WFTO Wednesday #118: Hot off the presses


Hot off the Presses

Hey folks,

Welcome to our first WFTO Wednesday since the game launched, as you know we’ve barely stopped in the last few days patching critical issues that have been appearing left right and center.

As such there won’t be too much to read here as we’re preparing a video statement regarding the game as it stands now, the mixed reception we’ve received and how we plan to proceed moving forwards. It’s currently in editing now and will be released tomorrow

We plan to produce a video every month detailing the state of the game so please keep your eyes peeled today and every month.


15 Hotfix Patches Released!

Over the course of the past week we’ve been releasing regular patches to steam, sometimes multiple times a day and these have been fixing a lot of issues that are facing players.

For a full archive of patch notes please see this thread.

Our upcoming patches will have a bigger gap between them but we will still be releasing patches as often as possible. We’ve also identified the cause of the memory leak affecting many users and the fix for that will be included in patch 16.


Status of the DRM-Free Version

Many of our backers have been asking on the status of the DRM-Free version and have been concerned that we haven’t mentioned it. We’ve certainly not forgotten about it though at this moment our code team is prioritising the critical issues that are facing players.

We will be working on the DRM-Free version once all the major issues are fully patched up. We will need some additional time to test the DRM-Free version as we will be removing many steam reliant features, though hopefully this should not impact the game too dramatically.


Crowdfunding Backer Support

For our backers, especially those who have been absent since our kickstarter was successful. If you’re having any issues getting your WFTO Steam key or expecting physical goods and need to update your address, then please head on over to our help and support forums and ask for Alistair!

That’s it for this week Underlords, we’ll see you next week for another update!


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. Huge fan of Dungeon Keeper here. I read initial reviews that many bugs needed fixing.

    I am glad however the bugs are getting fixed. I can imagine their are thousands of people like me that will hit the buy it now button when the game receives the finishing it deserves.

    Good job guys! I look forward to buying this soon!

  2. So, do you have any estimate when you’re actually finished with the game and ready for a real release?

    • Like with blizzard as fast as possible and will be ready when finished. Be patient Underlord! We have our dream come true game that we waited for for 16 years! We can wait a little bit longer…

    • Spoken like someone who has never written a line of code in their life.

  3. Thanks, guys.

  4. I am hopefully getting my hands on a copy of the game by the weekend (fingers crossed!). In spite of me pre-ordering the Underlord edition from GAME stores weeks ago, I’ve been unable to buy it due to stock insufficiencies! Apparently only a percentage of GAME stores in the UK are actually stocking WFTO, which is leaving some people frustrated… myself included! Thankfully we have a decent manager in my local store and in spite of contacting head office several times (to no avail), he’s going out of his way to collect a copy for me from another store while on his travels! Now that’s good management for you! 😉

  5. Exactly people. I know bugs suck in a full version, but i think these guys do a good job fixing them. Give ’em some credit and be patient. They are really working their asses off to fix em asap. Keep up the good work guys!!! *thumbsup*

  6. Guys come on… you said you would change that crazy selection box (area highlighted below the hand cursor), it’s driving us crazy!
    There are several performance issues but i know you are well aware of that, and i know now its crazy town over there.
    But keep that selection a priority.

  7. I was told there would be a new video today… where is the video!? Pleaaase! I need a little more help in deciding whether to buy now or later!

    • If you care about the first DLC pack, wait as long as possible before buying (May 1st, or Apr 30th).

      If you want a nice DK3-style experience: Wait. Seriously, wait. They’re getting close to a fully-functional campaign, but it’s not smooth sailing when playing at the moment.

      • Hi Adder, it’s the DLC plus the 10% on Humble 😉

        And thanks to Noontide for the update.

    • Hi Sundancer, Apologies we’re unable to upload anything today as our internet is down. Relying entirely on mobile devices. We should hopefully be back up tomorrow. In the meantime we may completely change our approach, not 200% happy with video.

  8. Hey guys, still waiting on that video! Any updates as far as your internet situation goes?

  9. I finally collected my copy of WFTO from GAME (UK) today, and what I have played of it so far has been very enjoyable… well worth the wait! Yes there are still a few bugs and the game slows to a crawl when there’s a lot of creatures on-screen at once, but other than that it’s great. I just hope that you continue to work on the title and produce updates and content for it in the future (more levels, new creatures etc). Well done guys, you’ve returned some happy memories (from Dungeon Keeper) and created some new ones to my mind. Thank you! 😉

  10. You guys seemingly was in a marketing training of Electronic Arts. Well done….release not working products and fix bugs while people already paid for. Remembers me on Battlefield 3 4 x. As long as stupid customers still purchase those products and waiting months after paying to really play it – you made it. Ethically you’re just money-grubbing. 😉

    15 hotfixes released within a week after the game released just show what a bad job you did.

    • None of this came as a surprise. But since you idiot already made that mistake multiple times it’s no wonder you made it again. Retard.