WFTO Wednesday #120: A Patch in Time


A Patch in Time

Hey folks,

We’re now back online after the latest engineer visit and we’re once again hard at work on patching up the game! So with that in mind this week’s WFTO Wednesday is going to focus on our recently released patch as well as what you can expect in Patch 1.1. Read on Underlords!


Patch 1.0.25 Released

Yesterday we released patch 1.0.25 to the public steam branch, this patch contains a number of improvements to performance with further optimisations to the fog of war and other backend systems. We’ve also crushed another set of bugs that have been reported and made a few changes to some levels.

Click here for the full patch notes


Patch 1.1 in Development

We’re happy to announce that we’ve planned out and are already underway with many of the features needed for the next major patch.

We’ve been listening to the feedback that you’ve been giving to us and we’re planning this patch to reintroduce 4-Player Skirmish & Multiplayer support, the improved lobbies, more maps, new tooltips and more!

Here’s just a few of the things you can expect in the 1.1 Patch:

  • Skirmish & Multiplayer lobby reworks
  • 4-Player Skirmish & Multiplayer Support
  • Co-op vs AI in Multiplayer
  • Many more 2 and 4 player maps
  • Improvements to the Skirmish AI
  • First pass on the information panel, replacing all placeholder text
  • Improvements to Possession Feedback
  • Arcane theme for Early-Access testers & Kickstarter Backers

Of course we’re still working on the remaining bugs as they’re being found and you can expect more fixes in smaller patches and within 1.1 itself. Provided there are no significant holdups we expect patch 1.1 to release within a month.


“Too many threads” crash potential workaround

We’re still investigating the “Too many threads” crash as a matter of priority and we believe we may be getting closer to the root cause. Thanks in no small part to Anialator100 over on our forums who has dedicated time to help us nail it down.

As part of the investigation into the issue we found that his crash only occurs when V-Sync is disabled and when this is enabled the crash no longer occurred. Seemingly indicating that there is crash affecting users on certain systems related to a jump in framerate.

For now we recommend enabling V-Sync as a potential work-around while we continue to hunt the errant code. We don’t expect this will correct every variation of the crash so please let us know if this does or does not work for you!


Introducing Link, the lost hero

Nearly a week ago Subterranean HQ was invaded by a curious servant of the empire, rather than torture him for information we are instead holding him captive to see if we can attract further ambitious heroes whom we can ply their knowledge with carrots and head scratches.


For now we’ll be keeping him under surveillance in his prison but we’re sure that the corrupting influence of our code team will soon have him programming the next features for you!


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team

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  1. “Patch 1.1 in Development”

    You mean 1.0?

    • /s

    • Give them a break, they’ve been releasing patches at an incredible rate!

      • patches with only small (mostly performance) fixes. yes they’ve been working hard but that sentence is overused…

    • Yeah, honestly you’re being a dick. You’d probably cry if you were a developer having to deal with the sheer amount of workload these guys are taking on.

  2. Here is my 2 cents. I really like the game, mostly. I still play DK2 a lot and this is really a great upgrade, when it works.

    Where the faults for you guys come in,, and all the trash talkers against you, is that you guys were a kickstarter project, and while you had/have the ability to make a great game, but you guys don’t have experience making a great game. Meaning, you poorly judged necessary funds and as a result, in needing funds and to satisfy everyone’s waiting, you released the game early, and with plenty of bugs.

    The next mistake was labeling it Version 1.0
    If it were me I would have gone the counterstrike route and labeled it beta. As it is, It is fun to play but there is so much room for improvement, I truly hope you all plan on going till 2.0 before you truly call it ready.

    Though these are negatives, they are still understandable given that you guys are a kickstarter and everyone involved knew the risks going in, that nothing was ever guaranteed just intended.

    One change I hope you focus on though, is survival mode. It would add a lot of replayability to the game and help keep people satisfied while you are pumping out other fixes.

    Once you have beat the campaign once or twice it gets old as nothing changes.

    With 1 map in a survival mode that I can modify and that didn’t crash I could have near endless hours playing trying different setups. At least allow me to set the time between waves. add 30 seconds you could do so much more.

    I find the current survival mode quite difficult. When it doesn’t crash, the farthest I have ever gotten is wave 16 and usually never past 14 and with all the countless attempts I don’t ever see passing that. I want to see wave 100, at a difficulty I can somewhat set.

    Essentially, I am asking you guys to put out 1 functioning survival map, where I can set time between waves if nothing else, while you guys work on everything else. Just would help give everybody something to do instead of waiting on a fix.

  3. good job.

    Continue on this road ^^

  4. Nice, i’m very much looking forward to it! Keep it up guys 🙂

  5. Finaly coop vs ai & 4 player skirmish & more maps!!! Niceeeeeeeee

    Keep up the good work, you bunch of imps!!! XD

  6. Keep up the good work, I’m excited to see more of this game come out.

  7. You still need to add room functions to the walls like they had in DK2…

  8. plz support for Asian Language. like chinese, korean, etc…

  9. I like your Bunny! 🙂 It’s always nice to have a cute fluffy animal close by for cuddles and strokes!

  10. Unforunately I can’t really play the game anymore…up to defending the first other underlord it ran ok – long loads, bad game start up – but playable. Now I can’t play it at all anymore. I’ve backed this since before it was Kickstarter and early after it first began…

    but I can’t help but feel sad that I can’t play it 🙁

  11. Can I just ask… has anyone seen the game “Dungeons2”? It has to be quite possibly the worst competitor to WFTO. I mean, I’ve seen a few dungeon management games try to get on the DK bandwagon recently… but this looks like something you’d play on Facebook. Has anyone played it?

    • I haven’t played Dungeons II myself, but I have watched some streams about it and read some user reviews about the game. One of the main differences between WFTO and Dungeons II from what I read is pacing. while WFTO is currently a pretty fast-paced game, Dungeons II is a very slow-paced game, mostly because your worker units and creatures share the same unit cap, meaning you can’t increase your worker amount without gimping your army. On complaints, the primary ones about Dungeons II are about the rts over world having simple combat, and the game lacking in depth. however, it seems many do enjoy the game despite its flaws, and if you are huge DK fan with 40$ to blow it is looks like a pretty decent DMG to me :).

  12. Is it perfect yet? No. However, it is more than anybody else has to offer and as painfull as the learning curve must have been, you did not quit. For this I have the utmost respect and I admire your work. Please keep on going until it is truly finished, so that I can annoy my friends to buy the game as well.

    Thank you all, to the subterranean Team.

  13. That empire’s servant needs a big hug ¡¡¡¡¡

  14. Even though there are issues with the game and that it’s not complete even post-launch, I have faith in these guys. I’m willing to patiently wait for more patches. Just don’t give up on the game and I won’t complain.

    Although a lot of devs have released early bullshit (games being broken on launch) and that it’s getting infuriatingly common, these guys have given me reasons to keep trusting them.