Physical Retail Release & Other Exciting News!

Physical Retail Release & Other Exciting News!

Hey folks,

Today we have a handful of great announcements, including a final release date which will be February, 2015! Read below to check out our new partnership, gaze upon an updated Trailer, and read a few miscellaneous changes that all fell into place on this auspicious day.


Physical Release

For our very special announcement today we’re proud to reveal that we’ve teamed up with  Sold Out Sales & Marketing to produce and distribute a physical version of the game!

We’ve put together an FAQ to answer any questions you may have about this, and you can check out the full press release below.


New Trailer “Underlords”

Our last trailer debuted over a year ago and, if we can tout ourselves a bit, the game looks loads better now. With the imminent release of Multiplayer we locked ourselves away in the studio* and made this!

*there is no studio – just bedrooms / personal offices / dungeons


Final Price Change

With the release of our v0.5.0 patch, and with multiplayer on the horizon, we think that our game has reached a state where it is content and feature-rich enough to warrant a raise in our Early Access pricing to match that of our final release:

  • Standard Edition: £22.99 / €27.99 / $29.99
  • Underlord Edition: £29.99 / €36.99 / $39.99

However, as we didn’t announce this change in advance, we will apply a 10% discount on Steam and our website for the next two weeks.


That’s all for today, see you again in 6 days!


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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Full Press Release:

 Kickstarter smash War for the Overworld signed for physical release by Sold Out

Stunning dungeon management game to be available in stores at the same time as digital

11 September 2014 – Independent developer Subterranean Games has today announced that its hugely anticipated dungeon management game War for the Overworld will be available in-store as a special ‘Underlord Edition’, thanks to leading PC publisher Sold Out.

The game – which raised over £210,000 via Kickstarter last year – is a brand new vision for the strategy and god game genres, marrying old-school gameplay with ultra modern bells and whistles. Drawing influences from classics such as Dungeon Keeper, Evil Genius, Starcraft and Overlord, it’s a fiendishly addictive strategy game where players assume the role of a malevolent Underlord with an insatiable desire for bloody conquest.

The ‘Underlord Edition’ – which will be available in stores day and date with the digital version – will offer collectors something to cherish. This version will also feature additional content alongside the core game, including soundtrack, digital artbook and 2 additional dungeon themes.

Subterranean Games’ massive success with its Kickstarter campaign underlines the powerful desire that exists out there for the next big dungeon management game,” says James Cato, Sales Director at Sold Out. “The team has put an unbelievable amount of time, effort and passion into making sure War for the Overworld will more than satisfy that demand – and we’re delighted to be able to work with them to bring together a special edition which will retain pride of place in any collection.

The positive reaction to our Kickstarter campaign was overwhelming, and we continue to have a fantastic ongoing relationship with our backers and early access customers.” says Josh Bishop, Subterranean Games. “But we were also determined to cater for the core audience of PC gamers who still prefer collecting boxed copies of their games. Sold Out are the perfect partner to help with that.

This is yet another fantastic addition to the Sold Out portfolio,” adds James Cato. “As we have shown recently with games like Worms Battlegrounds, we’re thriving by bringing digital hits to the physical market. As collectors ourselves, we understand the appeal of being able to display a collection proudly, and War for the Overworld will soon be able to sit proudly alongside the very best PC games.

War for the Overworld will be available in a number of territories including: UK, Europe, Australia New Zealand & South Africa in Q1 2015.

War for the Overworld is being distributed in these territories by Sold Out Sales & Marketing Limited.  For any physical sales inquiries, please contact: [email protected] or visit the website

“War for the Overworld” is a registered trademark and copyright of Subterranean Games Ltd –

  1. Hi, can someone explane me how to download 0.5.0 beta version coz at the moment I use 0.4.3 🙁

  2. Hi I have asked 3 times

    1. there will be the spill on German?

    2. there will be the spill as Box Edition, whom it is finished Dan (I own the spill while already on Steam.Aber would like to put on the shelf, and if it costs me about 50 €)

    3.kan I version my Steam on “Under Lord Edition” updated (buy in addition)
    Villas thanks

    PS. Have everything from German to English by “Google Translate” translated allso so understanding
    Thank you

    • Hey Tobias

      Lord of Riva vom QA-Team hier.
      Ich kann deine Frage mit dem google Translator leider nicht verstehen.

      gerne kannst du die frage erneut auf Deutsch stellen ich werde sie dir dann beantworten.
      Alternativ melde dich doch einfach im Forum an und schreibe mir eine Persönliche nachricht, dann spammen wir den kommentar bereich nicht so zu 😉


    • Correction Sorry
      Hi I have asked 3 times
      1. there will be the game also in German?
      2. it will enter the game as a Box Edition, whom it Dan is finished (I own the game while already on Steam., But would like to put on the shelf, and if it costs me 50 €)
      3 I can get my Steam version of “Under Lord Edition” updated (buy in addition)
      Villas thanks

      PS. Have everything from German to English by “Google Translate” So therefore geared around understanding
      Thank you

  3. Eh just to get this straight.

    You are at Version 0.5.
    A Year AFTER your release date of the game (thats not a blame, I’am writeing software myself and I know that release dates shouldn’t be taken too seriously and that you’ve definitely encounter some rough edges or not expected problems).
    But don’t you think that ppl will get confused or maybe angry if you will not finish the game in time?
    Or (for me the worst szenario) will you just throw an unfinished game on the market when its not ready on the release date?
    Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate your work and the upcomeing game. But SERIOUSLY PLEASE release the game WHEN ITS DONE and not before that 🙁

    Greetings Vassy

  4. I agree with Vassy.You shouldnt rush,that would suck.Your game is perhaps the only thing that can revive the Dungeon Keeper genre,so please,make it as good as posible before you promise us anything.

  5. Hi,

    I don’t get it. If i had already bought the early access on steam, and i am using this game right now, would i have to pay something extra to have full access, once the game released?

    • No naturally not 🙂

      this is only about people who wanted an Additional boxed copy.

      The steam version you own will upgrade to the full version, dont worry 🙂

  6. Hi,

    Coool:) thanks !!

  7. Frankly, the new trailer is awful: cuts change so often that it’s hard to concentrate and learn anything about the gameplay or even how the monsters looks like in the result!
    Also, in the beginning the narrator tells that “it’s a game”. Maybe, better speak about the world as if it really exists? Like “command your minions or drew your sword and fight alongside”, something like that?

  8. Nice, I can’t wait to finally be able to play the game. Without DRM.

  9. Slow down the new trailer! As it is, it gives motion sickness…

  10. Question: If we already bought the beta on steam are we going to have to:
    1. buy the underlord edition
    2. our current edition will be updated to underlord edition?

    i was really excited to see this game on steam so i got it as soon as i could but it doesn’t look fair if those who bought it already now have to pay again just to get the better edition which im sure most of us wanted to begin with.
    i hope i made a least some sense :/

    • the devs have plans to allow standard edition users to upgrade the underlord edition if they want to :). They just don’t have to system in place yet. So no, you don’t have to upgrade if you don’t want to, or buy the underlord edition for full price to get it’s features.

      • And that is all i needed, thank you good sir 🙂
        ps. i hope they give us a discount for loyalty :p

        • They are in way, the game in early acess is cheaper then it will be at launch. So as long as you buy the game before release, you have already gotten a discount 🙂