Richard Ridings Unlocked!

Richard Ridings Unlocked!

Hey folks,

We’ve just hit £225,000 raised, the amount we needed in order to hire Richard Ridings to voice the mentor in War for the Overworld.

Our next goal is £300,000 – the maximum amount we would need to develop at least one of the remaining flex goals:

Cheaper to implement (£25,000 and below)

  • Controller Interface
  • Arcade Campaign

More costly to implement (around £50,000)

  • The Adventures of Stumpy the Imp
  • Extended Underlord Campaign
  • Empire Campaign
  • 2 Lords 1 Dungeon
  • Competitive Campaign
  • Co-op Campaign

Very costly to implement (£75,000 and up)

  • Survival Mode
  • Underworld MOBA
  • Matchmaking & Ranking
  • Hero Mode

In March (or earlier), all of our backers will have the opportunity to vote on which Flex Goals they feel should be developed first. We will then order them on how many votes they received, and develop as many of them as we can in that order with the money that has been raised.

Starting next week we will be starting back with a regular weekly update schedule, and our first post will contain a whole host of information and answers regarding Kickstarter and our continued funding efforts.

Thank you once again for your continued support!

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  1. @freezy, I for one am from Europe, non-english country.
    And Dungeon Keeper was well known and everyone I knew plays it in english (just because of the voice). Noone wants localized voices if you can have Richard 😀

  2. to batje
    not only voice! music track its my favorite for all time

  3. yes!! god yes! I think a nice classical musical background would be good…definately some monk chanting!

  4. This is excellent news.
    Perhaps its time to get some media attention? During the Kickstarter would have been nice, but Kotaku wasn’t replying to my messages.

    • The same was true with Joystiq. I tried several times to get them to post about it, but no luck.

  5. Fucking awesome (can i curse here?)

  6. Can’t wait for the game to be released 😀 it’s gonna be amazing already backed £15 But feel i could do more 😉

  7. That’s epic
    This is going to be even more amazing now

  8. holy shit , its that DK narrator dude!! gonna go for the game!

  9. I’m very pleased to hear this >:D

  10. This is pure awesomeness, again.
    I’m really proud of you people, putting so much love in your (future) game).

    I hope co-op campaign and survival mode will make it through…

  11. this is awesome bros
    the best bit of DK was
    you must get the remake of that line perfect too :D, hopefully with ridings you can

  12. Heck yeah! My dreams have come true.

  13. yes. YES. YES!!!!

  14. I was so excited to hear his voice when I first saw the Kickstarter project video. I was very VERY excited when I got the email confirming the monetary goal to get him for the game was reached.

    So psyched for this game, though I’m still torn if I want the box copy or not.

  15. Just realised he also does the voice for Daddy Pig, thought I recognised his voice from elsewhere 🙂

  16. Good news. But I have a question: How will players of other languages benefit from that? You already planned localization in french and german, will those have french and german voices aswell or only subtitles? Will you use the money to hire the french/german speakers of the mentor in DK2 aswell? I for my part think that an extended campaign, an extra hero campaign or better multiplayer mode with matchmaking is more important :O

  17. Absolutely brilliant!

    No matter how awesome your game design, it just wouldn’t be “real” DK without him.

    THANK YOU for making this a priority! I can’t wait to play this game!