WFTO Wednesday #106: Patch 0.7 Preview

WFTOWednesdayCroppedLightPatch 0.7 Preview

Hey folks,

We’re still hard at work on the next patch; In theory we should have a collection of incredible things to show you, however as a lot of our asset work is related to the campaign we can’t possibly show you that, we have to avoid spoilers after all!

Fear not however, we still have plenty of development news to share with you this week, focusing on the contents of the next patch, due out in february! We’ve also have some backer related news and a livestream announcement. Read on for more!


Patch 0.7 Preview

Four Player Fantasies: Starting with this patch you will finally be able to play the game against more than one Underlord. We’ll be implementing new four-player skirmish and multiplayer maps into the game and with it the opportunity to play against three AIs in Skirmish or a combination of human and AI players in Multiplayer.

Below is an image of one of the upcoming maps.


Campaign Updates: Over the past few weeks we’ve been progressing extremely rapidly with the campaign, internally we’re about to finish the first pass of the whole thing! Overall we’re extremely pleased with the reception the first three levels have received thus far and we can’t wait until release, when we can put the whole thing in your hands!

We’d like to thank you all for the feedback we’ve received on the first three levels of the campaign. We’ve been listening to you and we’ve taken on board a lot of the things that have been said and we’re applying the lessons we’ve learned throughout the whole campaign.

When the next patch is released you’ll be seeing a huge swathe of improvements coming to the three available levels, you can expect objectives and triggers to be overhauled, some changes to the level layouts and the re-introduction of voice over by Richard Ridings.

Although we’re not going to be pushing any more campaign levels to you before release we will be teasing some other parts of the campaign with a few new screenshots, here’s the first one.


Visual Updates: If you’ve been paying attention to our social media feeds over the course of last week you’ll have seen a new batch of screenshots were uploaded last week, these screenshots featured some more of the improvements that you’ll see as part of the visual overhaul.

WFTOGame 2015-01-08 20-19-13-61

To view the other screenshots, check out this imgur gallery or this facebook gallery.


Backer Site

We have some fantastic news for all our crowd-funding backers, we expect that our backer site will be ready for you soon. This site will be the central control hub for controlling everything regarding your pledge, including your address for physical reward deliveries, voting for flex-goals and choosing which rewards you want e.g. T-Shirt size and design.

We expect this site will be launching before the end of the month, we’ll be sure to give a heads up to all our backers when it is ready.


Livestream Next Saturday! (January 24th @ 10PM UTC)

Finally, we’ll be hosting a livestream over on our Twitch channel next Saturday, to show off some of the content from the upcoming patch and answering any of your questions regarding it. Mark it on your calendars, and be sure not to miss it!

We’ll be back next week with more news regarding the upcoming patch, and some details on a feature that has been the subject of never ending questions.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team

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  1. I see you fixed the lava edges I posted a time ago (visible triangles), Nice one

  2. I thought February was release date for War for the Overworld now I see Q1?

  3. Also I hope the Vault gets some improvments, or drop and pick up gold animations, and creature personalities get the grave attention it needs

  4. sorry last thing, I try once a night to play WFTO online, and I never find any other underlords to play against, (port open) firewalls off even, anti virus exceptions, router configured correctly as well. Never see any games, tried hosting, never get any hits.

    • If your ports are open and you’re hosting I’d expect someone to turn up. If not you could try asking in the forums to see if anyone is up for a match.

  5. Awesome! Bring it on!

  6. I’m super excited to see the finished product. I would love to see a booklet sarcastic descriptions of all the creatures.

  7. I’m finding this game to be really hard to manage without hot-keys/assignable actions. Not hard as in challenging, but frustrating.

  8. GUYS PLEASE FIX THIS ICON !!! the shield icon for the minions health is quite nice, but on every single video you made or while playing, you can see a black square under the health bar and it really kicks you out of the dream since you see it all the time, it had fantastic design, just please fix this icon bug.

    P.S I totally agree with Joe shmo, if we could have some hot-keys assignable it would be awesome.

    • We’re completely remaking it, don’t worry 🙂 It is rather ugly right now 🙁

  9. Hey! Is there a beta option to play the four player early? Me and a few friends are crazy eager to play! I remember there being one i think when multi player was first introduced but im not sure.

  10. Waiting for the full version.Keep working.I hope you will finish it fast 😀

  11. Work on the over of the walls, i mean the color and things like gold on them.. their graphic is not so good

  12. Got issue with overheating. Dont know wheter it’s the cpu or gpu.
    Is this a known issue with this game? Will overheat if all cpus are being used. Got quad core and Geforce gtx 275.

    • Isn’t MS paint overheating that machine too ? 😀

      • Lol no. First game i tried that overheats actually.