WFTO Wednesday #114: Patch 0.7.0 & EGX Rezzed


Patch 0.7.0 & EGX Rezzed

Hi Folks,

We’ve just made our way to London for EGX Rezzed as such the news this week is going to be kept short and sweet. But for this week we’re sure you’re going to be happy regardless, as Patch 0.7.0 will soon be making it’s way to you!


Patch 0.7.0 Releasing Soon

Patch 0.7.0 will be releasing within the next 24 hours! This patch sees the game finally hitting the feature-complete state and entering the final phases of beta development where we’ll be focusing on Bug fixes and polishing across the rest of the game.

There’s far too much for us to cover in this release as we’ve been teasing it for quite a few months now, however you can find the full list of patch notes right here!


We’re at EGX Rezzed!

Some of our team are now at our flat awaiting for the start of the EGX Rezzed Expo tomorrow. We’re excited to be back at EGX again for the fourth time exhibiting the game and can’t wait to see the reception of our fans and new players to the 0.7.0 patch!




Sadly we’ve had to leave a few of our prized coders behind working on the game. There’s not long left until release now and we need every little bit of time so our production team is heavily embroiled in finishing off the little parts of the game that still need polishing. It’s going to be a long road of coffee and energy drinks for these fellows, show them your love!


If you’re interested in finding out how we’re getting on at EGX be sure to follow our twitter feed and our facebook event, we’ll be posting regular updates each day on how we’re doing and how the game is being received. We’ll be sure to fill you all in at the end.


Livestream Recap

Yesterday we hosted a livestream in which we talked about the upcoming patch, if you’ve missed it you can now view the Video on Demand below or over on our youtube channel!

That’s it for this week Underlords! We’ll be seeing you all next week once we’ve recovered slightly from our work at EGX with some exciting news of developments at Subterranean Games!


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. Hi Team! Firstly – Just tried out the new patch… Superb! Runs so much better and is really starting to show some polish and is really getting where I hoped it would always be. Only major issue is the horrible wireframe cube pick box as it makes it hard to figure out what tile you are selecting…Seems to be a comment that many are making! 🙂 … Easy fix no doubt but that’s the only major thing at this stage.

    Good luck at rezzed and getting really excited to see it coming together in these final few months! Thanks!

  2. Hello guys ^_^
    Just a small info, the Wirebox, I’ll work on that in the coming week ;^) fixing the depth issue as well as the scaling.
    Cheers ^^

    • Thanks, because that is a real problem – I’m just stressing it so it doesnt look like this is just an issue for some people, it’s really counter intuitive.

  3. Wow. The polish really is amazing. But I also just made a terrible laid out dungeon because like the others, I can’t ever tell which block of earth my cursor is on! Lol. The old way was so much better.

  4. Guys just a very small remark here!

    When i was playing it for the 1st time i just notice 1 thing but i’m almost sure you have it in the roadmap but nevertheless…

    The doors and wodeen doors and so on they should be closed at all times and when a minion goes trhow them they would automaacly open, like the original Dungeon Keeper! It would be a nice touch!! 🙂

    (And yeah i already bought your game its like… I HAD TO DO IT!!)

  5. Thanks for the always-on-time update! Release date is approaching fast!

  6. Congratiolations to your mega project!
    I hope this make you millionaires so you can make more games!! 🙂

  7. Holy cow. All those updates! GL to the guys crunching it out!

  8. At first, very good job guys! The hard work is apreciated.

    But there is one thing that i didn’t like at all, the new selection box is just awful. Is very annoying as the depth is no apreciated in any way, so is very to hard to see what cell ill be destroy exactly. So its confusing a bit. I think in the previous version it was much better.

    Everything else is just right. Awesome patch in general.


    • This. The selection box should not show the depth when hovering over a wall – it makes my poor brain confused.