WFTO Wednesday #11


Hey folks,

The team is knuckling down hard to get the beta ready, so updates are going to be slightly smaller than usual for the next few weeks.

Livestream Recap

As some of you are probably aware, we had our livestream yesterday where showed off some wonderful new environmental assets and answered a ton of wonderful questions from the audience.

You can find a recording of the livestream here, and a transcript of the Q&A here, prepared by the wonderful Noontide.

Pretty Pictures

Speaking of wonderful new environmental assets, we’ve got some nice high quality images of everything we showed off yesterday.

Gold Tiles

Impenetrable Rock

Overworld Gateway

Underworld Gateway

The Lair



Rezzed is a PC games show in the UK hosted by the wonderful folks over at Eurogamer & Rock, Paper, Shotgun – This year it’s taking place at the Birmingham NEC, on the 22nd and 23rd of June.

We’re thinking of attending this year, but we’d like to know how many of our backers would be able to make it and the kinds of things you’d like to see us doing. Please post your thoughts in the comments below or in this thread on our forums!


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. i have to say, watching the live stream and seeing these pictures i really cant wait to play this. i have goose bumps waiting 🙂

    i did play the demo you posted and it was amazing for a pre alpha ( was buggy but dint matter. )

    i always loved dungeon keeper and i will love this aswell..

    good work wfto team.



  3. Genius work, the only thing that concerns me is: Dungeon Keeper vs Dungeon Keeper 2 – Dungeon keeper was far more fast-paced than DK2. I loved the original Dungeon Keeper because the engine went smooth and bug-free, where DK2 was buggy and chunky in its gameplay. Which of the games have taken most inspiration from?

    Regards from Denmark

    • I must agree that I prefer Dungeon Keeper to Dungeon Keeper 2. In the original DK, the character grows in size as they level up, unlike DK2, they remain small. So in DK1, we would know which creature to pick for battles without having to see the level above their heads.

  4. Keep it up!!!
    Dangeon keeper must be! And I’m happy to hear that you are reviving it alive!

    Cheers from Russia!

  5. Great work so far .. but … your terrain can really need more love … the dk2 terrain looks still better in my opinion and that should maybe make you thinking about 😛

    Anyway i understand that there is maybe no time for it … but at the moment the terrain is far behind the rest of the game 😮

  6. Great job so far, I love the graphical touch you put on your textures, that’s really welcome in those days, where photorealism is the top priority…

  7. I pledged and never got an email confirmation of you receiving my payment. I am really looking forward to this game. I know you are very busy but if you could, please let me know why I haven’t gotten confirmation.
    Thank you so much!

  8. The gold and impenetrable tiles look poor

    The gold just looks like giant rocks painted yellow

    the rest look good

    • I just have an “problem” with the gold. In my opinion the goldparts are much to big. I would prefer somer smaller and finer gold veins then this big pieces inside the stone. But still great work I especially like the ground texture!

      Greetings from germany

  9. I hope you guys learned what Impire did wrong =P because I have High Hopes for this game, I love Dungeon Keeper, I grew up on it and I hope this can be better.

  10. Oooo I love pretty pictures! Once again, great job guys!! But the gold nuggets / rock / shiny parts are way to big, maybe a bit smaller perhaps?

    Keep up the good work guys… Now get back to work, April is around the corner!!

    Hehehe * Evil Laugh * Hehehe