WFTO Wednesday #100: You’ve Discovered a Magical Artefact

WFTOWednesdayCroppedLightYou’ve Discovered a Magical Artefact

Hey folks,

We’ve shared almost two years of weekly updates with you, and as a result we’ve detailed almost every aspect of the game. Fortunately, we have kept a few proverbial cards up our sleeves and today we’re going to reveal one of them to you.

Now don’t get too excited, and don’t you dare fear. We’re not going to spoil too much but we’ll give you a bit to nibble on and let you discuss the possibilities of this reveal on your own.



Deep within the realm of Kairos there are fantastic, untapped sources of power left behind by a power more primordial than your own. Rumous of these Artefacts can be found in dusty tomes penned in ink that has all but faded from sight… yet with enough time and research the magic within these relics can be tapped into and unleashed.

There are an untold number of unique Artefacts waiting to be seized by your greedy worker’s hands, then deposited within the musky walls of your Archive. From there, any minion who feels up to the task can pore over ancient scrolls and books in an attempt to glean an understanding of what the relic does, and how to release it.


Once they have discovered its use you’ll be able to unleash it, granting you any number of helpful boons — such as giving your minions experience, long forgotten, or perhaps showering your vault with a pile of gold and jeweled baubles…

These secrets and countless others await you within the vestal realm of Kairos, so keep a watchful eye out for something that shines without light, out there in the depths.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. Hi, I know you’ve already done this before, but I would totally love to see another Twitch steaming of the game just not to lose the hype about it. Also, you are doing a great job, congratulations

  2. So a little like the Dungeon Specials? Just that they have to be researched to be used before? Sounds neat!

  3. Hey, sounds goo and would be a missing part of DK in your game. Also I hope there will be some soundadditions to the minions (grabbing and falling) to feel even more the vibe of DK.
    When will there be a slot with more creature details? 🙂

    Anyway, I hope you will improve this great game more and more! 😀

  4. just an idea would it be possible to add non lethal death in the arena for your minions even if they are max level just for fun?

    • Hi Joshua, it is in fact already intended to have non-lethal death for minions in the arena. Beasts are suppose to fight each other non-lethally, with the option of dropping in non-beast minions into the pit. There is a toggle in the arena you can use to determine if non-beast minions are knocked out,or killed for an XP boost :).

  5. I am very excited for this but i have some questions. The hand feels a bit un polished, and also the torture chamber does not seem to work at all so far. I have dropped minions in there and nothing happens. Is there going to be more dungeon feels added? Like minion sounds and a pick up and drop animation? Its so close but lack of dungeon feel is present. Such as gold piles are all the exact same, and minions seem to only partial minds at best they just stand around. It doesnt feel quite yet like they are living in the dungeon. Is this because we are in bedrock beta??

    • Hi Chris, most of your concerns you mention are in that state because of “bedrock beta” :). The devs said the hand is going to be receiving a large update soon, and several sounds/animation have not been added yet. The torture functions a bit differently in WFTO. You can toggle it between “kill mode” that turns minions into spirits(prop has a fire effect on the prop in this mode) and “conversion mode” that concerts minions to your side with no chance of death (has a purple magical effect on prop). Creature personality is also pretty bare bones and will be receiving updates in the coming months.

      Hope this helps 🙂

    • On the torture chamber thing, as well as not working properly can you make it so it actually looks more… realistic? because right now you just drop someone in and they take the damage animation repeatedly, pls bring back some of the DK2 aspects to it, would make the whole game a little more immersive


      • Hey Rufshund, torture animations are something on the to-do list of the devs :). Though what you are describing sounds to me like a bug that causes creatures to loop the first bit of their death animation when they should just play through it once. Are your creatures also looping their animation when they are knocked out or a corpse?

  6. Sooo – is Horny in a relic? Please, please, please, please.

    • Hi Hudson, Horny is part of the DK IP which is owned by EA, so the devs cannot put it into game. However, it is not impossible for there to be a Horny reference in artefact form. Also, the Vampire is planned to be in the game in a style similar to Horny ( summoned by player action, very powerful, but requires some degree of babysitting to keep from hurting you)

  7. This reminds me of DK2. Thanks!

  8. My concerns are lifted now my last few questions. Something that pc games feel like they are drifting from is modding. Hopefully wfto will be able to be modded. It just enhances the player experience! Secondly ive waited for an hour hopfully to connect to someone to play multiplayer without success. Just not rdy yet? And lastly when are u closed. So i can sneak in and add horned reaper haha jk thanks for makin wfto its about time for a new dk experience