WFTO Wednesday #103: Patch Release: v0.6.0 “About Damn Time”


Hey folks,

I don’t think we need an intro today…


Patch Release: Bedrock Beta v0.6.0 “About Damn Time”

It’s been a 84 long, lonely days since our last patch, but the wait is finally over.

Check out the full patch notes over on our forums, or if you’re feeling a little lazy, here’s a quick summary:

  • First 3 levels of the campaign (note: VO is currently placeholder)
  • Skirmish mode
  • Overhauled unit AI
  • Saving & Loading
  • New & updated defences
  • New & updated rituals
  • Constructs
  • Overhauled terrain
  • Payday
  • An infinite number of bug fixes

And if you’re feeling even lazier, here’s a video going over some of the changes:



Have a great Christmas!


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. …Its beautiful, thank you!

  2. Wohoo. 🙂
    And a marry christmas to you…

  3. Marry Christmas staff!

  4. Why are there no hotkeys? We can’t edit controls to set some up either?

  5. Is there a list of all the fixed bugs?

  6. Been following this game since the start and I can honestly say every patch brings a new tear of joy to my eyes merry xmas WFTO team. You’ve made an Under lord very happy!

    • Glad you’re enjoying it. Have a great Christmas!

  7. Fatal error for mac, game will not launch

  8. I cannot save my game nor load, is there supposed to be a save option included in this patch?

    • Hi Cameron,

      In order to access the Saving and Loading features you must use the debug console. You can see instructions on how to in the full patch notes linked above 🙂

      It’s very much WIP so it’s a bit flakey from time to time.



  9. Hi,

    AVG anti-virus free edition 2015 deleted the executable after the update… Fug

    • Stop using pirated games then 😉

    • We’re aware that certain Anti-Virus software is currently picking up the executable as malicious. We expect it should be fixed relatively soon. 🙂

  10. Great job guys, you’re the best! Merry Christmas (;

  11. u suck . only patching more bugs into game , dont delete old bugs . its unplayable

    • Hi “Me”

      We’ve patched a huge number of bugs in this update, you can see the full list in the patch notes. Of course the nature of development means as we introduce new features new bugs will appear, and we’ve added a whole bunch of very big features this week.

      I’d like to ask which bugs you’re currently having trouble with. We’ve pushed out two hotfixes so far for the most major almost show-stopper bugs.



  12. Hi guys!
    I just got down downloading the update, and something is very very very off with my game. ( I’m sorry my computer is being a butt and won’t load the video so if it’s mentioned about forgive me ) The details are extremely different, more cartoony then before the update….is this supposed to happen?

    If not is there a way to fix it? I really dislike the new cartoony look and really enjoyed the more rugged look before the update ( If this is how it is supposed to look forgive me, I’m just not used to it then and it completely threw me off )

  13. Game is growing. Awesome!

  14. Yeah, for almost 3 years you guys made 3 levels of campaign. There is one programmer making this game or what?

    • Hi Vym,

      We actually have many of the campaign levels already designed and ready to go in, though not all are fully scripted, VOd etc. It’s always been our intention to hold the campaign back for full release so as to not ruin the experience. We’ve released these three for the reasons mentioned in the previous WFTO Wednesday. 🙂

      To answer your question, we have a team of around 15 individuals, three of whom are coders who worked mostly on the new features of this patch. The campaign levels are made by our lead designer, VO is scripted by our writer and recorded with Richard or in this cause one of our sound guys Dante.

      The game has been in development for 1 year and 10 months.



      • and you have been doing an AWESOME JOB!!.

        really only in developement for small 2 years? hmm i thought it was a lot longer hehe 😛

        dante did an awesome job, but looking very much forward to richard’s vo’s 😀

        i agree that the campaign should wait untill full release, so we dont get tempted and maybe tired of it before we get to experience the full joy of the story in it 🙂

        looking forward to this awesome game being finished ^^
        actually i don’t even care if it’s done in 2015 or 2018 😛 been waiting since DK1 for a good successor, was dissapointed in the dk2 system (mostly duo to all the wierd limitation of how i could design my dungeons layout.. and the creatures there wasn’t very exciting).

        i hope the AI for idle monsters will be awesome and feel like they are “alive”. i remember in dk1 you had the feeling that the creatures had their own life and you simply just hired their service. i loved that, kinda like the majesty games..
        so hope the AI will be in a class where i can build a big dungeon then just enjoy following the life of the monsters in it, seeing their drama’s, likes/dislikes, them building their riches to use/lose it etc. fun stuff like that hehe.

  15. Starting to feel more and more like dungeon keeper! Keep it up guys!i did encounter several bugs in skirmish mode. But im sure they will get worked out. A couple things though. I hope it wont be so easy to attract creatures. Some players like slowww building up will there be an option for this? I dont like how easy it is to get new sins. Lastly the ghouls..they are cool..but please toss an option that they dont follow the necromancer around…not having full control of all creatures feels very off and a major turn off.

    • Hi Chris, The current overall speed of the game and especially the speed of sin generation is not reflective of the speed of the final game. Sin generation and other game elements have been sped up in the beta in order to allow easier testing :).

  16. I stopped playing when i saw they just followed him around…

  17. Oh last comment and this one is a plus. I already have plans to take 2 days of vacation for this game upon release in february! See how happy ur making old keepers!! Way to bring the joy back!

  18. I found a bug, but I’m too lazy to make an account. When you posses an Imp you can claim the “Empire Dungeon Heart” so that they attack it themself ^.~

  19. Hey! Waiting in anticipation for this new patch. Will not load, only a blank screen for 5 mins until I force quit. Do you think it installed incorrectly? If so, how do I re-install?? All other patches have run fine.

  20. Hi 🙂 I played the campaign, it is very easy, I dont know if that is on purpose, but I hope it will be some longer “maps” and more time etc. to upgrade and learn alot of basics and upgrades. Looks like in my opinion you can Unlock alot of things, which actually seems TOO MUCH. Like in the “Survival” mode it is almost impossiple to come very far cuz of the space to build and the slowness of stuff to be completede (Like traps or minions to heal etc)

  21. Oh I almost forgot! Probably alot of questions about it, but what happened to the “OLD VOICE” 😀 from DK

    • Don’t worry Richard hasn’t gone anywhere, we just haven’t had our next recording session with him yet as such all the lines in the campaign aren’t recorded. We’ve used our Acoustic Wizard Dante as a placeholder for now!

      Richard will be returning to the campaign in the new year!

      Copy pasted from Noontide’s excellent post.


  22. Thanks void

    However I’m working on a Windows operating system rather than Mac. Does the same rules apply. I think my wi-fi may have cut out mid installation.