for those that tune in to our page!


Until next time Underlord,

- WFTO Team


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  1. Sweeeeet.

  2. nice nice :) normally dont like dlc (its really bad buisness practice) but i wouldn’t mind too much if it was just improving the game as we go along, so badly want this to be a huge success which can bring the awesome feel of dk1 back :D

  3. i don’t mind having dlc since we didn’t reach all the kickstarter flex goals i figure its worth having the option to pay for them. but i would like to see a bit more demonic humor in the actual game even if there is no democorn doesn’t mean we can’t have monsters rambling insanely…

  4. Finally the announcement i have been waiting for :)

    I do hope you guys will answer the question when this title is gonna be available on Steam ( do you have a date already? )

    Also a question for the livestream:
    Does WFTO gonna have some RPG elements in it? Like Diablo so you can find artifacts of demonic nature which the boss can wear or use to give you small of big ( depending on the rareness of the artifact ) bonuses to your population or gold mining or whatever :)

    • There will be shrines which can boost your stats like blood regeneration, infinte gold, etc.

    • Did they offer an answer to when the beta will be available to play?

  5. 15 % off dlc + a dungeon theeme ? I like this even I am not a dlc fan ;D

  6. very nice updates guys! and a great job too! I was wondering though … what will happen with the add-ons purchased by people? i haven’t heard anything about them yet, nor have i seen a survey to determine who bought what .. any status updates on that?

  7. To be honest i got mad when i read dlc. I really thought you guys would be different and not have dlc that would cost. If i had known about this i would never had donated to get beta+game in the first place.

    All dlc that cost money can go to hell.

    • You do realize that they didn’t meet the kickstarter goal? Thats why they’re going for DLC packs to get PAID for making this game, you know, people actually need money? Since this is a new company DLC’s packs are perfectly reasonable considering they aren’t EA games or Blizzard, this is their first project/game, so if you like the game you buy DLC’s, I mean I don’t mind buying DLC’s for a game that I love, support Subterranean and buy the DLCs ;)

  8. I feel download content is optional. If you like the game, and want more. But the DLC. If you are happy with the game as is, or actually don’t like the game, then don’t buy.
    Exception, dragon age. I hated the constant feel of advertising, to buy DLC.
    I LOVE the idea that this game has a way to get bigger and improve. Not that everything they couldn’t fund in the begining is lost. Or will have to wait for a WFTO sequal. I will buy every DLC they make for this game.

  9. I just heard about WFTO. I wouldn’t mind donating, but at this point I’m not sure if there are any “perks” to that. I’ll definitely be looking forward to buying it when it comes out though!

    • The backer part of the project closed on March 15th. I believe that beta access will be offered through steam when it releases. So watch for that.

  10. I just can’t wait :)