WFTO Wednesday #116: Hands On

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Hey folks,

It’s been a long road since our initial kickstarter campaign and now the first full release of War for the Overworld is nearly upon us. In just under 8 days you’ll all be playing version 1.0 and experiencing the full campaign in all it’s glory!

Naturally, it’s full Steam ahead over here as there’s plenty left for us to do so we’ll only be covering a few topics today. Read on Underlords!


A Handy Development

We recently finished the implementation of our new 3D Hand. This has given us the opportunity to reanimate the hand from scratch and smooth out a few of the problems, both visual and under-the-hood, that it’s rather ancient 2D counterpart used to have.

When designing the new hand we’ve taken care to ensure that the “cursor point” is always in a fixed position and clearly indicated through the design, this should fix the long standing issues with determining the point position of the cursor.

Here’s a short video demonstrating the new hand in action.


Press Review Codes and Review Embargo

We’ve always prided ourselves on transparency with our community so we’re keen to let you in on the plans for getting the game out to press for reviews. Review codes are being sent out tomorrow to various press outlets across the world, these codes will enable reviewers to play through a nearly complete copy of the game, including the whole campaign.

From there all of the outlets will have a few days to write up their thoughts and prepare their articles for the embargo lifting on the 31st of March at 1PM GMT. Once the embargo has lifted you’ll start seeing reviews flooding in, giving you all that chance to read about all about the game prior to release!


Launch Livestream Event (April 1st @ 11PM UTC)

In anticipation of the launch at Midnight on April 2nd we’ll be hosting a short livestream as we tick over into release day! Come join us on the eve of launch as we count down the minutes until WFTO officially releases!

As always we’ll be answering your questions and be playing the game a little! Be sure to mark the time in your calendars and drop by with any questions you have on WFTO, the release and our plans for the future!

We’re nearing the final stretch now Underlords, and  with just over a week to go we’ll have one more WFTO Wednesday before release, perfectly timed to April 1st, it’s sure to be a cracker! Until then we’ll leave you with this fabulous picture of your lord and saviour, Emperor Lucius!

emperor goblet

Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team

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  1. 8 days nooo!! how can I survive this time without the game. Oh cruel world of time.

  2. Any word on the performance optimizations? The latest patch runs great while not much is going on but it soon maxes out my CPU which I have never heard a game do.

    I have roughly 3 times better than the recommended system specs.

  3. Hey prob stupid question. Can we get the physical copy in the U.S.A? If not i can survive with just using the digital but i do like having a physical version.

  4. Nice to see it finally getting released. Its a come long way since its kickstarter campaign.

  5. Wow it looks amazing!

    maybe as a future update you could add the setting to increase the size of the hud so my lowly smaller screen is able to display buttons etc better!

    ..or maybe i should just buy a bigger screen for this game in all its glory…hmmmm tempting..

  6. The 3D hand looks like 20% too big, but I guess that’s easy to adjust.

    Now that we can play v0.7.3, I think there is still some work to do..
    Will the possession mode be awesome at release (the possession UI is still missing)?

    Will the units speak or make sounds while doing something in the dungeon (or when droped with the hand)? Will they do some kind of battlecry when engaging combat? Or scream then they die?

    Hope u guys can fix everything until release 🙂

    • Possession UI & Unit voices have both been added to the internal build recently 🙂

    • I’m assuming you didn’t hear it in the video, but yes creatures make sounds when they’re dropped and stuff.. The Imps were making their own little chirpy sounds when picked up and dropped, etc.

  7. It’s good to be evil.

  8. Guys I am happy to see that you are proud and uncompromising in your effort to stay honest and transparent. It in on itself is a merit worthy of supporting. I wish you the best with this game, and may you never stray from your practice! Thank you.

  9. I just can’t wait!
    Goog luck guys.
    Dario from Italy

  10. Question Will i beterschap able to purchas the game in the Netherlands? If yes in which stors? Can’t want to play the game!

  11. So its official I have put in two days of Vacation JUST for WFTO.



  12. The insignia on the Emperor’s tabard reminds me of the Icon of Balance from The Legacy of Kain.

  13. As once said by a game now unfortunately turned into a mobile app… It’s good to be bad.

  14. Finally.. been waiting for a loooong time for this… 😀 haven’t had that itch scratched since DK II. Was fun to beta test that one btw.. 😀

  15. Guys, I loved DK and this game is just so so awesome already.
    Bought it, finished the several missions, had fun in skirmish, great.

    However, I think that giving its price averaging other mainstream games, there is still some work to do at some places. And it will be hard to you to find the courage to still work on if after release!

    – After release, go in epic holidays for 10 days
    Pursue a bit your hardworking awesome frenzy on those specs :
    – Unit models. On 6. … i dont remember, Vampire was in, creatures models are mmh a bit outdated I think. They really could be nicer.
    – Sounds. Replay dungeon keeper 1. When i possess a minion, the atmosphere sounds are incredible. I FEEL like i m in the dungeon. Footsteps, distant noises, dungeon core noise, creature noises… maybe add more bass to the sounds. And the creatures engaging a battle : the mistress yelling, everyone yelling for combat, a lot of vivid sounds….
    – Rituals. I really, REALLY, REAAAALLLY love the graphics of this room. You were crazy inspired. Rituals have, I think, a very marginal impact on the game. Much less than potions. Maybe this room and the potion room should be similarly very high priced, so the player has to make a strategic choice, with both their usefulness… Maybe also I am wrong, not having understood all the power of rituals…
    – Enemy walls are to easy to destroy. If you create the bomb “trap”, that we use to blast brimstone, maybe we should at least be forced to use it for enemy walls. Its at the moment too easy to just dig out another way to enemy dungeon to avoid his traps….
    – I miss the bile demon, and I dont really find his replacement very sexy :p

    However, I cant wait for the release and I love your game (thats why i hope so much for improving it even further 🙂 )

  16. It’s good to be bad.

  17. Very much looking forward to this game, I loved the original dungeon keeper series.

  18. Misread the WFTO xD release is tomorrow.. Thats a bummer..

    Well, only a little while now.

    Great job!

  19. Got the game today, installing it right now !!! 🙂