WFTO Wednesday #123: Balancing Act


Balancing Act

Hey folks,

We’ve been listening to your resounding voice, the desire to bring destruction to your rivals in patch 1.1 is growing and your slavering has quite frankly made the floor rather slippery. With that in mind this week we’ll be announcing the upcoming patch 1.1 Public Test Branch as well as more changes coming in 1.1!

So chin up Underlord, wipe the saliva off and get ready for more info on patch 1.1!


Patch 1.1 and Public Testing

We’ll be uploading Patch 1.1 to a public test branch towards the end of the month, this will give you the opportunity to playtest the patch before it comes out. It also gives us the chance to have some additional willing participants testing the game and hopefully rooting out any issues we’ve missed during our internal tests.

When the PTB is made live you will be able to opt in to the public test from your steam account, you’ll have access to all Patch 1.1 features though we fully expect a few bugs to still be present and that’s where you come in.

If you wish to participate in testing you will be able to report bugs to our special PTB forum, we’ll handle these bugs as soon as we possibly can to have them fixed ready for the official release of the patch. Provided that the PTB is stable we’ll be releasing the patch at earlies 1 week after the launch of the PTB.

We hope that some of you will eagerly participate in the test to help us ensure that patch 1.1 is our most stable yet!


Patch 1.1 Preview: Upcoming Balance changes

Alongside the huge array of fixes, overhauls and features Patch 1.1 will also be heralding a new wave of balance changes. Some of which we’ve been carefully implementing on the back of player feedback, here’s just a small subset of changes coming to balance in 1.1:

Defence Mana Costs

  • Bombard reduced from 25 to 15
  • Blade Lotus reduced from 20 to 10
  • Bone Chiller reduced from 25 to 15
  • Ember Rift reduced from 150 to 100
  • Gargoyle cost per second reduced from 25 to 20
  • Glacial Door increased from 0 to 10
  • Warding Totem reduced from 25 to 15
  • Well of Souls reduced from 40 to 25

We feel that Sloth players who value their defences and wrath players who wish to make use of more ember demons are being too heavily punished by the mana costs of having some traps as such we’re reducing the mana lock of almost all defences across the board. This will free up players to either conserve some additional mana for other spells, workers or even more devious traps!


Garrison & Replacement Wall Effectiveness


  • Increased Garrison damage resistance granted to walls from 50% to 75%
  • Increased buff duration from 3 minutes to 4 minutes
  • Increased defence health regen from 2%/s to 2.5%/s
  • Removed defence damage resistance buff
  • Removed wall fortification speed buff

Augrum Wall

  • Max health is now 600 instead of 400
  • All 600 health is now fortified instead of the last 200
  • Part requirement reduced from 5 to 3
  • Gold cost reduced from 4000 to 2250

Replacement Earth

  • Increased gold cost from 400 to 1000

These changes will help to increase the defensive effectiveness of walls when paired with a nearby Garrison, with the increased damage resistance it will be much harder for enemy workers to break your walls when it is buffed by a manned Garrison.

Furthermore we’ve reduced the gap in effectiveness to price ratio of Augrum Wall and Replacement Earth, the Augrum wall is now much more powerful and cost effective and should be an effective alternative to Replacement Earth for sloth players to use.

There are many more balance changes on their way in the 1.1 Patch, keep your eyes peeled for the patch notes upon release of the patch.


Patch 1.1 Preview: Defence Info Panel

The info panels are still coming along nicely and we finished the implementation of the new defences info last night these have been some of the most unique panels to design as nearly every defence has a unique feature which needs to be accounted for.


We’ve attempted to tailor the info panel for each defence to give you exactly the information you need to know about it and it’s active ability. Whether it has a cooldown, is enabled or ready to be used you’ll now know exactly what to expect from your defence!



That’s it for this week Underlords join us again next Wednesday for more news on the upcoming 1.1 patch!


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. Replacement Earth
    Increased gold cost from 400 to 1000

    Good job, good job indeed, now 1 underminer will cost you thousands of gold to repair the damage done, not mentioning imp AI priority to repair assaulted walls is below the floor.

    Absolutely unreasonable change. Unless Replacement Earth now pops out already reinforced, requiring your useless little troop of imps no other interactions with it, which they of course will just ignore and run away for whatever reason they do.

    Besides where is the change to make Garrison only have 1 prop per room, like say beast den ? No one wants to see those bells of doom activated one atop another.

  2. Nice balances… yeah, maybe not such a drastic change on the Wall Replacement though! That trick has saved me several times from an underminer bash.

    Question: I’d really like more of a breakdown on what each room does. Will this be implemented in the info panel? For example, I have no idea what the Garrison does other than help me see a little more of the map, which of course the warding totum does already. Oh, and attract the Orgre, my fave character.

    Keep the updates flowing, can’t wait to play this game in it’s fullness!

    • It will support your defences (for example regenerates their HP).