WFTO Wednesday #126: Continue Testing


Continue Testing

Hey folks,

As you probably already know we launched our Public Test Branch last week and the response has been fantastic, while we’ve done our best to ensure that the patch was as bug free as possible you’ve still found plenty for us to work on.

Each time a bug is reported it puts is that much closer to providing a completely polished patch for you all, so we can only thank those select few who have dedicated time to try out the 1.1 beta patch!

This week we’ve got some more news on the PTB and another upcoming patch headed there!

Patch 1.1 PTB v8(or later) due soon

We’ll soon be pushing a new update to the Public Test Branch, as soon as we’ve verified that some of the issues we’ve found during internal testing have been fixed. v8 will represent a significant step up from the current PTB Patch.

PTBv8 will include fixes for the majority of major remaining identified issues within the patch including:

  • Second player on teams not owning a Dungeon
  • Players sometimes sharing Dungeon Cores with AIs or other players when switching positions
  • Fixed Win conditions in Skirmish & Multiplayer games where you’re on a team with allies
  • Fixed win conditions on several of the newer maps
  • Several issues with Rally flags when placed on objects
  • Another attempt at fixing the “Too many threads” crash that some users experience

That and so much more in PTB v8, you can read the full patch notes as they’re updated in the PTB Patch Notes!

Patch 1.1: More maps!

A few weeks ago we highlighted some of the new maps coming in Patch 1.1, since then there’s been an additional 5 maps added into the Public Test Branch. That’s 2 additional 2 player maps, a second 3 player map and a couple more 4 player maps!


You can view all of these maps in the same Imgur album alongside a short description of what’s in them!

That about covers our update this week Underlords, keep your eyes peeled for Patch 1.1v8 on the PTB and for more news on when patch

Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. Hey, I just finished the 13th level. I was told that the boss was going back to my home dungeon and I was to go stop him and it sent me to my dungeon and nothing happened. Is the next part not out yet or is this a glitch?

  2. Greetings devs!

    Nice job so far guys! I truly think this is going to be a gem when the official 1.1 patch comes out… Tough i was a little concerned when i played the campaign today after a long break.
    After the initial release i waited the dust to settle and now that i found that there was a patch published alongside with the PTB-thing i gave the game another go. With the first build i only played to level 3 because i noticed some irritating bugs, so i decided not to play further until a significant patch would fix most of them. However, today i played up to level 3 again and found that there are still some nasty bugs that definately affects the hole gameplay experience. Those were the common bugs that people write about now and then, for example units not “obeying” the rally flag and sometimes dont react to close-by enemies. The general behaviour of your allies is still a bit clunky

    I see a lot of hype around multiplayer and skirmish updates, and while they are also important i think the campaign plays an integral part of the dk-style experience. I wanted know if youre going to review the campaign part of the game before the final release?

    …Also about the aesthetics of the game is there going to be any visual updates in the future?Especially the campaign world map(its rather static and rather dull). The characters and gold should also have some animations when dragging and dropping them. Other than that its looking pretty good!

  3. So… when?