WFTO Wednesday #12


Hey folks,

This week, and the weeks up to the Bedrock Beta we’ll be having smaller update as we’ve been burning the candle at both ends to prepare for its release.

Wipe the goop from your sleep-deprived eyes (we all know you stayed up late playing the latest Bioshock) and drink some coffee while we show off pretty images of your soon-to-be-favourite room: the Prison.


The Prison

jailnobgWhen your minions have beaten their odious opponents into unconsciousness you will have to choose whether to leave their bodies to rot and expire on the field or, if you’re feeling a bit playful, to cart them off to Prison.

The smell of broken dreams and lost hope permeates this room, and, as the flesh rots off the goodly heroes that you leave, forgotten, within your minions will find themselves smiling to themselves as the cries for help grow softer and softer.



Livestream Next Wednesday (April 3rd @ 10:00PM GMT)

Next week we’ll be hosting another livestream where we will discuss more details about the Bedrock Beta (with our normal Q & A included) at 10:00pm GMT.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. That was probobly the smallest WFTO Wednesday update ever..
    But the prision looks really good and scary, not a place I want to spend the last moments of my life in. Good job, I can’t wait until the Bedrockbeta. Is there a new realese date for the Bedrockbeta and can I puruche it or will it be free when it comes out?

    • Bedrock Beta is only for Backers I believe

  2. What do the captured hero’s stand on?
    Do they just drop??

    • Looks to me like it’s a pit/dungeon partially filled with water. So yeah, they just get chucked in.

  3. Oh man. That prison looks awesome. Knee-deep water? Check. Really tall fence with spikes on top? Check. Creepy architecture throughout? Check, check, check!

    Great work guys!

  4. “we all know you stayed up late playing the latest Bioshock”
    How did you know?!

  5. Uhm… *Scratching head* Guys, I don’t think it’s partially filled with water. If you have a look at the second picture, the dead counted the days on the wall, and I highly doubt that they will do that under water?

    SG, Well done! The Dungeon looks great! One thing is missing though… A Stumpy made sign that reads “Welcome to hell” on the gate

    Hehehe *Evil Laugh* Hehehe

    Keep it up guys

  6. I expected an official announcement if War for the Overworld becomes a Steam Early Access title or not?

    I was too late for a contribution for bedrock beta access ( tier rewards were already cancelled ) but with the Steam Early Acces concept, which is the same as the concept of the Bedrock beta.( alpha/beta updates till you got the full game ) i hoped to get the beta anyway.

    I also think that with the Steam Early Access program War for the overworld gets far more attention then it has now, because Steam customers regular check the store and then they can see this beautiful title with the trailer.

    Please make a statement about this if you gonna support it or not because i dont think i am the only one that is hoping this.

  7. Wonder if this means skeletons. Hope so, skeleton armies ftw.

  8. The prison looks perfect! I love the addition of water

  9. Zip*! fapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfap…..