WFTO Wednesday #101: Uprising


Hey folks,

Our undead followers have been quietly moaning, in the soft way that only a living corpse can, that it’s been ages since we covered an aspect of the game that relates to them. Today we’re going to reveal a revamped Ritual that is sure to earn macabre applause from our bony patrons.

Before we start: All art, VFX, and audio shown in this post is work-in-progress… especially the stuff in the video! (There’s even a bug at the moment causing the Crypt props to disappear…)


Ritual Spotlight: Uprising

While the Necromancer is a perfectly capable gentleman, they can only command a certain number of Ghouls before their dark power is tapped out. When the pyres of your Crypt burn high, cast Uprising, and the stored souls will return to mangled flesh and bone before striking out to rend the flesh from the living.


When cast, Uprising will turn all stored souls into Wraiths. These beings require no Necromancer to guide them and will slowly lose health over time, however, each attack that lands against an enemy will steal a portion of their life force away — allowing them to extend their stay within the physical realm before they are released to the Aether.

We’re also going to add a prop within the Crypt that can be toggled to keep your Necromancer’s from raising Ghouls in order to save all souls damned to your Crypt for the Uprising ritual.

We’ve made a short video to show an early version of this Ritual in action:

That’s it for this week!


Until next time Underlord, 

– WFTO Team


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  1. You’re doing *great*, guys. This is the DK-Game everyone’s been waiting for! As with Prison Architect, Space Engineers and Subnautica I must force myself *not* to play now, so I don’t spoil my experience with the final game…but…so…difficult…argh!

  2. Just change the model from ghouls model to another and this ritual will be nice both in a use and in an effect.

    • VFX are forthcoming.
      The whole ritual itself is WIP, but the video exists mostly to just show ‘functionality’ 🙂
      Part of the whole Early Access thingy, although things are winding down nicely and WFTO will be wrapped up in due time.

  3. Well i played DK2 for ages a friend told me about this just buyed the beta so i hope this is going to work out 🙂

  4. All this needs now is for Muse – Uprising to start playing whenever the spell is cast. :p

  5. Amazing!

  6. Loved it.

  7. Cool. Thanks.:)

  8. Awesome!!!

  9. omg this game is getting so amazing!!!
    HURRY UP!!!!! lol 🙂
    What an amazing thing to have when you dont have those greedy huge companies at your back fucking up and pressuring you every moment i am an IT Dev myself trust me know this!!
    Regards dudes amazing job!!!