Update #12: Greenlight, 1/2 Way to Goal, Unit & Room Discussion.

Update #12:
Greenlight, 1/2 Way to Goal, Unit & Room Discussion.

Hey folks,

First of all: THANK YOU FOR HELPING US REACH £75,000. We are overjoyed to have reached 50% of our goal! You are all wonderful to have supported us up to this point and we are looking forward to making a game that rekindles your desire for a truly evil god game. One that encompasses and exceeds the games you played more than decade ago.

Today we will discuss Steam Greenlight, a bunch of our various unlocks and additions to our playable demo, and a hefty update about the various creatures and rooms that you’ll find throughout War for the Overworld.

Steam Greenlight: We’re launching our Steam Greenlight campaign today — you can visit the Greenlight page and help us receive the green light from Valve to launch our game on Steam. If we succeed all backers will be able to opt to receive a Steam copy of the game. This will allow for seamless updates of their client and the Dungeoneer toolkit once our Bedrock Beta has launched. The multiplayer (and ease of use) feature(s) are the reason we aim to release on Steam. If these are important to you then please take a moment to vote for us on Steam Greenlight!

£75,000! We’re ecstatic over the fact that we hit our halfway point at the middle of our Kickstarter campaign — it proves that you have been instrumental in showing other fans our project and allowing us to progress forward at a significant rate. We appreciate all of the contact that you make with outside parties and every referral you make has made an impact. Thank you for your continued support for our project!

Reveals: Although we promised to reveal a single unit at the £75,000 mark we have decided to change plans slightly and reveal all of the units and rooms that are now included in our new playable demo.

The Gnarling: While not powerful on its own this beast is a savage fighter when it outnumbers its enemies and will gladly engage its foes with a host of allies to support it. In addition to this, the Gnarling has the ability to scavenge fallen armor and weaponry from its foes. This ability to scavenge makes the Gnarling a useful ally, as it increases its combat power with little to no input from your vile hand and will gradually become more powerful as it defeats enemies — this makes it a formidable (and cheap) addition to your dungeon.

The Oculus: This minion lacks most combat capabilities, however it proves an excellent scout. These minions thrive upon exploring the unknown and will happily venture outside your own dungeon to chart the unmapped depths that surround you. While not useful in direct combat they will happily support your armies by turning your foes into mindless drones — only capable of drooling — as your more bloodthirsty minions tear apart their allies in battle.

The Gargoyle: The Gargoyle is a stalwart defender who will gladly defend your spoils of war in the Treasury. Drawn to gems and metals and viciously opposed to all forms of magic these minions, made of animated stone, will protect your riches and rend the flesh from all that dare enter your domain. When no enemies are afoot it is difficult to tell whether these creatures are simply statues or frightening effigies lying in wait for their next meal as they stand, unmoving, in your Treasury.

Dwarven Worker: The Dwarven Worker lacks combat abilities and is the best minion that the Empire could conjure up to mine, build, and fortify their dungeons. While unimaginative and fairly weak compared to the glory that is an Underlord’s Blood Imp — these creatures happily work the unmoved earth and stone of the Underworld to please their Lord. Beware these creatures — for they will be quick to excavate the walls of your beautifully crafted dungeon to ruin your carefully placed defenses and traps.

The Firebreather: The Firebreather is a semi-suicidal Dwarf that breathes copious amounts of flammable liquid upon its foes before setting them alight. These drunken enemies tend to wander the unexplored paths that lead to an Underlord’s dungeon before setting everything ablaze. While we would normally applaud the wanton destruction that this foe leaves in his wake it tends to become a problem when they’re burning your dungeon.

The Barracks: The Barracks is a room where you train your troops in the basics of melee, ranged, and spell-based combat. The training schematics in this room include the “whirly-blade-thing” and “whack-a-dwarf” models — which will certainly hone your creatures skills to a considerable degree. Unfortunately, they will not reach their full potential simply practicing against inanimate targets and will require live foes to raise themselves to their full potential.

Future Updates: All updates and reveals from this point forward will be focused upon features such as the Veins of Evil, Shrines, and others. These updates will generally coincide with an update that is focused upon an in-depth design update that is related to the feature. We hope to include most of our updates in the playable demo that you can now experience here.

Until next time Underlord,

-WFTO Team

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  1. So glad you guys are doing this!

    I have been pining for the return of Dungeon Keeper since 2000. Since this project has the support of Peter Molyneux, it has my support too. I’ll be happy to share a couple of thoughts I’ve been kicking around for what a “Dungeon Keeper 3” should include:

    1) multiple subterranean levels:
    This way you can have staircases, trap doors, multi-level rooms (Fighting Pit) and interdependent rooms (a break-away floor on the upper level and spikes or a cage on the lower level).

    2) Toilets and trash:
    Monsters don’t just eat and sleep; they shit too. Monsters would need to use the facilities, just as they need to eat and get paid. Imps need to clean the lairs and hatcheries of refuse. The refuse can be a resource in turn (gas traps, chicken fee). And, of course, some species of creature will be attracted to dungeons with waste rooms and will spend time languishing there (think Dianoga).

    3) Other cool rooms:
    Brewery/Distillery; Tavern; Pig farm; Alchemists’ Lab.

    I’ll report back when I can think of more. Keep up the good work!